My Pocket Buddy Review

Children can’t help but touch everything they see, whether it be touching toys in a shop or running their hands along railings as they walk aside them. My boys are in the habit of picking up anything off of the floor outside on the street, they are like crows, anything that takes their fancy will be in their hands within seconds especially sticks and knowing that our pavements are pretty much 60% paved in dogs muck and urine it’s the last thing i want them to be doing as when they get home their hands are straight away touching food.

Children are inquisitive and need to touch and feel new things, they need to explore and learn from what they have found which is why i always carry around hand gel with me for those moments when there is no sink and soap around and you need to clean those dirty little hands.

My Pocket Buddy is an alcohol-free natural hand sanitiser especially designed for children’s use. They are 8ml pen sprays and are an ideal size to fit into their lunch boxes, school book bags, blazer pockets or even into their pencil cases.

When in school children don’t always follow the rules you set out at home and they are not always supervised so their isn’t someone their to remind them to wash their hands after going to the toilet and younger ones have to hold hands a lot when in their pairs, fingers go places that i don’t even want to write about YUK!                                

So as a parent i want to protect my children from them nasty germs that hang around on the door handles, under finger nails and on school apparatus.

My Pocket Buddy is

  • Made entirely from pure and natural ingredients with NO synthetic chemicals nasties
  • Alcohol free, allergen free, fragrance free and paraben free
  • Solvent-free, Non-toxic and non-flammable
  • Contains natural moisturisers such as Aloe vera which is kind to your skin
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • recyclable materials and packaging, kind to the environment
  • Contains No animal derived ingredients and hasn’t been tested on animals
  • Refreshing and quick drying

Research has shown that extensive use of alcohol based gels can leave damaging effects of the skin, it can strip your skin of the essential moisturising oils that our skin needs and can actually increase your skins susceptibility to bacterial infection.

I took our Pocket Buddy into London on a day out it came in handy pretty much straight away as Joseph touched the walls as the escalator was moving and ended up with dirty black hands, i cleaned them with a wipe first then finished with the spray.The spray is perfect size for Joseph hands and Jak who is Ten years old found it easy to use the nozzle spray.

The spray is nice and light and very compact perfect for on the go little children. The sanitiser leaves no sticky residue and leaves no smell after use. Jak used two squirts of it and that was the ideal amount to cover both of his hands, it doesn’t come out in a huge amount and doesn’t run off of the hands. Even if the children do not take the pocket buddy sanitiser into school with them it fits just right into my hand bag 🙂

The Pocket Buddy is currently priced at 0.96 pence and can be bought on line from the Opure website