Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

There is nothing quite like a lovely stroll along the seafront, especially after a hectic few days spent in the City of London. We don’t live too far from the seafront but don’t often get the chance to visit it, we spent the last couple of days of our half term holiday staying at Nanny’s house which is a lot nearer to the beach but still a 45 minute drive away.

Nanny wanted to surprise the boys so she didn’t tell them where we was going, they took a few guesses but was wrong until we was about 5 miles away and they started to read the road signs. We drove past all the attractions and the busy part of the sea front, as just a little further down the road is a lovely part of the beach which not many people visit, I think as it isn’t near the rides and shops that it can be a bit more peaceful.

As soon as the boys were out of the car they ran off towards to the promenade, they couldn’t wait to get down to the beach. The sun was shining and even though it is still February it was still very pleasant.


The eldest took his socks and shoes off and went running along the sand, I did try to remind him that it wasn’t summer but nothing was going to stop him from feeling the cool sand in between his toes.



The boys spent ages searching the beach for different coloured stones, Oliver and I was looking for shells but we didn’t find many, Oliver picked up a little stone and put it to his ear telling me that he was listening for the sea



I told him that it had to be a shell to be able to hear the waves, he just laughed at me and told me i was silly 🙂

We didn’t have any buckets or spades so the boys used their hands to dig and Joseph found a big stick to make marking in the sand with



I loved watching the boys play and run around so freely on the sand, enjoying themselves and laughing.





Oliver kept picking up the sand and letting it run through his fingers, not once did he ask for a spade to dig with, he was having too much fun just feeling it.

Jak tried to make sand angels, he took his top off as he didn’t want it to get all wet from the sand



After a good hour of running around and skimming stones across the waves



We went for a walk along the promenade to but some chips, Along the way we found a little park for the boys to play in

20140224-063855.jpgOliver loves the swing and shouts higher, higher all the time whilst the boys played on the see saw



The walk along the promenade was lovely, the gardens were beginning to bloom and was just so nice to be out enjoying the sun.

The day was even better as we got to spend it with Nanny



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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Exploring the Cornish Beaches #countrykids

Last week we had our summer holiday in Cornwall, a complete surprise for us as Daddy booked it on our last day at work/school. We were to spend a week at Perranporth on a Haven holiday site.

The boys absolutely love Cornwall, Jak the eldest is always in the sea on his bodyboard, splashing around in the waves, Joseph and Oliver love to play in the sand and the many rock pools that are on the beaches.

We normally visit a beach a day whilst we are in Cornwall but as the weather was typical english weather and the rain clouds took over the sun we only managed 3 which was pretty good really.

The first beach we went to was the one on the door step to the Haven site at Perranporth, the beach is wide and long and ideal for a bit of fun in the sea with the bodyboard. We spent quite a bit of our time at this beach and sometimes went down early evening just for a little walk and to look out to sea and watch the sun set.



Jak out on the waves

Oliver really enjoyed running up to the waters edge and then running away from the waves as they neared him, he squealed with delight as the water touched his toes



The beach was full of washed up jelly fish, Joseph spent a long time looking at the closely as he had just done a topic of the beach at school and chose to make a jelly fish from paper mache


On Thursday we packed up a lunch and went out for the day visiting two of our favourite beaches, Porthcurno and Gwithian.

Porthcurno as got to be one of my favourite places, not just for the covey beach but for the Minnack Theatre, it’s so beautiful and has stunning views from the cliff tops. Unfortunately the day we went to Porthcurno the sea was very choppy and Jak didn’t get much time in the sea, so we spent an hour playing in the sand and burying our feet, Oliver really liked doing this and kept jumping into the hole and saying ‘my feet my feet’

The next beach we went to was just near Hayle at Gwithian, the beach is right at the end of a dusty cliff top road which is run by The National Trust, it cost us £5 to park for the day. Parking here means you can enjoy the beach as well as exploring the cliff tops too. We found a good spot on the beach and set up our wind breaker and tent, then we sat down and dug the biggest hole ever to bury Dad in



This beach has many rock pools to play in, some of them are even deep enough to swim in, once the tide is out, so many places are exposed to explore, Joseph went off in search of crabs and bought back some rock with muscles attached to it lol. We went for a walk along the rocks and done some exploring of our own, finding some gorgeous stunning little beaches and coves.






The views were amazing and a perfect place for an evening barbecue





All of these photos were taken on my I Phone but i have so many more on my camera (but can not find the computer lead, very upsetting)

We had such a brilliant time at the beach and everyone enjoyed themselves so much, we have come home with some lovely new memories to add to our memory jar of our time in Cornwall.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall




A day at the park, sand and monsters

Nanny took us to the park today near where she lives. Maldon Promenade Park is a fabulous place to visit and makes a brilliant day out. The park is set alongside the river Blackwater where you can enjoy a spot of crabbing, a boat trip or just enjoy the views of the estuary.
As its bank holiday today the park had inflatables there of many sizes for the children to enjoy. It was Oliver’s first time on a bouncy castle at first he wasn’t sure but he soon got used to bouncy about and really enjoyed falling over.


One of the inflatables was a small assault course where the children went up one side by ladder steps, once at the top through a tunnel and then down the slide at the other end. Oliver climbed his way to the top all by himself, he didn’t want any help and was very adamant in doing with out my help.


His favourite one was a bouncy castle that was also a ball pit, he just say there and threw the balls about and giggled whilst doing it.


Joseph spent his time going on the big inflatables, he loved the assault course where there were lots of climbing up ropes, weaving through poles and clambering over walls and a big slide to come down at the end.


The park boasts two play areas one that is climbing frame in the shape of a galleon that sits in sand and is right next to the splash park and another that is the traditional park with swings and slides.

The boys played in a sand pit that was next to a cafe. In the sand there was a wooden water pump and the children enjoyed digging channels for the water to flow through.
Oliver sat down with his bucket and spade and tried his best to fill it up but couldn’t quite judge it right and kept missing the bucket. I built him a castle but he jumped onto it and
Knocked it over, he thought this was very funny.


After a couple of hours the boys were getting tired so we went off for a walk through the trees in search on monsters. Joseph hunted high and
Low, behind trees, in lakes, in the grass and over bridges but much to his disappointment we didn’t find one monster.




The boys had a brilliant day at the park and there was so much more to do there, BMX track, model boating lake, skateboard park, football pitches, mazes, fun fair and lots of grass to run around on. We noticed that there were lots of family’s there that had come for the day with their gazebos and were having BBQ’s, what a great idea. We have decided to organise a day like that for our family next year.

thank you for reading 🙂

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


209/366 Surf looks good Mum

I love this picture of Oliver looking out to the sea. He loved walking around on the sand and spent hours just slashing in the many rock pools that are on the beaches of Cornwall. Here Oliver was walking around on the sand and watching the waves crash against the beach. What’s great is that we had that huge beach pretty much all to ourselves