So long Nightmare!

For a while now Joseph has been going to bed at his bedtime at 8:00 with no problems but within 15 minutes he is out of bed and complaining that he has had a nightmare, I don’t know if this is the case or that he just wants to stay up a bit later with Mummy but what I do know is that the latter isn’t going to happen.

There were many things I would do when I heard the ‘MUM, I’ve had a nightmare!’

I tried going into his room with him, looking around his room and telling him that he was safe and no monster or bad person was around

I cuddled and reassured him that Mummy was only next door and I would protect him

I gave him his Bradley Bear and tucked him into bed nice and tightly with his duvet, nothing bad would happen with Bradley around

Sometimes I would lay in bed with him until he fell asleep

Sometimes I would leave the hallway light on for a while

I would tell him to think of nice, good and fun things to take his mind off of what he had just dreamt

I would talk to him about our holidays or days out, get him to recall the times when he laughed and had fun

All of these worked for that moment but then the next night it would be ‘MUM I’ve had a nightmare’

It was Jak that suggested that we make him a dream maker, a squirt of the dream maker just before bed would scare away the nightmares and only produce good dreams


Making a dream maker is easy, you will need:

-1 empty bottle that has a squirt pump on it


-Lavender oil

-1 tired little boy that believes in magic

Lavender is known to have a calming effect which may aid in relaxation.

Joseph squirted the dream maker under his bed, on his duvet, around the bedroom and on his teddies


Joseph fell asleep within minutes with a smile on his face 🙂


28/365 sickness

Sickness has been in the mumofthreeboys household for the past few days and today saw us all off work and school due to it. The bug seems to have latched on to us and doesn’t want to leave.
It’s been hard and tiring looking after sick children whilst being ill myself and haven’t been able to give them the tender loving care that they have needed from me in fact Jak has spent the day running around after me constantly asking me if I am ok and if I need a bowl, bless my boy!

Oliver has been too scared to eat anything today and I have tried my hardest to get some fluid down him but whatever went in just came out, he rolled around on the floor for about 5 minutes moaning and eventually fell asleep.


Although he is sick he looks so cute laying there!


Reflux in Babies

When i gave birth to my last little bundle of joy, both me an my partner was over the moon to have such a perfect little boy. He was very good, didnt cry much but made these little grunting noises, to which we thought it was mucus stuck in the back of his throat.

After having Oliver in our lives for 2 weeks we became very worried about him, he started to choke when we laid him down. I thought that he was still suffering from the mucus but it started to get scary, he started to have fits, where he would stop breathing and is eyes would start to roll upwards and his body would go rigid, after catching his breath he then would let out this very high pitch scream.

I took him to see our doctor, who prescribed nasal drops to clear up the mucus. Two days later i was back at the doctors as Oliver was having these fits every 15-30 minutes through out the night, this time the doctor said their was medicine that we could give him but as i was breast feeding Oliver he advised me to carry on with what i was doing as the medicine that they would have to be added into his milk before drinking, this would have made it so hard for me to express every bottle for him. The doctor hadn’t actually said what Oliver was suffering from and after having two previous children and having no experience with what we was going through i started to look things up on the internet and i found out about reflux in babies.

The Babycentre site was great. It told me every thing i needed to know on how to deal with Oliver.

By now though every time i breastfed Oliver the milk started to come back up literally straight away. I was tired with dealing with his fits, too scared to sleep in case he choked and was spending no time with my other two children as all i was doing was feeding him, I was exhausted.
Oliver wasn’t putting much weight on as he was bringing most of his milk back up.

Both Paul and myself went back to the doctors and this time we was not going to leave without some medication to help him. The doctor was great he prescribed ‘Baby Gaviscon’ and Ranitidine’ and he confirmed what i had read about, Oliver had Reflux.
I eased off of the breastfeeding and gave him formula milk twice a day to put his medicine in.
The only downfall of the medicine was that it caused constipation.

For those of who are not sure what reflux is (like me) it is when your baby’s stomach contents come back up into the mouth. The long name for reflux is gastro-oesophageal reflux disease.

Babies get reflux because the valve at the end of the food pipe, which acts to keep food in the tummy, hasn’t developed properly yet. This means that when your baby’s tummy is full, food and acid can come back up. This causes him to bring up small amounts of milk or vomit.

Because of the amount of acid Oliver was producing it caused pain for him and was the reason why he was gagging.
The medicine he was given was to reduce the amount of acid he was producing and to thicken up the milk in his stomach, this would help the milk stay in his little tummy.
I also found that once Oliver had his milk, it was better to keep him upright for 15 minutes (which was tiring in the middle of the night).
I bought a sleep recliner to keep him raised while he was asleep and I was very lucky with his buggy as it gives you the option to raise the mattress in it, so Oliver was reclined at all times.

After talking to other mums and reading on websites about other cases of babies with reflux, I believe that we were actually quite lucky with the severity of Oliver’s reflux as some babies do become hospitalised and lose a lot of weight.

Oliver is now 5 months and I am pleased to say that he no longer has his fits, he is off of his medicine but does still bring his milk up (for which we go through so many bibs a day lol).

Has anyone else had some experience with Reflux? Please share with me as we are still battling with it. Although Oliver has put on weight he feeds every 3 hours and his tummy can only take in about 4 ounces, even after drinking that amount he still brings some of it back up.

My Oliver now at 5 months old