126/366 Wast Water

Today’s photo was not taken today but this time last year, cheating I know! But hey it’s my blog, my rules haha!
I took the photo of the lake Wast Water which is in the lake district, it is the deepest lake in England measuring in at a staggering 258ft deep.
It’s the most tranquil, stunning, awe inspiring, scenic, beautiful place I have ever been. The water was so still and it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. My eldest boy Jak , who was 8 at the time was amazed at the sights he was seeing, he couldn’t help but snap away on the camera at the reflections that the mountain was making on the lake. Wast Water is surrounded by mountains one of which is the highest mountain in England ‘Scafell Pike’, the lake has been described as ‘long, stern and desolate’ by William Wordsworth the Poet.
The lake and the mountains are owned and managed by the National Trust.