Project 52 week 1

Project 52 is the same as 365 but sharing the weeks photos in a week and not every day. Its a way of keeping a diary of memories. My first two days of 365/photo a day can be found on my previous two posts.

03/01/14 The eldest received an art set for Christmas which he hasn’t put down, he draws all day long. He is into drawing Goku (I have no idea who this is! But he enjoys doing it)


04/01/14 The two youngest and I went to watch a pantomime, Dick Whittington at a local theatre, the tickets were presents for the boys from their Godparents. It was Oliver’s first ever pantomime and he loved it, he sat still all the way through and joined in with the ‘he’s behind you’ and ‘wakey wakey’.


05/01/14 The boys played out in the garden today in their play house, they pretended to be pirates, so I painted their faces



A week in pictures 365

With having no Internet throughout the week I haven’t been able to keep up with my photo a day on the 365 project so here are the last 5 days all in one post.

Playing hide and seek in the caravan on holiday.


Spending quality one on one with the eldest playing pool.


Mister cool dude in his sunglasses nod KynaBoutique dungaress.


Climbing trees whilst out on our adventure near the holiday park


Have running races on Skegness beach