My Trendy little Crombie boy

I have a passion for clothes but don’t often get time to wear lovely outfits as i spend all my time at work or indoors with my boys, so I am over the moon that my passion has been passed on down to my children especially Joseph. He is 7 years old and loves to dress up, his favourite item of clothes to wear are bow ties and trilby hats. He has the most amazing pair of silver trousers that he adores but he is growing out of them and we are currently on the look out for a new pair.

I recently bought the boys some new winter coats, although Joseph is a boy and 7 years old he loves to choose his own clothes. He’s not keen on tops with logos, he likes patterned material and he prefers to wear clothes that are that little bit different to his friends. We looked on River Island’s website and he immediately was drawn to a Boys grey wool texture crombie coat, costing £45 I thought it was a good price to pay for a coat.


Joseph definitely has an eye for trendy clothes. The coat has leather detailed trim around the collar and on the pockets and a skull and cross bone lining, making it really appealing to the younger children.

Once the coat arrived I was a little disheartened as it wasn’t as thick as i thought it would be, but that didn’t affect Joseph’s love for it. He put it on straight away and walked around the living room putting on a fashion show for us.

I must say he looks rather dapper in it!

My little crombie boy
looking rather trendy

Joseph’s teamed up his coat with a Trilby hat, both bought from H&M.

The coat is three-quarter length single breasted, done up with three buttons. It has 2 flapped hip pockets and a centre vent in the back. It’s soft wool makes it comfortable to wear.

I think Joseph looks über cool in his coat and I myself absolutely adore it too!

What do you think?



Jessie J Icon

Jessie J isn’t just a fabulous icon for her music but also for her choice of fashion. Whilst watching ‘The Voice’ last week and tonight i noticed Jessie wearing a Leather Look Tshirt and i thought Wow I must have one of those! So i got to the internet and googled leather T shirt, I must admit what popped up onto my screen wasn’t exactly what i had in mind, Some were cropped, some were mesh panelled, some were patent, some were sexy, some were bondage and some were S & M like and i was beginning to think i wouldn’t find a top to suit me and then BANG SHABOOM i found one!

This one is from Topshop and it costs £45 and i do believe that it is the exact one that she wore on the show.

Unfortunately It is currently out of stock, so I am not very happy that i can not order it so off i went to search for another top from another site.

And i found this vest top from River Island in the sale for £15 reduced from £30 Bargain!

I would team either top with a pair of leggings, these Blue Acid Wash High Waisted ones from River Island would be ideal, bang on trend and very retro. Costing £16

These Black Fringed Ankle Boots from the same store are absolutely gorgeous and would finish off the look perfectly, i love the size of the wedged heel giving a little bit of height. Costing £55

Black fringed ankle bootsBy changing the footwear to a pair of high heels it will change the outfit from a daytime look to a going out partying look, these Black Pointed Court Shoes from River Island costing £50 are splendid. i love a good heeled shoe although i don’t get much time to wear them as running around after 3 boys court shoes are not ideal

Black pointed court shoes

My style isn’t exactly way out there like Jessie’s is but i think it’s just me!

What do you think?

Pictures were taken from River Island website and Top Shop but no links direct are available from this post.


Trendy toddler tuesday / River Island

Firstly I would like to say thank you to Medicatedfolloweroffashion for hosting this fab linky whilst verybusymama is on her holidays visiting family in the lovely Chile.

Whilst out shopping in the nearby shopping centre of Romford recently I noticed an advert in a shop window, a shop that in my younger days I used to shop in quite often. In the shop window was a picture of children and I thought to myself am I seeing right, my once favourite shop is now sticking children’s clothes, well I didn’t wait for myself to answer as I rushed through the doors of River Island to find out with my own eyes.
Yes yes yes! There in the middle of the store was rails of boys vests, t-shirts, shorts and jeans they even had hats! I know I’m a pretty stickler when it comes to buying the boys hats, they have loads and when I say loads I mean they have more hats than underwear. Anyway I don’t know when River Island started selling children’s clothes maybe it’s been for years, maybe it’s been for months but I don’t care as long as I know now this will be one of the shops that I will be stocking up the boys wardrobes with along with Next and H&M. I bought Joseph a couple of vests, both ribbed, one in orange and the other in grey and he looks so adorable in them, he wears the grey one for gymnastics as it quite figure hugging and they were a snap at £6 for the two. I then bought the boys matching shirts, I know! Their not twins and it is a bit much dressing them in the same clothes but they do look so cute together and I couldn’t resist.

The shirt is 100% cotton, short sleeved, lightweight and very summery. It’s light blue in colour and has a gorgeous embroidered palm tree down the right hand side of the front panel of the shirt. I love the detail and the feel of this shirt as it is very soft and both boys say they feel very comfortable wearing it. What I especially like is that it is press studded together at the front which makes it easier for Josephs little fingers to do up rather than fiddling about with buttons.
The shirt cost £12 and I love it! Joseph has teamed it up with his denim shorts which are from George at Asda and his favourite little trilby which is from H&M.

What do you think? Do you like his style? Why not join in with Trendy Toddler and link up your what your children have been rocking this week over at and keep your eyes peeled in the coming weekd as i will be sharing the linky on my site too. So what are you waiting for Link up your gorgeous little ones wearing their outfits.