The funny things they say and do!

I Had made some popcorn for us to munch in whilst watching X factor last weekend. I had a bowl on the table and daddy was sitting on the sofa eating from a smaller bowl. I gave Oliver a popcorn and he took it then ran off over to his daddy and he took one from him, he ran from mummy and daddy taking from both of us, I told him that I had his popcorn not daddy so he took a piece back out of his mouth and put it back into daddy’s bowl yuk! Lol

Whilst sitting in a restaurant eating our food, Joseph decided to shout “I need a POO! I need a POO!”

Joseph and I was discussing him going to the toilet in school
Joseph: “I’m going to stop eating!”
Me: “why would you do that, Joseph?”
Joseph: “because I poo too much mum and if I eat less then I won’t need to do so many poos! I poo all the time in school”
Me: “Joseph, you have to eat you just have a healthy bowel”
Joseph: “what’s a vowel?”
Oh dear! The conversation went on and on!!!

I was taking photos of the boys on my phone whilst waiting for the train and Jak decided to strike a pose


We were in the car on the way to bristol as the journey was going to be about 3 hours we started to play games to pass the time and keep the boys occupied and to ease their boredom. We was playing ‘I went on holiday and I brought home a…..’ It was Joseph’s turn and he had the letter D and he told us he would bring home a dindle! (That’s what he calls his penis!)

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