Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep


Yesterday I travelled into London to attend an event run by Tommee Tippee to launch their brand new product, meet the team behind it and to watch a demonstration of it being used.

The event was being held in a back room at The Baby Show, so along with my bunch of boys and a friend we hopped onto the tube and made our way to The ExCel London, as I don’t live far from there, we arrived at 10.00am and had a little look around prior to attending The Big Reveal.

Prior to the event Tommee Tippee were teasing everyone on their FaceBook site informing us that they were launching a new product at The Baby Show and were asking for suggestions on what it might be! among the replies were bottle handles, a dummy with the same teat as the closer to nature bottles and a new cold water steriliser. On my invitation to the launch their was a small picture of the product most of it bar the corner being covered up and only revealing a corner of the picture and we was given a little clue that it was something that can be done in two minutes! I had discussed with my friend on the way to the ExCel on the train that the only way forward for preparing a babies bottle would be for it to be a machine possible to do everything, a little bit like a Tasimo machine where you just put in a pod of milk powder and place the bottle below for it to add the water. Well I wasn’t far wrong!

As we entered the room, there at the front was a little white machine that pretty much looked like a coffee machine, which I can see fitting into any kitchen as a new appliance! We was treated to some lovely cakes, smoothies and coffee or tea and then once we was all settled in the presentation started, we watched a little advert about the machine and then we was given a presentation on how easy it is to use.

20130223-160648.jpgSpecially designed to make preparing bottles easier, this clever machine makes a fresh bottle at just the right temperature in just under 2 minutes, which saves time especially when you have a screaming hungry upset baby/toddler wanting their feed ASAP and once you have made up the bottle you then have to cool it down under cold running water!

The device takes a Tommee Tippee Filter which just slots in at the side and will last up to 3 months when making 6 6oz bottles a day, the machine will let you know with a beep and a flashing light when your filter needs to be replaced with a new one.


After filtering the water it will deliver a hot shot of water in to the bottle, which will kill any bacteria in the feed and will ensure that the formula will be dissolved easily, remove the bottle from the machine, place the lid on (provided with the device) and shake then remove the lid and place back in place under the spout ready for it to dispense the correct amount of water to make up your child’s feed.


Your bottle is ready to serve at body temperature in 2 minutes!

How fabulous is that?

The Perfect Prep is lightweight, stylish and any bottle would fit, It gives you the peace of mind that your child’s bottle is at the right temperature with filtered water and the dilution is consistent. It makes those night time feeds quicker and more relaxed! I think that this a perfect solution for saving time and is a brilliant new innovative product which I am happy to post about.

The Perfect Prep Is available at Amazon and Babies R Us in the first week of May and is now available now to pre-order with Amazon, costing £99.99

If you are wanting to buy one I can offer you a fantastic 33% off a pre order through Amazon, just use the code 9DIC8VIU expires 3rd March 2013.

I have not received any payment for this post but I did get free entry into The Baby Show. Words and opinions are of my own. I do not promote formula feeding in any way at all and believe that breast is best for baby but if like me that you had to stop feeding for any reason at all that this product is ideal.