Ditching Nappies

Since my last post on how we decided to tackle potty training, the little fella has come on leaps and bounds.

He has been completely dry, day and night, only having the odd accident when he has been asleep in the afternoon.

I am still putting him to sleep wearing a night time pull up but he will not wee in it. Instead he wakes me up in the middle of night with distressing noises and when I ask him if he is ok he tells me he needs a wee. The pull ups that he wears are ones that have pictures on the front that disappear once wet and because he likes to look at the picture he will not wee in them. The first thing he does once he is awake in the morning is too check his pull up to see if the picture is there and then he says ‘Ive not made the picture go mummy, it’s still here’
I think that he is probably ready to ditch the nappies completely and just stick to wearing his underpants 🙂

Little man doesn’t even use a potty anymore, instead he will use the ‘Big boy toilet’ Oliver has a step that he uses to get up onto the toilet and off again, no one is aloud to help him, he is very independent and also VERY private! Once he is on the toilet he asks me to close the door and go away. I have to leave him in there until he is ready for me.

Oliver has grown up so much in the past month, I am so proud of him.

One day last week we traveled into London on the underground and once we was on the train he asked me for the toilet, I explained to him that he would have to hold it for a while until we get off of the train. He had to wait for 4 stops and then once we got off at green Park we had a very long walk to get out (which I never knew an exit from a station could be so long) I was expecting him to have had an accident, I just kept telling him that it was OK and he would be able to go to the toilet very soon. We made it to the toilets (which lucky for us were in the station near the ticket office) and he was still dry, he had held his wee for 10 minutes!

We have recently travelled 140 miles in the car, stopping twice, one in a motor way stop over and another in a lay by for him to have a wee because he asked us for the toilet. I am happy to say we arrived at our destination completely dry!

I believe I can 100% say that Oliver is now fully potty trained and goodbye to nappies. I never thought we would get here as 2 months ago he was having about 4 accidents a day and having to wear a nappy on the school run, but we have and I am very proud of him.

Are you potty training at the moment? How are you getting on?


Goodbye Nappies……Hello Underpants

He’s only gone and done it!

After my last post about how hard i was finding it to potty train Oliver, he has decided himself to grab the bull by the horns and go for it, not only has he been dry for the past two weeks during the day but he has also been dry throughout the night too!

I’m so proud of my little boy, I really thought we wouldn’t be able to be dry by the time he started nursery. He was being very lazy when he was wearing underpants and would almost always wet himself in them, I think I was changing him about 3 times in one hour on some days. We still use a nappy for night time but they have been dry, he is even waking me up in the middle of night asking for me to take him to the toilet.

A few weeks ago It seemed like the days of not washing out wet clothes was never going to end! During the week, I used to drop Oliver off at his childminders in the morning wearing his underpants with a liner in them and when I picked him up at the end of the day the childminder would always hand over a bag full of wet clothes, telling me that he had an accident and she had to put him into a nappy because he had run out of spare clothes to wear. At the weekend, we used to have the odd accident when he had a nap but I would constantly ask him if he wanted to use the potty but we still had a few accidents, where he was just too lazy to pull down his trousers and pants and go on the potty. He never even used to tell me that he wet himself either, I would only find out once i picked him up or noticed that suspicious wet mark around the groin area.

During the February half term, I decided as I was off work that it would be the best time to just go for it! No more nappies! As soon as Oliver woke up I would put him on the toilet, then I would get him dressed into clothes that he chose, especially his own choice of underpants. The rest of the day I asked him every half hour if he wanted to use the toilet, he soon got used to the idea of using the toilet and soon began to unlike the feeling of walking around in wet underpants. We spent a few days away in a hotel and at Nannies house and we forgot to take the potty, so now Oliver has got used to using the toilet like the rest of us, he won’t even sit on the potty no more.

Oliver now asks to use the toilet when we are out and about, during the night and just before bedtime, it has now become a routine for him rather than weeing in his nappy.

We carry a bag that Oliver packs himself, inside it are 3 pairs of underpants, spare trousers, socks, wipes and some dry like me liners. The bag goes everywhere with him, to the childminders, to the park, to the shops and it even goes into the car if we are going for a drive.

I am no longer picking Oliver up from his childminders and receiving a parcel of wet clothes and my washing pile has gone tenfold, now I can buy a new carpet that was promised to me, by Paul, once Oliver was dry 🙂

Thank you for reading my post 🙂


I’m going Potty

For the past few months we have been potty training Oliver, he is now 2 and a half years old and will be starting Nursery in September so he needs to be out of nappies by then. Oliver knows how to use a potty and has done since he was a year old but has become too dependant on wearing a nappy.

When he isn’t wearing a nappy or any underpants then he is perfect at using the potty but when he is wearing something then he will not ask to use the potty, he has become lazy and will just use the nappy. My other two children were dry by the time they were 2, maybe it’s because I am now in full time work and am not at home during the week days to get him into some sort of routine, but whatever the reason we now need to buckle down and get him used to asking for the potty when he is wearing his clothes.

He has a potty at his childminders house and whenever we are indoors we take off his clothes so he doesn’t need to take down his pants and he doesn’t even have to ask for a toilet as he can just go off upstairs to where his potty is kept and use it. He has become very good with using it this way but I now need to get him wearing underpants and to asking when he wants to go.

What we have done so far:

  • Bought two potties, one for upstairs and one for down stairs
  • Praise him for whenever he uses the potty
  • Given him stickers
  • Encourage him to go first thing in the morning and whenever he has a drink
  • Bought Dry Like Me pads to line his underpants (absorbent gusset shaped liners)
  • Let him chose his underwear (he particularly likes Thomas the Tank engine ones)
  • Cut down on his Milk so he’s not drinking so much of an evening and first thing in the morning
  • Bought him a special bag that he can carry on his back which we put his nappies into so he carries them himself
  • Take a spare set of clothes with us everywhere for those little accidents
  • Use Mio Bambino reusable training nappies for indoors and on short journeys
  • Use pull up pants when on long journeys
  • A potty at the childminders for him to use
  • Encourage him to get himself undressed, so that he can get used to pulling down his trousers and pants

These are all things that i have done with other two children, but with Oliver it seems that the process of potty training is going on a bit longer! I introduced a potty to Oliver at a young age and he has always been interested in using it, but sometimes he screams to be able to wear a nappy.

As I sit and write this, Oliver has just stopped playing on his tablet and ran over to his potty saying “I need my potty!” He does this independently quite often, more and more each day, but it’s getting him to take off his pants to do this when he is wearing his clothes.

Any ideas on how to progress in his potty training would be appreciative, thank you.

Hopefully my next potty training post would be a completely dry post 🙂


The beginning of Potty Training

Oliver is 17 months old and i have been introducing the potty to him for the past few months but as he has got older he is starting to understand a lot more about what the potty is used for and can follow simple instructions, at first he used to stand in and laugh at himself but now he knows that this is where he needs to go if he gets the feeling to release himself!

For the past two days now Oliver has used the potty and actually done a wee in it, he knows that this is the correct thing to do as he claps himself once he has finished.

I knew it was time to potty train him when he started to take off his nappy once he had wet in it as he was feeling uncomfortable and he started to sit down on the potty. I introduced the potty a while back and have just kept it in the living room where he can see so he got used to being around it, he started to sit on it with his clothes on using it as a seat. First he sat on it backwards and after a while he got used to sitting down on it the right way, once he was comfortable with it every time i changed his nappy i placed him onto the saying ‘wee wee’.

I allow Oliver to run around the house with out a nappy on so he can use the potty when ever he wants to and this is what he has done the past two times he has used it. Oliver is constipated at the moment and using the potty helps him as he will not got in his nappy, it is hard as he is screaming and getting really upset but he is putting himself on the potty so i can hold onto him while he tries to go.

My top tips for potty training are:

  • Introduce the potty to your child before attempting to potty train so that they can used to being around it and become familiar with it
  • Show them how to use it maybe by asking an older sibling to demonstrate
  • Only start to potty train once the child is ready to do so, don’t force them as it will only scare them
  • Keep the potty in the same place at all times so they know where to go
  • Encourage all the time to use the potty
  • Keep asking them if they want to use the potty
  • Keep calm as you will get the odd accident, always keep some kitchen towel to hand and a floor cloth. Times can be frustrating when they have an accident on the floor but please don’t show them how frustrated you are, just carry on with the praise and show them to the potty
  • Reward your child with cuddles and praise when they use the potty, sweets may not be a good idea as they could make bowel problems worse
  • Make it fun for them, once they have used the putty you could maybe sing a song or do a celebration dance
  • Most parents wait until the summer time as they find it easier as children spend more time outside in the garden, i just think if the child is ready then don’t postpone it.
  • Have plenty of patience as potty training is no easy ride
  • If you become really brave and leave the house whilst potty training always remember to take some spare clothes with you, we always keep some in the car.

Do you have any more tips you can share with me?

Please leave your comments below

Thank you for reading 🙂