Morning smiles 91/365

The first thing I get in the mornings from my little Oliver are smiles! Oodles of them!

He always wakes up happy and the first thing he does when he sees you is give his hugest little grin, he melts my heart!


All of my boys have always woke up with a smile, how do your children wake up?


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#366 My favourite Giggling pic by far

Jak and Oliver were playing together earlier this evening and Jak was tickling Oliver while he was laying on the floor on a cushion. Oliver was in fits of giggles and they was both laughing at each other, it was a beautiful sight to see.
Oliver is teething at the moment and won’t let me look or feel inside his mouth so I took the chance as his mouth was wide open, with him giggling so much, to have a look and you can just about make out the bumps of new teeth cutting through on the side.

I love to watch my boys playing together 🙂




This is what happiness means to me!

When your child says to you that they are at their happiest when their holding your hand!

Seeing my newborn child for the first time, nothing could ever beat that moment.

Having a sweaty little hand in mine, no matter how dirty and sticky they are, the smallness and chubbiness of them just makes me smile.

Waking up to three gorgeous smiles every morning, I never knew how much a smile could do to me.

A warm cuddle from my mum, she’s the best!

Being told that I’m the best mummy ever by my children.

Seeing my son achieve the best that he can, he puts his all into anything he does.

Watching my boys grow into perfect little gentlemen, I am so lucky to have boys that are so well behaved and caring

Listening to my children playing together, they get on so well with each other and have the same sense of humour.

Hearing my boys giggles, they are so infectious.

Being told by my 4 year old that everything he does is to make me happy! (maybe not the messy bedroom)

Laying on the sofa with all my boys and watching a Disney film, my Sunday couldn’t be much better.

Family meal times because i love having all the family together.

A nice mug of hot chocolate with lots of cream and marshmallows

Trying to achieve the best I can

A smile from a friend

Spending time with my mummykins, I adore my mummy and if I am the half if what she is I know I’m going to be a good mum. She is the best role model anyone could ask for and the best cook.

Knowing that my OH is really trying to put wrong things right in our relationship

Spending time with my family

Saturday morning coffee with my partner

Being told out of the blue by my little boy that he loves me

Bedtime! After such hectic days I love laying in my bed on lovely crisp sheets and falling asleep, which is just about what I am about to do!

I’m sure I could go on for ever but these are probably my top reasons for happiness.

What makes you happy?