The sun has got his hat on

Yesterday we saw something in the sky that we hadn’t seen for a while!

It was big, it was bright, it was shining and it was lovely……The Sun!

The big yellow thing in the sky mad an appearance and we made the most of it by taking a trip to our local park to feed the ducks. The sky was blue and the winds had calmed right down, it really was a very pleasant day.



Jak, the eldest, was out in the morning with his Dad taking part in his first cross country 5 mile race, so our trip to the park was quite later in the day but the sun was still shining. We normally visit this park to play in the outdoor gym and parkour area but instead we took a walk around the lake to feed the ducks.




Oliver loves throwing in pieces of bread to the birds, he squeals with delight when a duck swims over to eat his bread.

After feeding the bread we walked around the park and found a huge tree trunk that had been pulled up out of the ground.



The boys quickly began exploring the trunk, climbing over it and walking along it.



And obviously I took the opportunity to take some shots with my phone at different angles (the boys love to pose)



Our trip to the park was a lovely day out, it was just nice to be out in the fresh air with no wind and rain about.

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A Wintery Morning ParkRun #countrykids

Early Saturday morning the boys and I wrapped up warm and travelled to one of our local parks, I say early as we left at 8:15am!

Jak normally takes part in a 5k Parkrun on a Saturday with his Dad, but Dad got called out to work early so I had to step in and take him. Jak loves running and is currently training to enter in the Mini Marathon borough trials, last week he managed to run 5k in 23:27 so this week he was hoping to beat his time. We arrived at the park 15 minutes prior to start time so Jak done some warm ups and talked me through the route that he would be running.

Parkrun is a Free local weekly 5km eventĀ for runners of all standards, which takes place every Saturday at 9:00am in our local Park. It is not a race against other runners, but a 5k timed run for fun or as part of a training plan. People of all ages ages, name or female from the local community come together on a regular basis, you can run, jog, walk or push a buggy, not only do you get free physical exercise but you get to enjoy the beauty of the park. Jak has registered himself online with them so he has a barcode that he has to take along with him so that he can get it scanned at the end of the run and he will receive his official time.

As the start time was approaching and Jak made his way along with the other participants, the boys and I made our way to the lake so we could cheer him on as he passed us by.



It was amazing to see him run along with adults, he was in 7th place and I could have burst with pride. That’s my boy running past me with such energy and passion for the sport.

Joseph showed me where to go next on the course to see him pass again (Joseph sometimes goes along too on his bike)



Everytime Joseph saw him he cheered him on, Jak said this gave him that extra burst of energy to him shout his name šŸ™‚

We was at the finish line to watch him pass over the line, he managed to run it in 22:33 a new personal best for him!



He is really serious about his running and has now got a new goal, he wants to get his time down by a minute at least! I don’t want him to push himself too much as I want him to keep on enjoying running.

His trial is on the 26th of this month and he has to come in the top 8 in his age category to be in with a chance of competing for the borough in the London Mini Marathon. He is 11 years old (yr 6) he has so much drive and commitment to it I am hoping that he will do well.

After Jak had done his stretches and had a little rest we all went off to feed the ducks


Oliver loves to feed the ducks, but they were a bit on the hungry side and chased us for the bread so we made a quick get away and found a few puddles to jump into instead



I am glad we had a spare pair of socks and trousers as he got absolutely drenched! He had so much fun though and smiled and giggled the whole time.

Although it was chilly the Sun had started to make an appearance, the sky was a clear blue and it was turning into a pleasant winters sunny morning.

The boys had some fun playing in the park, Jak rested on the big rope swing


Oliver climbed on the sunken wooden ship and loved clambering up the rope ladder to the look out point



All in all Our early morning trip to the park was quite eventful, full of the new memories and lots of fresh air.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


Princess Diana Memorial Playground and Fountain

Situated in Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park in London is somewhere very special for children and adults to visit, designed and built in memory Lady Diana.

Diana’s Memorial Playground is in Kensington Gardens, it was inspired by the fairy tale story of Peter Pan, in the middle of the park is a huge wooden pirate ship surrounded by sand and tress with plenty of things to do and see the children never get bored in here. It opens up there imagination and off they go to explore and pretend to be one of the lost boys in hiding from Captain Hook and his men.

This park is one of the boys favourite places to go when we are in London and i can totally understand why, it is such a magical place and very fun, it’s a place where imaginations run wild for the young and old. With a sensory trail, teepees, treasure chests, adventure playground among the trees, swings, slides, beach and tunnels there are many things to do. It is very scenic too with lots of trees and plants around and adults can sit down on the grass and relax whilst the children go off and play.

hyde collage

Oliver loved filling up an empty cup with water from the tap and walking over the rocks to pour down a hole so that the water would roll down the rocks to the bottom to make a stream. There is nothing better than a bit of water play!

water play hyde

Joseph’s favourite part of the park is the huge pirate ship which is central to everything else in the park, he enjoys climbing up the mast and hiding down below the deck


ship collage

After exploring our imaginations, searching for treasure, fighting with the crocodile, burying ourselves in the sand, having a treetop adventure and sailing a huge ship we decided it was time to leave and make our way through Kensington Gardens to Hyde Park where Diana Memorial Fountain is, i haveĀ blogged before about this place. It is such a fabulous place to visit if it is a hot day in London and you want to cool down

fountain collage

The boys love to walk round the fountain and feel the speed of the water gushing past their feet, i like to just sit on the edge and dangle my feet in.

These two parks are definitely one of our favourite places to visit in the summer in London. If you were to visit the Park then i advice you to get there for 10.00 AM when it opens as the queue can become quite long, at certain points of the day you can be likely to queue for up to 45 Ā minutes as this park is a free entry. The park employees stand on the gate not allowing the park to become overcrowd, it very safe and they do not allow any adult in with out children.

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Feeding the squirrels 92/365

We had a brilliant day out today, first a photo shoot and then a meet up with some other mummy’s from school over at the park.

The boys had fun at the fair and after going on the same rides over and over again until they spewed up (seriously, it’s true!) we went to feed the squirrels!

We couldn’t see them at first but once the monkey nuts were out of the bag they soon came down the trees to see what goodies we had brought them



Easter Egg Hunt 87/365

The sun was shining so We ventured out today to our local park, some local residents had organised Easter Activities for the children to enjoy.

There was an Easter Egg hunt where you searched for egg shaped paper which were stuck on the trees containing questions that needed to be answered. We wrote down our answers and handed our piece of paper in return the boys received a chocolate egg.


There was lots of other things to do too like hopperz races, face painting, t shirt designing, making bird feeders, tombola and a craft stall. All of the activities were free apart from the face painting, they were even giving out tea and coffee and goody bags to the children.

The boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves and even though it was very cold and I couldn’t feel my fingers it was worth it just be out in the fresh air.


Spring Carnival

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