Blowing the cobwebs off on the longest pier in the world

Southend is home to the longest pier in the world stretching out into the Thames estuary 1.34 miles, if you don’t fancy the walk along the pier then there is a train that travels up and down the pier transporting people to the ned and back. Since opening up in the early 19th century, the pier has had its fair share of bad luck, suffering from 4 fires, a boat crashing into it and been closed down a number of occasions due to safety.

Southend coast consists of large mudflats so the water is never very deep when the tide is in. Back in the 19th century boats were unable to stop at Southend when the tide was out as the mudflats went on for over a mile. Visitors then went on to the next seaside town along the coast. The Pier was built so that boats could reach Southend in low and high tide.

Lucky for us it is now a major tourist attraction for us all to enjoy.


It’s half term and we decided to visit Southend for a walk along the seafront and a portion of chips. The sun was shining and it was a glorious winters day.

The children had a little play on the sand, where they collected up all of the seaweed that had come in with the tide and rested up against the sea wall. They ran around really enjoying themself. They had their wellies on but didn’t spend much time on the muddy sand or playing in the little play area that was there, they much prefered to play with the seaweed and explore along the stone wall.

It was a lovely calm day, even though the sun was shining it was still very chilly, especially when the sun went behind a cloud. It was perfect weather for a walk along the pier. We had Nan with us so decided against walking the full length and catching the train instead.


The train went quite slow, a little bumpy in places but was a very pleasant journey. The children loved looking out over the mudflats and trying to spot the stones and any little fish that were flapping around in the low puddles. Joseph was quite sure he saw a seal laying in the mud but I’m not convinced! lol

The train journey wasn’t long before we was at the end of the pier. It was very cold. We had a walk around and looked out around us taking in the views.

The children had lots of fun running along the end of the pier, It was too cold for Nan so she went and warmed up in the cafe, whilst we walked around and took in the views.

Another thing that The Southend Pier has become famous for is Jimmy & Jamies cafe, which I think is only open in the summer. We had a sneaky peek through the windows, It looks so much smaller than it does on the television. Not sure how they fit the camera crew in there!


Before heading back to the train for the journey back we had a little pose in front of the building. Small eh!


After blowing the cobwebs away on our chilly walk along the pier we found a little friendly cafe along the front where we had chips and a drink before heading back to the car to go back home.

A visit the seaside shouldn’t just be for those warm days, licking away on an ice cream and paddling in the water but it’s perfect on those chilly winter days for a fresh walk along the front and warm up with a hot chocolate and steaming chips.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

There is nothing quite like a lovely stroll along the seafront, especially after a hectic few days spent in the City of London. We don’t live too far from the seafront but don’t often get the chance to visit it, we spent the last couple of days of our half term holiday staying at Nanny’s house which is a lot nearer to the beach but still a 45 minute drive away.

Nanny wanted to surprise the boys so she didn’t tell them where we was going, they took a few guesses but was wrong until we was about 5 miles away and they started to read the road signs. We drove past all the attractions and the busy part of the sea front, as just a little further down the road is a lovely part of the beach which not many people visit, I think as it isn’t near the rides and shops that it can be a bit more peaceful.

As soon as the boys were out of the car they ran off towards to the promenade, they couldn’t wait to get down to the beach. The sun was shining and even though it is still February it was still very pleasant.


The eldest took his socks and shoes off and went running along the sand, I did try to remind him that it wasn’t summer but nothing was going to stop him from feeling the cool sand in between his toes.



The boys spent ages searching the beach for different coloured stones, Oliver and I was looking for shells but we didn’t find many, Oliver picked up a little stone and put it to his ear telling me that he was listening for the sea



I told him that it had to be a shell to be able to hear the waves, he just laughed at me and told me i was silly 🙂

We didn’t have any buckets or spades so the boys used their hands to dig and Joseph found a big stick to make marking in the sand with



I loved watching the boys play and run around so freely on the sand, enjoying themselves and laughing.





Oliver kept picking up the sand and letting it run through his fingers, not once did he ask for a spade to dig with, he was having too much fun just feeling it.

Jak tried to make sand angels, he took his top off as he didn’t want it to get all wet from the sand



After a good hour of running around and skimming stones across the waves



We went for a walk along the promenade to but some chips, Along the way we found a little park for the boys to play in

20140224-063855.jpgOliver loves the swing and shouts higher, higher all the time whilst the boys played on the see saw



The walk along the promenade was lovely, the gardens were beginning to bloom and was just so nice to be out enjoying the sun.

The day was even better as we got to spend it with Nanny



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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall