My Child’s Modelling experience with Burberry

Just under a year ago an email landed in my inbox from my son’s modelling agency with regards to a high end fashion brand requesting up to date pictures of my boy. They were seeking pictures without him smiling. We took some photos and didn’t think anything of it. Two days later I received an email back from the agency stating that the client would like to book my son for a campaign that they were doing in January 2019. They wanted to meet with him before they were going to confirm a booking. The meeting didn’t go ahead as planned so they requested more pictures instead, which we sent over.

In December the client confirmed my Son for the modelling job. We put in for his licence just before the Christmas holidays as the job was at the end of January

It was all very exciting as he had never done modelling before. He had been featured on a few adverts, so had experience with acting but had never done a stills shoot.

Over the Christmas holidays he lost his first tooth, we was really worried that he would be dropped from the shoot because of it. We contacted the agency and was asked to send over pictures of his gappy smile. We needn’t have worried so much about it as they went ahead with the booking.

With the School letter signed and authorised for a day off we soon had a licence and was all booked in for the shoot. Nan was going to take him to it as both myself and dad had to work. My son was very excited and really looking forward to the shoot.

He spent the day the day in a country stately home with lots of other children of different ages being photographed in their clothes.

Photos from the first SS19 campaign

Since that booking he has had a further 6 jobs with Burberry; one more campaign shoot and the rest ecomm (which are photos for the website).

2019 was a successful year for my son with his modelling, especially with Burberry. He has had lots of fun on set but also struck up relationships with the team. Every shoot he has had with them he has been welcomed and treated like a professional.

As modelling involves being around lots of people, it has helped my son gain confidence in himself, he now understands and has developed a positive work ethic. He has never been made to feel rejected by anyone or felt pressurised to do something that he is not comfortable doing. Over the year I have witnessed my son grow from a young shy boy who would hide behind my legs to being a confident boy who is happy to socialise with young and old without me being by his side.

I always love to watch him whilst he is on set to see how much he changes for others, he listens to direction well and always does as he is told. Yes, he has his moments just like any child does, he can mess around and get a little silly at times but once its out of his system he gets right back into the job in hand. He has a laugh with the team and they always tease him about pinching his sweets. I am quite amazed at how they manage to get him to stand still, I may have to ask for some tips next time he does some modelling.

I am looking forward to seeing what this year may bring to him. He may not get another booking and if he doesn’t that is fine but here’s hoping that this may just be the beginning of a new adventure for him.

Photographs have been taken from the Burberry Website and Pinterest Site


A week in pictures


Oliver smiling whilst in his buggy at his big brothers

Joseph’s reindeer picture made from leaves that he collected

Joseph received super speller from his school for getting all of his spellings right

Joseph dressed up as Ash from Pokemon, using his baseball cap that he got from Coombemill for our post on country kids

Oliver not very well as he is cutting some more back teeth


My Pocket Buddy Review

Children can’t help but touch everything they see, whether it be touching toys in a shop or running their hands along railings as they walk aside them. My boys are in the habit of picking up anything off of the floor outside on the street, they are like crows, anything that takes their fancy will be in their hands within seconds especially sticks and knowing that our pavements are pretty much 60% paved in dogs muck and urine it’s the last thing i want them to be doing as when they get home their hands are straight away touching food.

Children are inquisitive and need to touch and feel new things, they need to explore and learn from what they have found which is why i always carry around hand gel with me for those moments when there is no sink and soap around and you need to clean those dirty little hands.

My Pocket Buddy is an alcohol-free natural hand sanitiser especially designed for children’s use. They are 8ml pen sprays and are an ideal size to fit into their lunch boxes, school book bags, blazer pockets or even into their pencil cases.

When in school children don’t always follow the rules you set out at home and they are not always supervised so their isn’t someone their to remind them to wash their hands after going to the toilet and younger ones have to hold hands a lot when in their pairs, fingers go places that i don’t even want to write about YUK!                                

So as a parent i want to protect my children from them nasty germs that hang around on the door handles, under finger nails and on school apparatus.

My Pocket Buddy is

  • Made entirely from pure and natural ingredients with NO synthetic chemicals nasties
  • Alcohol free, allergen free, fragrance free and paraben free
  • Solvent-free, Non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Contains natural moisturisers such as Aloe vera which is kind to your skin
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • recyclable materials and packaging, kind to the environment
  • Contains No animal derived ingredients and hasn’t been tested on animals
  • Refreshing and quick drying

Research has shown that extensive use of alcohol based gels can leave damaging effects of the skin, it can strip your skin of the essential moisturising oils that our skin needs and can actually increase your skins susceptibility to bacterial infection.

I took our Pocket Buddy into London on a day out it came in handy pretty much straight away as Joseph touched the walls as the escalator was moving and ended up with dirty black hands, i cleaned them with a wipe first then finished with the spray.The spray is perfect size for Joseph hands and Jak who is Ten years old found it easy to use the nozzle spray.

The spray is nice and light and very compact perfect for on the go little children. The sanitiser leaves no sticky residue and leaves no smell after use. Jak used two squirts of it and that was the ideal amount to cover both of his hands, it doesn’t come out in a huge amount and doesn’t run off of the hands. Even if the children do not take the pocket buddy sanitiser into school with them it fits just right into my hand bag 🙂

The Pocket Buddy is currently priced at 0.96 pence and can be bought on line from the Opure website


Capture The Colour

I love to take photographs to me they are precious memories that tell a story, they are moments that i have captured not just to store in my photo library but also to store in my heart and my memory. Every photograph is special and remarkable in its own way they can be taken at a happy or sad time in your life, they can bring tears to your eyes and make you laugh or smile. I am always grabbing my camera and snapping away at everything that means something to me or just at a scene that i adore thats why when i was tagged by the lovely A Boy With Aspergers to take part in a fabulous photograph competition I sat and trawled through my many photos that i had taken to see what i could come up with to enter.

The competition is hosted by the well known brand and online site “Travel supermarket” and it goes by the title Capture The Colour Competition“.

Travel Supermarket’s ‘Capture the Colour Competition’ is aimed at bloggers who will need to choose 5 pictures they have taken to match 5 different colour categories which are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White. Pictures could feature natural landscapes, buildings, cityscapes, landmarks, foods, animals and anything else that’s been mega colourful that you’ve snapped on your global travels! Bloggers are then required to post the images and a little information relating to each telling everyone about the moment the photograph was taken onto their blog (linking to the competition). Once complete bloggers Nominate five more bloggers to participate. Prizes are awarded for each colour as well as over all prizes given to an overall winner. There are iPads and travel vouchers up for grabs.


This photo was taken this summer in Cornwall, its a view from the Minnack theatre of Porthcurno Bay down below. It was the most beautiful sight i had seen, it took my breath away. The sea was a gorgeous bright blue and so clean and refreshing to look at. The sun was shining and there were lots of greenery and flowers around. I do not like swimming in the sea but this view just gave me the urge to dive in.


This was taken in the Easter holidays this year. As a family we always take a trip to Wales every year so we can hike up Mount Snowdon, this shot is off the view from the Llanberis track. It had snowed the day before so there was lots of snow around although the day we climbed the mountain it was sunny so it was shockingly white. I had to wear my sunglasses as the sun gleamed off of the snow and it was really bright.


I struggled to find a picture with the colour red in it of a stunning view of somewhere we have been but i did find this photograph that i took of my son walking through a red tunnel, it may not be a shot of travels in some exotic country but its of my 12 month old travelling through a tunnel.


I am sure that i have many more photographs of the colour green but this one is a personal favourite of mine. It was taken again this year in Wales on a day out to see Devils Bridge. The River Mynach drops 90 meters down a steep ravine, there is a nature trail that can be taken so you can see the whole of the waterfall. Whilst walking around i noticed the smell of pine trees, it was really fresh and it was so silent you could hear the crashing of the waterfall against the River below.


Finding a picture with yellow in was very hard and after searching through years of albums I eventually found this snap taken at Wastwater in the Lake District. It may not look very yellow but there is a hint of the colour in the mountain face and reflection on the water.

It would be too late to tag other bloggers as like normal i have left it too late as the closing date is today so I’m
Going to hope who ever I tag will be able to get their entries in ASAP



Our trip to visit the Shard In London

Daddy took us all up to the big city of smoke, London on Saturday evening. We picked up Jak after he finished his drama lessons and we drove up to London to have a look at the Europe’s tallest building, The Shard. The building has an amazing 72 floors and is the home to office blocks, restaurants, residents, the Shangri-La Hotel and viewing platforms. Standing 309.6 metres (1,016 ft) high it is completely clad in glass made to look like a shard of glass.

The building is absolutely huge and can be seen from miles and miles away, it towers over any other building in London. The boys thought it was amazing and really enjoyed standing at the bottom of the building on the ground and looking up at it.

We also popped down to the river Thames to see the olympic rings that are hanging at the top of the Tower Bridge, we took a few photographs, enjoyed the views then on our way back to the car we noticed a little water feature that was running along the floor, which kind of looked like a mini river, Joseph enjoyed jumping over it shouting “I’m leaping over the Thames”. We popped into a Tesco Metro and bought a few items of food that we could have a late picnic with and drove down to the London Eye and found a spot on the grass just by the side of the new wooden park that has been built there recently. After eating the boys had some fun in the park and then we all had a little stroll down the southbank watching all of the street performances.

It was a lovely enjoyable evening and the boys had lots of fun, they even fell asleep in the car on the way home. We noticed we was driving in the olympic lane so thank god it’s not in place just yet.

Thank you for reading 🙂