The boys Treasure Hunt

I am always trying to keep my boys occupied with things to do and all week I had abandoned them with writing this blog, I felt really bad so I decided to do something for them.

I set about writing up clues and hiding them around the house

I picked them up from school and told them I had a surprise game for them to play when they got home

1/ you will find a noise that makes you happy and want to dance coming from these. What am I?

They run to the speakers

2/ this type of food helps us keep healthy and tastes really good. What am I?

They run to the fruit bowl

3/ the next clue you will find a place where it is dark until the door open. Hint – tins are kept in here!

After opening 2 kitchen cupboards they find the next clue
They are so excited and jumping for joy, they are loving it and I for one am loving watching their lovely little faces smile and laugh at each other.

4/ It can get a bit stinky in here! It’s where Joseph spends most of his time lol.

Joseph knows where this is straight away and off he runs to the bathroom.

5/ I am where you lay your head at night and have sweet dreams!
I know I know says Joseph running to his bed.


6/ The last one!
This place is warm and inviting and it certainly me a very happy mummy
Clue – mummy loves them from all of her boys

They both know what this is


Fun was had by all, I got a squeeze from my boys and they got a Cadburys creme egg 