How to make an Owl Costume

Looking for an outfit for a fancy dress party, school curriculum day or world book day?

Take a look at this easy to do Owl Costume.

I made this last year for Curriculum day in School. Our theme was Harry Potter. I didn’t want to go as Hermione or Harry Potter, I wanted something a little original. So I came up with Hedwig the Owl.


Once all of the feathers had been cut out it was easy to put together. I promise.

You will need:

  • 2 mtr thick white felt
  • 2 A4 piece of grey felt
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • White cotton thread and needle


  • Measure the length of your arm, from the middle of the nape of your neck to your wrist.
  • Using a metre of the white felt, cut out two wing shapes.

wing 1

The measurement along the top being the measurement of your arm. The measurement down is the measurement of the length of your back from the nape of the neck

  • Draw out a scalloped shape on a piece of card as a template for the feathers

wing 2

  • Draw around the feather template on to the remainder of the white felt, you will need roughly about 200 feathers depending on the size of the wing. Keep some of the white felt to one side to make some straps. Draw around the template on the grey felt, until gone.
  • Cut them all out.
  • Starting from the bottom of the wing, begin to glue the feathers on. Glue along the top of the feather. Overlapping as you go on.

wing 3

  • Place a grey feather oddly in amongst the whites ones.
  • Repeat for the other wing.
  • Slightly overlap the two wings at the top and stitch together but Only at the top. The wings should be able to open up.
  • Cut out two long straps for your shoulder and two for the wrist.
  • Place the wings along your arms to measure where the shoulder and wrist strap should go. Looping the strap material, stitch them into place.


  • Straighten up the edges by folding any feather that is sticking out over to the back of the fabric and gluing into place.

For extra security pin the top of the wings onto the shoulders of your t-shirt or vest

I finished my outfit off with making a little a-line skirt from some white fluffy fabric

owl skirt

owl skirt2

I drew out the template of a skirt in the fluffy material. I stitched the fluffy fabric onto the back of some white felt to give it some added stability. Next I stitched the front of the skirt to the back.

I didn’t need to add in a zip as the material was quite stretchy, so it easy to get on and off.

I wore this costume all day, whilst at work. It was comfortable and I was able to get on with my role as a class TA with ease.

This costume will work for Owl Babies, The Owl who was afraid of the dark, Owl Howl and many more.