Week one of Lockdown (Ordinary Moments)

It’s been a rather weird and surreal week for everyone. With the restrictions that have been put in place by the government, as a nation we are now on lockdown and practising social distancing.

We all have our worries and concerns with regards to the Coronavirus – Covid19 and we all have someone that we are worried about, and due to the lockdown, that we can not no longer just go and visit.

The emotions in this house have been a bit of a rollercoaster this week. We all respond differently to how we deal with overwhelming situations and we keep hearing about how we are living in unprecedented times. To be honest I am a little confused as to how we even got to where we are now. I have never been someone to spend my time reading the newspaper or watch the ten o’clock news, so I am still trying to get my head around all of this.

Flashback to 4 weeks ago when the talk in the staff room was about this new flu that was ripping people’s life apart in China and I just shrugged it off. Never in a million years would I have thought that it would get this bad. I feel for all of those people who have not been able to say goodbye to a loved one, for those who have suffered with this illness, for the people whose families have been torn apart and for those who are working on the frontline.

I see now what I should have done weeks ago.

The things is I don’t want to panic nor do I want to show my children what a scary world we are living in at the moment. I want to keep it pretty much normal, well as normal as it can be with us all at home under one roof all of the time.

On a normal day we would be all be out of the house by 7.30am and not back home until 3pm. Our evening would be taken up with football practice or out at the running track. Weekends would pretty much be the same, mostly outdoor activities.

What is happening at the moment isn’t normal but we have to hold it together for our children and our older family members.

The children are all at home, they have all been set work by their schools to get on with; logging in to google classroom at 9.15 and follow their normal school timetable, completing work set by their teachers. The youngest is still in primary school and I have to spend most of the time going through the work with him, not because he doesn’t understand it but because he would be on the playstation for the whole day otherwise.

My husband works at the local hospital so he is a frontline worker. He isn’t a doctor or a nurse, but him and his team are the reason why the hospital can be open. He is a mechanical supervisor, so in charge of all of the plumbing and electrical work within the building. Last week, not only did he work during the day but he was also on call out all night and weekend working on the HDU wards. I must admit we are all worried about him, but even though he is a fit and healthy man we all know that our defences are low when worked under pressure.

Working as HLTA, I was in school last week. Our staff are on a rota working from home most days and spending 1 out of 9 in school with the vulnerable and frontline workers children. I was worried about my health, what with my history of Cancer and the treatment that I underwent causing me to have a low immune system but rest assured my bloods are all fine and I have been boosting my immune system with lots of healthy foods.

So this week has been rather unusual and it’s been quite a struggle getting into a routine but I am sure this week will be better and run a little more smoothly.

As well as home learning we have been doing lots of baking, playing games, walks with the dog, playing in the garden and generally enjoying each others company. We’ve spoken on the phone to the older members of our family and have had many facetime calls.

So here is a snippet of what we have been up to during our first week of lockdown

We’re all in this together, no one knows for how long and what the future holds for us but we have all just got to hold on tight and ride it out.

Stay safe everyone and stay at home