Celebrate your birthday with Asdas Pablo the Pug Cake

Party on With Pablo The Pug!

Is it your/someones birthday soon?

Are you looking for a cake that’s a little different?

Do you like dogs?

Well, the supermarket store Asda has a new friend that loves to party! Meet Pablo the Pug


I must say that he is very cute and adorable.

The delicious new cake has two vanilla sponge layers oozing with a jammy middle and covered in a thick sugar icing. Pablo the Pug comfortably serves 16, if sliced thinly. We managed to get about 10 slices from him but my boys do love to eat cake and a little slice isn’t enough for them.

“Pablo loves a party…Dancing, eating cake, pinning tails on Donkeys… What’s not to like? One day, Pablo had a problem he’d been invited to two parties at once! He didn’t know what to do so he put on his thinking party on hat and tried to come up with a solution. After hours of thinking, Pablo dreamed up the perfect answer – cake! He trotted into the kitchen, put on his pinny and baked the world’s yummiest, scrummiest cake and decorated it so it looked exactly like him. ‘Now I can go to BOTH parties!’ Laughed Pablo.

Could you imagine cloning your children bu baking cakes of them when they get invited to two parties at once! So Funny! I may have to do that soon as my eldest has double booked himself next month, I’m sure no-one will realise! Haha

We threw a little pub-tastic party for ourselves at home, with Pablo at the centre of the table. He looked fantastic, almost too good to eat!


That wasn’t going stop our party though, Pablo was soon out of the box, and the knife was going through the soft sponge. The knife sliced through easy.


Bye bye Pablo
Bye bye Pablo
Slice anyone?
Slice anyone?

Pablo was yummy! You could taste the vanilla flavouring quite strongly. The sponge is covered in buttercream and raspberry jam. We sliced the cake all the way through, but to make the cake go further you could remove Pablo’s head making two cakes to slice up and serve.

There's a whole lot of cake
There’s a whole lot of cake

After enjoying a slice of Pablo, we enjoyed a game of Frozen Bingo

Frozen Bingo
Frozen Bingo

The children loved it, especially the little ones.

We had a fabulous party with a yummy, tasty cake.

The Pablo the Pug cake is available in store at Asda for £10

Suitable for Vegetarians.

Allergy Advice

Contains: Wheat, Eggs, Milk.
May Contain: Nuts.
May also contain traces of nuts.

We was suppiled with a cake and some party decorations for the purpose of this post



Make your own Lego Brick Party Bags

Are your children Lego fans?

Are you looking for an original but cheap party bag?

Well check out these little bad boys!


They were cheap to make and didn’t take long at all.

You will need:

-A variety of mixed coloured paper bags

-The same colour card/foam

-Glue/sticky foam dots


I bought the paper bags from Ebay costing me £1.93 for each pack, the blue came in a pack of 12 and the assorted bags came in a pack of 10.

Matching up the coloured card to the paper bags, I cut out circles of different sizes and then stuck them into place on the paper bags to look like a lego brick. I used coloured foam on some of them and used a glue foam dot which gave it a 3D look.


Once finished I filled them up some lego goodies

A Lego Necklace

A personalised lego sticker

Some sweets

A personalised Lego Chocolate bar

A mini lego man soap

Most of the above were bought from EBay at competitive prices, the lego necklace was made at home.

I bought some cotton necklace cords in assorted colours and then I glued a small lego piece onto the necklace, be careful when using the extra strong glue!

20140710-221329.jpgThe Children loved these little necklaces

Why not give them a go yourself 🙂


POP Party 10 CD Review

The boys love their music and dancing away to it. Jak attends theatre group every week where he has singing, dancing and acting classes, Joseph loves to sing away to Thomas the Tank and Moshi Monsters on the I Pad and Oliver loves to dance around the living room to what ever has a tune. It was wanting to sing a long with songs by reading the lyrics that helped Jak out in his reading when he was in Reception, he wanted to sing in the karaoke so much that he was determined to learn to read the words on the screen.
We go on holiday every year to a holiday park where Jak always enters the Talent contest and every time he sings his favourite song, this year he got through to the park finals of Park Resorts singing ‘Living on a Prayer’, he really enjoys it and is forever singing away to a song that is in the charts, his favourite song at the moment is PSY ‘Gangnam Style’, he is driving me insane with it! he sings it on the way to school, on the way back from school, at the dinner table and in bed, basically whenever he can, he also likes to do the dance moves to it and is forever You Tubing the video to watch it so he can learn the moves.

We was offered to review a childrens Pop CD and as the boys like music i agreed to do the review, we had no idea what sort of Cd we would be receiving but I was sure that whatever the music was they would enjoy listening to it. They was over the moon to discover that the CD was POP Party 10!

One look at the back of the CD and i knew it would be played again and agian as it had quite a few of the boys favourites on it, including ‘Gangnam Style’! It is packed with chart topping smash hits and some well known bands and singers.

  1. PSY – Gangnam Style
  2. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe

  3. Maroon 5 – Payphone

  4. Tulisa – Young

  5. One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful

  6. Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

  7. Cheryl – Call My Name

  8. Ne-Yo – Let Me Love You

  9. Jessie J – Domino

  10. Will.I.Am Feat. Eva Simmons – This is Love

  11. Fun Feat. Janelle Monae – We Are Young

  12. The Wanted – Chasing the Sun

  13. Rihanna – Where Have You Been

  14. Cover Drive – Twilight

  15. Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight

  16. Katy Perry – Part of Me

  17. Stooshe – Black Heart

  18. Conor Maynard – Can’t Say No

  19. Alyssa Reid – Alone Again

  20. Rizzle Kicks – Mama Do The Hump

  21. JLS – Proud

  22. The Saturdays – 30 Days

Not only is POP Party a Music Cd but it is also has 13 Music videos to watch on the DVD so your child can learn the dance moves to some of their favourite songs like ‘Gangnam Style’ and ‘Domino’.

And it doesn’t stop there either you will also receive lyric cards so you can sing along to the songs too! Brilliant for those who like a bit of karaoke (you will never sing the wrong words again lol )

20121109-064458.jpgWe had a mad half hour in our house yesterday where we put on the CD and danced and sang away to all of the songs, there wasn’t one song that we didn’t (as a family) not enjoy, There is such a great selection of music to suit all, Oliver my 15 Months old really enjoyed bopping away to ‘Call me Maybe’ and even cried when the song had finished. Jak was dancing to ‘Gangnam Style’ and thanks to the DVD he now knows all the moves really well, which he is teaching his little brothers to do too! Even i found myself singing away to the songs using the lyrics card, we all had lots of fun listening to the CD and thing it will get used lots of times over the christmas holidays as it is packed to the brim with feel good tunes.


It was a big hit with Jak and he gives it a massive thumbs up.

You can buy this CD compilation from Universal Music for £10.99

This CD will make a fabulous stocking filler for christmas 2012, it will keep children, teenagers and adults entertained for hours.

We was sent a copy of the CD to review, all of the words and opinions are of my own.


Witches Broom (bread) Sticks party food

I have been making these chocolate covered breadsticks for a long time for my boys birthday parties and they go down well everytime!

They are quick and easy to make and the children can join in with making them too as we all know wherever they can make a mess they will!
They are ideal for halloween as they look like mini broomsticks.

What you need:

Packet of mini breadsticks

Chocolate, white or milk

Hundreds and thousands or chocolate mini flakes (cake toppings are perfect)

Saucepan of boiling water

Glass bowl



Melt the chocolate in the glass bowl over some boiling water in a pan.

Once melted pour the chocolate over one end of a breadstick

Using a cake topper shaker, cover the chocolate all the way round the breadstick. I do this over a tub so i can catch the toppings as then they can be poured back into the shaker


Once covered place on a plate. When you have done all of your breadsticks place them in the fridge for 10 minutes to chill and set.


All ready to be enjoyed at a party or just for a treat for the children.
This recipe is ideal to do when your children have friends over aswell.

Hope you enjoy, please let’s know if you make them 🙂


Air Heads Review-npw


My boys and I was recently given the great opportunity by NPW to review a new product that are selling on there website www.npw.co.uk.

NPW are an online shop that sell a collection of gifts for every occasion. There items are original, fun and stylish for any age group from young children to adults.
They offer gifts in many categories to suit a vast variety of people like sciencey, body art, creative, body art, funny, games and well being are to name but a few.

Air Heads consists of 6 balloons and everything you need to create charming animal heads. Each balloon animal has a stick to hold them up plus pre-cut colour noses and ears which you attach with sticky pads provided. Also included are coloured eye stickers and instructions. They are priced at £7.95 p/box

We received the Air Heads this morning, it was packaged well in a box, protected by bubble wrap so there was no way it would have got damaged in transit.
Pack size 293 x 215mm


I let the boys unwrap the box, it looked so pretty all wrapped in red tissue paper that Jak didn’t want to open it so Joseph said he would help


<a href="

The boys were really excited as they had been looking forward for the Air Heads to arrive after looking through the choices Joseph decided quickly that he wanted To make the Kaola balloon head and Jak wanted to do the Rhino. They also do a rooster, tiger, pig and a bear


We took out the pieces we needed to make our animals, each sheet tells you clearly what animal it is


It clearly shows on the ears and nose cut out pieces numbers that you slot together to make the 3d shape. Once the shape is done place the double sided sticky dots onto the shape ( also shown where to go) and your all set to stick on to your balloon.

Ok so we followed the instruction which I must add was simple, making the 3d shapes was a bit fiddly but not hard to do and the end product was superb.
The balloons are not thin, they are good quality so will take quite a bit of bashing to them as my boys decided to have a balloon fight prior to making the heads. The shapes are are on good quality coloured paper and are easy to press out.

Adult supervision is needed to children under 8 years old and the little ones would need help to make there animal but definately not to play wiith them.

And here is our end product



The boys named there Air Heads, Joseph called his Kitty the Kaola and Jak called his Ruffy the Rhino. They spent the whole evening running round playing with them, joseph even took his to bed with him.
The Air Heads make a good craft session for the children and adults to do, also would be great for a children’s party or if you have someone who has a birthday coming up why not buy them a fun and exciting gift.

They make great entertainment and the boys and myself thouroughly enjoyed making and playing with them after.