July’s photo challenge

I’m taking the July photo challenge with Fatmumslim

Each day throughout the month of July i will look at the prompts and then take a photo of what i think matches it and then share it on the blog, twitter and on instagram, using the hastag #FMSphotoaday

1. Happiness is…: Share a photo of something that represents happiness to you.
2. Shoes: You know, those things you wear on your feet.
3. Cold: In my part of the world it’s winter, so cold is all around. How can you show the cold in a photo?
4. Red, white or blue: Pick a colour and share it for Independence Day {in the USA}.
5. Love: Take a photo that shows love.
6. Fave smell: What smell do you adore? Coffee? Fresh fruit? Flowers? Show it in a photo.
7. Where you are: Show us where you went today.
8. Path: Snap a photo of a path – which could be any kind of surface.
9. 3 things: Take a photo of any 3 things you like.
10. Smooth: Find a smooth surface and take a photo.
11. I wore this!: What is something you wore today? You could share your whole outfit, or just a small part of it.
12. A bad habit: It can be yours or someone else’s habit. Share it.
13. 4 o’clock: Be it 4am or 4pm, share what you’re doing at 4 o’clock.
14. Edible: Take a photo of some that you eat or want to eat.
15. Outside the window: Look through the window and take a photo of what you see.
16. Bottle: A bottle is such a simple object, how can you show it in a photo and make it a little interesting?
17. Inspirational: What’s inspirational to you?
18. Number: Look around you, do you see numbers? Take a photo. They could be in signs, on your phone… anywhere.
19. Building: It could be your home, or a big sky-scraper if you’re lucky enough to be in the city. Share a building in a photo.
20. Hot: Just like the cold prompt, only hot. Will you take a photo of the weather, food, a flame?
21. Fave food: What food do you love? You can indulge today. I’ll let you!
22. Grey: Share a photo of something coloured grey.
23. I drew this!: Get creative! Draw something, take a photo and share it.
24. D is for…: Show a photo of something starting with the letter D.
25. Ground: Depending on where we live we have different surfaces on the ground; cement, grass, dirt… show us yours.
26. The everyday: The thing that I love about this challenge is that you can see beauty in the ordinary, so look around you, find something that you see most days and capture it in a photo.
27. Black + white: Take a photo in black + white – you could use a filter, or shoot something that actually IS black and white. Up to you!
28. This is new!: What’s something new in your life? Is it something newly created in your town? A new purchase? A new baby? Snap and share it.
29. Perspective: This is a photography technique. I’ll share how to shoot perspective in a blog post soon!
30. Friendship: This is our charity prompt. Share a photo of friendship.
31. Workspace: Show us your workspace!

Why not join in yourself 🙂


Homework 137/365

Joseph has been trying so hard at his spellings, he actually knows them really well but struggles with putting pencil to paper to write them down!

He has been getting extra help with his handwriting and since he has been receiving it he has improved dramatically. He even wants to spend more time writing at home!



Chubby toes! 135/365

My little Oliver is growing up too fast! In two months time he will be two years old! Where does the time go?

The reason why I set up this blog was so the boys and I could have our own little diary of what we get up to and where we go, sharing with others as well!
I like to look back at photographs taken and shared on here and think about the day when it was taken an what we were up to!
I caught Jak this morning reading through the blog, pointing out bits where he was in a post and laughing to himself!

Out of The photos that I have previously taken of the boys my favourite has to e of Oliver’s cute little chubby hands and feet, I like to look at them and see how much they have changed!

I took a photo today of Oliver’s foot and although he is nearly two it still looks like a babies foot, with all the little wrinkles and chubbines!