Monkeying Around #Countrykids

Over the past few weeks the two eldest boys have been getting more and more interested in the Monkey Bars, you know those apparatus usually found in the park where you have to use your upper arm strength to swing from bar to bar using your hands.

Dad has built the boys there very own monkey bars in the garden for them to practice on, during the summer months they use to do the monkey bar challenge where they would see who could get from one end to the other over the top of the pool and if they dropped they would make a big splash into the swimming pool. I think most of the time they would deliberately drop just so they could fall into the water 🙂

Last weekend while visiting nanny we found a park that the boys had all to themselves and guess what? yes there was some monkey bars to play on


Just hanging around
Just hanging around


i can still pose even when im hanging
i can still pose even when im hanging


Joseph is really good at the monkey bars and manages to get from one end to the other effortlessly, he lets his legs hang and uses his arms to carry him. Jak swings his legs from side to side so he struggles by using up too much energy.



Jak found another way to enjoy the monkey bars and that was to hang upside down on them by hooking his legs over the bars.


It’s got to a point now that when we visit the park Joseph goes off in search of some monkey bars and if their isn’t any he gets upset.

Here is a short clip of Joseph on the bars

I’m linking up with Coombemill’s linky called Countrykids, which is all about getting outdoors and enjoying the open space. Go check out her lovely blog all about the fun on the farm and while your there read some other great blog posts 🙂

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


What A Day! Outdoor Fun #countrykids

Yesterday was an extremely tiring but fun day! The sun was shining and the sky was blue

The boys managed to visit 3 parks, play football, go cycling, run/cycle 5km around a park, go to a St Georges Event where they bounced on bouncy castles, rode the buckaroo, slide down a huge inflatable slide, ride on a mini fair ride, eat ice lollies and bounce on the trampoline and to finish the day off what a better way then to visit Pizza Hut!

The day started at 9am when Jak the eldest ran around one of our local parks in a park run 5km event, Joseph the youngest also joined in by cycling around the course. Jak loves to run and this is one of his newest hobbies, every week for the past 3 weeks he has entered the event where he runs along other children and adults who also enjoy running.


At 10:30 Jak then had his football training over another park, whilst he was running around a pitch with his football buddies the two youngest were kicking a ball around aswell.


As soon as football training had finished we all the met up with friends and made our way to a local event for St Georges Day where the boys had lots of fun going on all the rides which were all free for the first go and then 50p after. Their were men dressed as knights walking around and lots of music.

20130421-220513.jpgAfter just over an hour it was time to get Jak to his drama class, once he was dropped off i took the other two boys off to yet another park which is near by to Jak’s theatre school and as Oliver was over tired i thought that a lovely walk in the gorgeous spring weather we was having would help him to drift off to sleep. We walked around the lake and looked at the ducks, we explored the brook and looked out for newts and fish and we found a tree that was carved out to make a figure of an athlete. We made a short detour to the shop and bought a ice-lolly which we enjoyed whilst we walked around the rest of the park.

20130421-220639.jpgSoon it 5pm and it was time to pick Jak up so we made our way back through the park to head home where Daddy met us and we all went out for a spot of dinner at Pizza Hut.

20130421-220649.jpgAs soon as we got home The boys were all soon sound asleep dreaming of their fun day.





Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall