Craft Project – No Sew Dicky Bow Tie

My younger boys love to dorn a dicky bow tie when they are getting dressed up. The middle boy, who is 9 years old has so many different bow ties in all sorts of designs and colours. He is always wearing one.

They are cheaper enough to buy but I thought I would attempt to make one with some off cut material that I recently bought. In the package was a certain piece of fabric that made me think straight away that it would make a lovely bow tie. As soon as I saw the material I knew what I was going to do with it.

This Dicky Bow is ideal to make if you’re not that comfortable using a needle and thread. It also takes no time at all, so quick to knock up for a last minute outfit choice.

To make a Dicky Bow Tie You will need:

  • A piece of material
  • A glue gun or fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Elastic
  • Measuring tape


  • Take a piece of material and depending on who you are making it for roughly judge how big you want the bow tie to be. I cut a piece of material to be 19cm in length and 10cm wide. You will also need a smaller piece of material for the piece that wraps around the middle of the bow tie. This piece 8cm in length and 3cm wide


  • Make some fold lines to follow. Fold the larger piece in half. Top to bottom and left to right. The material needs to be right side down.
  • Working lengthways. Place some glue along the middle of material to one side of the fold and fold the edge to the middle, pressing down on the glue. Repeat this with the top edge folding it to the middle and securing in place with glue.


  • Now you need to fold the left and right edges into the middle of the fabric. Secure in place with the glue
  • Keeping the fabric the wrong side up, fold the length ways in towards the middle again. Only place a little bit of glue in the middle to hold it down


  • Turn the bow tie over so you have the front of it in front of you. Pinch in the middle and secure with a little glue


Looking good eh!

  • Measure the neck of the person you are making the bow tie for and cut some elastic of that length. Glue the ends together and then glue on to the back of the bow tie


  • Take the small piece of material that you cut out and fold the longer edges in to the middle and secure with the glue. Just like you did with the bow tie. Now wrap it around the middle of the bow tie starting at the back where the elastic is.


Watch your fingers if you are using a glue gun as the glue becomes very hot!

You are now ready to wear your dicky bow


Doesn’t it look good? I am pretty chuffed with the outcome and I didn’t even have to get out a needle or the sewing machine.





Easy Sewing Project – Fabric Button Flowers

If you have any left over pieces of fabric laying around the house these cute button flowers are simple and quick to make anyone can do it. There is no need for a sewing machine as they stitched up by hand. They take about 5-10 minutes to make and will make the ideal accessory to add to sewing, craft or homeware projects. In fatc they are a perfect first project for children to be introduced to sewing with.

I am thinking of making some girls hair accesories with the ones that I have made, so have ordered some colourful alice headbands and some hair clips. You could add them onto cards, brooches, baskets and throws.


You Will Need:

  • Mixed fabric pieces. Any size will do, depends on the size of the flowers that you want to achieve
  • Buttons. Any colour, be experimental and add patterend ones. Again no size specific.
  • Cotton
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Pen/pencil/marker/tracing wheel


  • First choose a piece of material and draw around a circular object. I used a big soup mug, but a small serving plate will do. Remember the flowers will be smaller as the edges get pulled into the middle


Cut out the circle with the scissors and thread the needle with the cotton. Tie a knot in the end of the cotton

  • Using a running stitch, stitch around the edge of the circle, not too close incase it frays. About 0.4 cm away from the edge. Stitch all the way round until you come to the first stitch. You can stitch on either side of the fabric but I like to use the underside
  • Pull the cotton until the edge gathers into the middle and sew into place just to secure the edge in.
  • It doesn’t matter if the edge is seen it will be covered by the button. Now attach the button to the middle.

Go wild with your colours, experiment with different style and shaped button. Depending on the size of the fabric circle you can make small or large flowers.

I’m looking forward to experimenting with my new fabric flowers.


23/366 ‘Uni day’s

While rummaging around in the loft today, my son and I found some of my old university work.
We brought it down to go through it.
It was great to reminisce about the good old uni day’s but sad to think that I should have done better.
The following photo was taken from one of my project books ‘Couture’.
Didn’t spend much time on my projects and wished, now looking at my work, that I did.



There are two in today, only because they go together.