On a cold and frosty morning

This morning was icy cold, but it was strangely satisfying.

We have eagerly waited for snow down here in the south but unfortunately all we have received was a few sprinkles throughout the night, which when we woke up had all but disappeared apart from the odd dusting on the garden shed.

My normal route to work on a week day is through the streets of my home town, which isn’t very pretty. But today was different. I wasn’t going into work, I was going on days training which meant taking a different route to the centre where it was being held.

Once I had dropped the boys off into breakfast club at school, I took a 10 minute stroll through the park. It was bitter cold which bit at the end of my finger tips. But as I stood in the middle of the park and looked around me at the early morning frost floating along the grass, I strangely felt warm.


It was a beautiful sight.

It made me smile.

It made me feel warm

Unlike, normally looking at the muddy mess that has been left behind from the many feet that has passed over the ground, I was looking at frosted green blades.


As I walked over the icy ground, it crunched beneath my footsteps. The ground was hard and bumpy, from where the mud had frozen and the frost had covered any mess that is normally laden on the floor.

What could’ve been a miserable dark morning, instead it brightened my day. No we haven’t received any snow, but this has to be next best thing for me.

What’s the weather like where you are?

Thank you for reading 🙂