Skeanie Ugg Boot Review



I was sent a pair of Snug boots from the infant range made by Skeanie to test and review on my baby Oliver. The Snugs are one of their best-selling shoes that they produce.

Skeanie was established in Australia back in 2007 and is now the preferred provider of the Australian Podiatry Association (NSW). As a company they strongly believe that the growth of children’s feet are important so they design their shoes to be the next best thing to being ‘barefoot’. Babies feet are mostly cartilage, soft and pliable resulting in them being prone to damage. Skeanie shoes are designed to nurture and protect feet, they are made from good quality eco-leather which allows their little feet to breathe and grow naturally.

I was sent a shoe sizing chart prior to receiving the shoes so i could measure Oliver’s foot to ensure that the correct size was sent. Oliver measured in at newborn, about 10.5 cms. You can find out more here on how to measure your childs feet when buying Skeanie shoes.

The Snugs come in Pink, Chocolate and Pink, they are fully lined with fur to keep your little bubbas feet all snug and warm. The sole is soft suede and flexible.

I don’t normally put shoes onto Oliver as he has small little ankles and I find that they normally fall off. He moves his legs and kicks around so much that shoes don’t last long on him, i am also not keen on putting on hard shoes onto his feet as they leave little red marks on him, where they have rubbed against his skin. I find it hard to keep socks on him aswell if he isn’t pulling them off they are falling down, leaving his feet cold.

The Snugs have an elasticated collar around the ankle which holds the foot firmly into the shoe, still with plenty of room for little toes to wriggle around.

Oliver has just started to crawl around and they havent fell off once, he can still move around easily without them restricting him. They couldn’t have come at a better time to test them aswell especially in the cold weather we have been having, the Snugs have kept his little feet as warm as toast, It’s like he has a teddy bear hugging his feet, they are soft on his feet and do not leave any marks. I have also found that he doesn’t even pull them off, so he must really like them. They fit lovely over his all-in-ones and perfectly under his jeans/trousers. I found them easy to put on, even when Oliver was wriggling around, it is normally a fight and a struggle to fit shoes onto his feet, but with these they seem to just glide on. Oliver has a snowsuit that he wears, which can either be used as a sleeping bag or using the poppers create legs and i found that he could still wear his Snugs along with the coat, because the shoes are soft and flexible they fitted into it.

I have had so many people stop me to admire them and i must admit they are the coolest, cutest, trendiest pair of shoes i have ever put on my children’s feet. I am slightly in-love with them and just keep looking at them, they ooze quality. Oliver is a very lucky boy to be wearing them. I have been asked by Mum’s down at the school if they do them in adults sizes, sadly they do not! 🙁

The Snugs are priced at £36.99 and are definitely worth the money.

Skeanie also do a Junior Range of shoes for boys and girls and they are all gorgeous.

Oliver sleeping in his Snugs
Oliver sleeping in his Snugs

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