Here’s to Extraordinary

Today ia a big day for Jak, he has been picked to attend a special event run by Sainsbury’s and official sponsor of the Paralympic Games. It’s something he has been looking forward to for the past week. Today Jak will be attending a special session of Blind Football, the session will be run by Gary Knight who is the FA’s Blind Football who works with the Paralympics Blind Football Squad. He loves playing and watching football and belongs to a football team but this will be something different he is going to be blind folded and taught the skills to play Blind Football.

With the Paralympics opening ceremony starting in just 9 days, David Beckham is proud to be the Sainsbury’s London 2012 Paralympics Ambassador and as a world class athlete and father of four, David Beckham is the perfect ambassador for several of Sainsbury’s initiatives that encourage kids to lead healthier and more active lifestyles.

What Beckham says: “I wanted to become an ambassador for Sainsbury’s Paralympic campaign as I’ve always been blown away by the skill, commitment and discipline of all the athletes. It has been an honour to help tell the stories of the athletes in the Sainsbury’s advert in preparation of the Paralympic Games. I know there are going to be many inspirational performances in front of a passionate home crowd this summer.”

Today Jak is going to get the chance to participate in a penalty shoot out and have a training session with Gary Knight and Jon Whittingham. he has already been practicing and having fun at the same time with Sainsbury’s Online Blind Football game which you can too here 

Why dont you give it a shot and see how good you are?