Do ONE good thing, buy ‘One Careplast Plasters’ review

Having three boys I have been through my fair share of tending to cuts and scrapes as they say “Boys will be boys!” and don’t I know it!

This year so far the boys have between them had a bruised cheekbone, scalded wrist / hands, a cut to the forehead, grazed knees and elbows, cuts on feet, blisters on toes, a pulled tendon in their thigh as well as the normal bumps and bruises that they require everyday from running around the house or school playground and it’s only half way through the year! I always make sure that I carry a mini first aid kit in my handbag or baby changing bag consisting of antiseptic wipes, arnica, savlon and a selection of different sized plasters.

So when I received an email for us to review some plasters I was very happy to add them to our kit, unfortunately though since receiving them in the post the boys have been really good and not been in any scrapes and had no accidents which is good for them and me not having to deal with blood and tears but not good for the review lol! So you could imagine how happy I was when on Tuesday this week whilst on a trip into London that I started to limp due to my shoes rubbing against the skin on my heel causing a blister to form. I had finally got a chance to test out the One Careplast Plasters that I had stored away in the baby bag. The first thing I noticed were how bright and colourful they were, the design on the plaster was that of a funky Giraffe print. I think these plasters would appeal to children because of the bright print on them as they would feel like they would be wearing a tattoo. My boys love to use plasters that have designs on them, it kind of stops the tears much quicker as they like to look at what is covering their cut and then they proudly walk around showing their plasters off.

One Careplast Plasters are the result of a nationwide competition called “One Big Idea” which challenged members of the public to develop the next One product and to identify the humanitarian problem it would address. 100% of the profits from the sale of the plasters is to be used to fund bicycle ambulances and medical boxes, which will help to improve and change lives in Malawi. So by adding a box of One Careplast plasters to your shopping basket you would be helping to ensure that first aid treatment is available promptly for those living in rural areas, ironic really as you would be using the plaster to tend to cuts and scrapes whilst the profits would be providing communities with essential access to clinics, hospitals and first aid advice, a unique ‘Like for Like’ proposition.

I found the plasters to be strong, waterproof and very comfortable. After placing the plaster onto my heel I noticed how cushioned they were and instantly feeling the relief from the pain from the burn and stinging coming from the blister. Even with my shoe back on I was no longer limping and instead could not feel the blister anymore. I was very comfortable and my shoe was not rubbing against my skin anymore, the plaster was providing good protection. After walking for the rest of the day, doing the school run and taking the eldest to football practice I had forgotten I had even applied the plaster, it had stayed firmly in place and had not peeled away from the friction and movement of my shoe.

As you can see still looking new after two days

The One product range consists of quality everyday essentials ie: eggs and toilet tissue and with 100% of the profits helping to improve health, sanitation and nutrition in Africa, it has never been easier for consumers to do ONE good thing just by selecting a ONE branded product in place of other brands.

One careplast plasters are available in a variety of pack sizes and can be found on the shelves at The Co-operative with an RRP of £1.39. A Good quality product at a reasonable and healthy price!

To find out more about the ONE brand visit their website and remember DO ONE GOOD THING!

I was sent a packet of plasters purely for the purpose of this review, the words and opinions are of my own and the picture of the pack of plasters was taken from the Co-operative website.