Lauren Laverne narrates New Tee and Mo Games for Cbeebies

Lauren Laverne narrates new Tee and Mo games from BAFTA-winning production company


Negotiating with toddlers is not easy. Now a new series of animated games has launched on the CBeebies website, which help teach toddlers the benefits of team-work through interactive parent/child play.

Created by BAFTA-winning interactive production company, Plug-in Media, Tee and Mo, comprises 10 narrative-led desktop and mobile free games narrated by radio DJ and television presenter Lauren Laverne.

Each game is designed as a two-player interactive experience, encouraging pre-schooler and parent to enjoy together. They revolve around the daily adventures of an adorable and unstoppable baby monkey, Tee, and his mum, Mo. The aim is to explore everyday situations through the point of view of both child and parent, showing that whilst they may want to do different things, they can learn together by negotiating the challenges of daily life jointly.

Tee and Mo’s light-hearted approach to problem-solving and teamwork leads to care-giver and child bonding both on and off screen whilst inspiring them to pursue imaginative play opportunities off-line. After some thinking, they both have the same brilliant idea and take it in turns or work together.

The Tee and Mo desktop and mobile games can be played free online at:

There are 4 games on the Cbeebies website of which Oliver and I both played, his favourite one was the Jungle Trolley Dash, he laughed and giggled so much when we crashed into the obstacles that were in our way whilst out picking up food for dinner. To play the games you use the arrow buttons and space bar or the mouse. When playing the Jungle Trolley dash i told Oliver when to press the Space bar and i used the up and down arrow buttons to manouvre the trolley, it was fun and we laughed lots as he just kept pressing the space bar and made us crash lots, i think he liked to see Tee and Mos faces when it happened lol. Oliver was shouting up and down and Oh No when we crashed and Now when he saw some fruit to collect.

Oliver liked to point to the computer screen when he wanted me to do something


Jungle Trolley Dash: Mo wants to do her shopping but Tee wants to play on his scooter so together they use the trolley and whizz through the jungle avoiding the boulders and shrubs that are in the way and picking up the food as they go.

Musical Garden: Its perfect weather for planting some flowers but Tee is more interested in his music box than helping Mo with the gardening. Turns out flowers love music as it helps them grow! So Tee & Mo see how many seeds they can plant in the time it takes Mo’s music box to play a tune!

Sandwich Stacker: It’s teatime in the jungle and Mo wants to make a sandwich, but Tee wants to carry on stacking his building blocks! They decide to create super-stacker sandwiches by piling their favourite fillings up as high as they can! Tee likes savoury food and Mo likes Sweet.


Squirrel Flyer: Tee and his friend want to play but Mo wants to go out into the Jungle to fill up the fruit basket, so working together they Tee and Fly steer there way through the jungle and knock the fruit down for Mo to catch in her basket.

I really enjoyed playing these games with Oliver and he now has a new love of Monkeys, thanks to Tee and Mo. Each game has clear instructions spoken and worded, and gives you a result in the end.

Not only is there 4 games to play but you can also print out colour in sheets and watch short clips of Tee and Mo.

Dominic Minns, Creative Director, Plug-in Media said: “Unlike any other pre-school property Tee and Mo focuses as much on Mo the mum, as it does on Tee her boy – putting this most special of relationships at the heart of every adventure, to be enjoyed by a dual audience of parents and their children.  The games will create a positive space in the digital world that encourages caregiver/child relationships through purposeful and imaginative play.”

No money has been received for this post, i was provided with some information about the new games.



Funtime at gymnastics

Joseph goes to gymnastics twice a week, one is a club that he attends at our local sports centre and the other is a parent and toddler class at East London Gymnasium which runs on a Sunday morning.
The Sunday morning session has been closed over the summer holidays but we returned last weekend and this time Oliver went along too.
Oliver is 13 months old and has been walking properly since he was 10 months old and since he took that first step at 8 months old there has been no stopping him. He doesn’t just walk he runs everywhere and climbing well! Don’t get me started on that one the boy must think he his spiderman as he seems to think he can climb vertical walls.
Oliver has so much energy and is non stop on the move do Daddy thought that it would be a brilliant idea for Oliver to start going along with him and Joseph on the Sunday morning to the Gym so he could run off some steam and seeing as everything is made of foam there is no way of him acquiring any new bumps and bruises to the oh so many that he already has. The floor is all soft and squidgy and gives the children that extra spring in there steps in order for them to get a good leap off the floor, so if Oliver fell he probably would only bounce around anyway lol.
Oliver loved it in there he immediately went off exploring all of the activities with a little cheeky grin plastered on his face

I thought that he would like all of the huge foam shapes that was there, which the boys enjoy building little dens and houses with. Oliver wasn’t even overly joyed to play with his older brothers he was happy enough to go off on his own, one of the activities he really enjoyed doing was the trampoline. The trampoline isn’t raised from the floor so Oliver only had to walk onto it and bounce away on his own, although his preferred method of play on this apparatus was to run round and around.
Next to the trampoline is a foam
Pit that the children use to practice their flips into either using the horse or just diving into it, which Oliver did the latter.
He was so tiny I couldn’t see him in there among all of the foam, he didn’t struggle or scream and actually found it quite funny.He was very confident to be on his own, I didn’t help him once, he just got on with everything himself.


I like the freedom that Oliver had in the Gym and how he became very confident in his own actions, how he felt the need to no longer be reliant on me for help and how his playing was not only safe but also he was learning a lot from it too.


Along with trampolines, foam pit, spring boards, balance beams and monkey bars there is also a small soft play area at the back with slides, climbing slopes and ladders all of different shapes for children to explore.


Oliver is just like his big brother and loves to climb, he could have spent all day long in here especially climbing up
The bumpy steps and even though he is only 72cm in length nothing was going to stop him from attempting to get to the top. He found a way of using his head (nose) to pull himself up and gripped his little toes against the plastic to get leverage and push him upwards.
Onwards and upwards that’s my boys.

Daddy even tried Oliver out on the balance bars and holding daddy’s hand for that little bit of support Oliver walked along one tiny foot in front of the other along the bar balancing away, he was like a pro, like it was something he does everyday, he even plucked up the courage to let go of Daddy’s hand and do it alone, he didn’t get far when he turned to daddy with his arms outright wanting Daddy to help him.

Oliver had lots of fun at his day at the gymnastics gymnasium and I hope he has just as much enjoyment next week.

What clubs do your children and do and what age were they when they started?

Thank you for reading 🙂


Oliver audition’s for Cow & Gate

Last week i noticed a post put up on facebook by Tots100 about Cow & Gate searching for children from the ages of 10 months – 2 years with big personalities to star in one of their television adverts. I love watching the giggling babies on their adverts and like many parents I am always saying how cute the babies are and how catchy their giggles are. Cow & Gate was asking parents to put forward a short video of their little wonders showing off their personality wether it be them playing, walking or just eating their dinner. I couldn’t wait to send in a clip of my little Oliver, like many parents I look at my little bubba and he brings a smile to my face every time, the antics he gets up to make me laugh, I don’t believe he is any more cuter or handsome than any other baby but to me he is number one 🙂

This is the video that i emailed over to the team, I apologise about the quality it was done on my phone.

Three days later i received an email inviting Oliver along to a live casting in London, I was very excited to be given the opportunity for Oliver to audition for them so obviously i wasn’t going to decline the offer.

We boarded the underground train yesterday and headed into London, the audition was at a building in Beak Street just off of Regents Street. It took us 45 minutes to get there, Oliver had a little sleep on the train this was good for me as when he is over tired he screams very loudly and can be a little pest. So when Oliver woke just 15 minutes before entering into the building he was all fresh and ready to wow some people lol.

Once there I had to fill out a form with Oliver s details and measurements on it and then we was to sit and wait in the waiting area with other parents who had attended to be called into the room where all the decisions would be made. Oliver made some friends with some other gorgeous bubbas and was running up and down, enjoying making everyone laugh at him and generally lapping up the attention, he even tried his best to escape by heading out towards the stairway, he definitely kept me on my toes. After waiting and running around after him we was called into the room where we introduced our little ones to the Cow & Gate team and then it was down to the children to do what they do best and play, they all had a blast playing with the toys that was put down for them, Oliver tried them all standing up and running around nothing keeps that boy sitting still. He found a maracas and was surprised to hear that when he shook it a noise came from he, he was very amused and had a ‘pleased with himself’ look on his face that he wanted to show with everyone else. A few minutes later and the audition was over and we was thanked by the team for bringing our little ones along.

All that is left to do now is wait and keep my fingers crossed. It doesn’t matter if he is not picked as we had a lovely day out up London anyway, the boys had fun in Hamleys looking at all the toys and mentally tallying up their christmas lists, we visited Trafalgar Square where we watched some Paralympics on the huge live screen, we looked at some painting in the National Gallery and spotted some more Olympic Mascots along the embankment. I even did some shopping for myself on Regents Street 🙂


Oliver all Tired out


42/366 fun in the park/country kids

Today we decided to walk through the park on the way to drop Jak off at his drama classes.
The sun was shining and it wasnt too cold. We thought all the snow had melted away so was very surprised to be greeted by a field of whiteness.
The boys were over the moon.




The boys had a fun and laughed at me struggling to push the buggy through the snow.
The park looked so peaceful with the snow glistening in the winter sun!

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