Mark Warner Family Challenge Week 2 – Active Playtime

It’s the second week in to our Mark Warner’s Family Active Challenge and this week we have been given Active Playtime as our Activity to take part in. If you haven’t read our first post about cycling in London, you will find it here, we had a lovely day out in the sunshine and enjoying each others company. This week has been harder than i thought trying to find the time in our busy schedules to fit in an hours worth of play, but after thinking about what we would do for our post about i realised that the boys actually already do alot of active activities! So our post this week is going to be our normal weekly routines but with a few extra little activites thrown in!

Active playtime is about having fun with lots of laughter, it’s about learning new skills, it’s about improving physical abilities and keeping fit and healthy. It doesn’t have to be too strenuous and it doesn’t have to be outdoors! Playing hide and seek, hopscotch, dancing, setting up obstacle courses indoor and out and enjoying the company of others are all active enough to keep healthy and fit. Playtime is about imagination and creativity, Active play is important for children to develop naturally, just 60 minutes a day will get their heart beating faster than usual.

Our active week has consisted of:

Monday – Jak had rehearsals in London which consists of beach games, once home Jak went for a run with his dad and after the boys enjoyed a bounce about on the trampoline in the garden

Tuesday – We all travelled into London in the rain by train for a fitting for Jak’s Theatre show. Nanny bought Oliver his own little trampoline so we brought it into the living room so Oliver could have a bounce, it plays music and counts your jumps, Oliver loves it!

Wednesday – We all spent some time in the garden, I cut the grass whilst the boys jumped on the trampoline. Joseph is learning how to catch a ball, so Jak was throwing it to him and they was counting how many times they got to keep it up in the air.

Thursday – Jak had after school football lessons and then we made our way to our nearest leisure centre where Jak had Badminton lessons whilst Joseph had Gymnastics classes where  Joseph passed his level 7 proficiency award. We bought a couple of hoola hoops from the shop, Jak was really good at keeping up the hoop around his waist and Joseph done well considering it was his first time as he has never shown an interest in one before. Jak got to keep his hoop up for 2 minutes swinging his hips to and fro, I gave it a go but it just seemed to drop to the floor 🙁 Maybe I need to practice my hip movement a bit more!

Go on Joseph!
Swing it Jak


The boys had a jump about on the trampoline playing games with each other and making up adventure and imagination games where they are superheroes. Nanny brought an old bike over for Joseph that had been in her garden and had belonged to Jak, once it had been serviced by daddy, Joseph went out round the block for a cycle ride with daddy testing out his new bike.

Friday – It was Daddy’s birthday today and Jak had rehearsals in London, We took Joseph’s scooter to keep him occupied whilst we waited for Jak to finish. He found a ramp that he could run up and down and he even plucked up enough courage to scoot down it!

Saturday – Jak and daddy competed in a parents versus children football match over the park, whilst they were kicking the ball around Joseph played in the park. It is a fairly new park  which has a zip wire, climbing wall and a swing that was more like a fairground ride.

Daddy tackles Jak
Woah! This is fun!
Joseph loves this swing
Go on daddy!

Once football was over we dropped Jak off at Drama classes and we all went off to my Nephews 2nd birthday party where the two young ones played with their cousins in a pop up tent. It’s surprising how much fun can be had in a tent with a ball!


Later in the day we played some music and had a dance in the livingroom to our favourite songs. We played Musical Dance dress up where you have to put on as much clothes as you can once the music stops, this was so funny, i couldn’t stop laughing watching Jak trying to move about with all his clothes on. Jak managed to put on 8 items of clothing and Joseph did 5, we had lots of fun full of giggles and the boys definitely worked up a sweat! The boys finished off the day by bouncing on the trampoline.

It was so much watching Jak wriggle around on the floor trying to get up and dance, I haven’t laughed so much in ages! We sped up the video as they were dancing for over 3 minutes lol.

Sunday – It’s parents and toddlers class at our local gymnastics club where all of the boys get to play in a big hall full of soft play shapes, trampolines, balance beams and bars, floor area and a 3 level soft play area with slides and tunnels.

20130519-150625.jpgDaddy took the boys over to Fairlop Waters for a cycle ride around the lake, they enjoyed climbing the big boulders there and found some trees to explore as well, once they got home Jak set up an obstacle course in the garden using some garden toys.

The boys had to do:

  • 10 jumps on the trampoline
  • 1 minute trying to keep up the hoola hoop
  • 10 catches with the ball
  • Scoot to the back of the garden and run back
  • Play hopscotch
  • Back to the trampoline for 1 seat drop, 1 back drop, 1 knee drop and 1 somersault
  • Run back to the hopscotch area and pick up the baton to finish

20130519-191843.jpgI hope you have enjoyed reading about our active family playtime, we have had lots of fun staying active together.

Next week is Get Sporty! I am not a very sporty person but I am going to give it a go and have fun in doing so. Why not join in and let me know what you will be up to next week?

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Thank you for reading my post 🙂