The Olympic Mascot Purple Trail

Last week the boys and I followed the Purple Olympic mascot trail, through London starting at Piccadilly circus. The boys loved walking along the streets searching for Wenlocks and Mandevilles it was a bit like a treasure hunt for them.
There are 6 trails in all that take you along some of London’s most scenic streets. The idea of the routes are that of taking you on a journey of discovery to some of the greatest sights and sounds of London. Each mascot is individually designed animating the route in a unique way.
You will find the Wenlocks and Mandevilles in London until 9th September.
You will find all of the routes here

The purple trail starts at Piccadilly Circus

1. Red Bus Wenlock the traditional mode of transport


Head along Piccadilly towards Green Park Station and you will find

2. Gemstones Wenlock. Ooh what girl doesn’t like a sparkler


3. Queens Guard Wenlock here to protect Her Majesty The Queen


Walk down Berkeley Street towards Berkeley Square

4. Tyger Tyger Mandeville


5. Plane Trees Wenlock shows us how beautiful trees line the streets and parks


On through Mayfair to Grosvenor Square where you will find the next mascot next to a beautiful water fountain

6. Wenlock


7. Anyone for a cucumber sandwich
Afternoon Tea Wenlock


Stroll up to Bond Street Station and down S.Molton Street

8. Cycling Mandeville a great way to get about, it’s just how Daddy gets to work everyday in London


9. Shopper Mandeville shows our great sense of London style


10. Dog Walker Wenlock


The trail then takes you over to Hanover Square where they are building a new London landmark


Head down Regents Street and you will find our favourite mascot, the boys loved this one with it’s Psychedelic Colours it celebrates the swinging 60’s.

12. Groovy Wenlock


And lastly heading back towards Piccadilly Circus you will find the last one under some magnificent buildings that house some fabulous shops

13. Linen Hall Mandeville


The whole route is 3.4km

We had a brilliant day and it didn’t cost us a thing apart from our travel of coarse. The boys now want to go and find more mascots on other trails and whats great is that there is a competition-running where if you have taken a snapshot of yourself with a mascot you can enter to win a fantastic set of London 2012 mascot figurines. You enter via twitter tweeting @molpresents and @corgi mentioning #mymascot

Hope you have enjoyed looking at our pictures ūüôā


My experience at the Olympics Aquatics centre to watch the Diving

I entered a sweepstake competition on twitter last week with @AcerUK_Official for the chance to win tickets to watch the Womens¬†Semi Final Diving at the Aquatics Centre in the Olympic Park, I didn’t think i¬†had a chance in winning but to my surprise about an hour later a message popped into my email account from Acer saying ‘Congratulations you have won tickets to the olympics’ I screamed with delight, I couldn’t believe it, I was going to the Olympics. The tickets were for the next day so Acer kindly sent them by courier to me and they arrived at my door with hours of the amazing news, i¬†jumped around the living room holding my tickets shouting ‘Im going to the Olympics, I’m going to the Olympics’, The boys were dancing with me and Daddy couldn’t¬†believe his eyes when he got in from work to see us all jumping about.

The prize was only for two tickets so i¬†decided on taking my little Oliver as i¬†thought he may sleep through the event giving me time to watch the diving and to take it all in. I only live a few miles away from the Olympic Park so it only took me 45 minutes to arrive there, door to door. The sun was shining and it was going to be a brilliant day, on entering the park i¬†couldn’t help but notice how friendly everyone was, the Games Makers were singing and dancing and smiling and waving at everyone as they passed, The volunteers from the Army were helpful and everyone cooed over Oliver and his Flatcap. As it was a hot day i¬†had clipped on his stroller fan and lots of people mentioned how he was going to be the coolest kid in there, one¬†games maker even shouted over his¬†gramophone¬†that Oliver was the Trendiest¬†baby he had seen. It was surprisingly not that busy as everyone was ushered through the turnstiles in orderly files and the park was very well set out with lots of information scattered about, I was lucky that the Aquatics centre was at the entrance that i¬†entered at which¬†meant i didn’t have that long of a walk to get there.

Everyone was helpful and happy and the atmosphere was electric, people were waving their flags and lots were all dressed up in their countries colours. I found my seats and i¬†couldn’t believe my eyes i was pretty much on top of the diving boards sitting parallel to them, I had a brilliant view.

Taken before the screaming started

Unfortunately Oliver hadn’t had¬† a sleep that morning and was getting quite ratty, the centre was hot and humid and he just would not sit still and to top it off when the crowd screamed and cheered he thought it was funny to do it back only it was when the centre went quiet that he chose to scream and squeal, he thought he was being funny and the more i¬†told him not to the more he done it. There was no way this over tired little boy was going to sleep, what with all the noise going on around him and lots of faces to look at and even music playing in between dives he already made his mind up that he was going to stay awake.

I watched as the athletes came out one by one and was introduced to the crowd, we cheered and clapped as every one of them stepped forward and waved

After watching the first round of impressive dives, halfway through the second round i had to succumb to defeat and take Oliver out of the centre, I thought that maybe a walk around outside may tire him out but he only wanted to run along and smile at everyone as he passed, there was no way i was going to get back in and watch the rest of the dives. I took Oliver to the buggy park and picked up his stroller and guess what he fell asleep within seconds of strapping him in. It was too late to go back in to the Aquatics centre so i went for a walk around the Olympic Park to have a look around. The Park is astonishing and so huge and so much to see with all the buildings and the pretty little walkways along the river, lots of different types of food to try and there is definitely lots of people to talk to and as i walked past the Stadium i heard the crowd erupt in applause.

What an amazing day i¬†had even though it was not for as long as i¬†would have liked it at least¬†i¬†can say ‘I Was There’ So a huge massive big thank you to Acer for making my day, it was an experience i will never forget.

Thank you for reading my post ūüôā


Olympics inspire the Boys

Inspiring a Nation

Over the past fortnight we have been glued to the television screen watching the Olympics. The boys favourite has been the athletics and cycling, Joseph has loved watching the gymnastics and Jak¬†has screamed with delight when Mo raced over the finish line in not one but two olympics races, the 10,000m and 5,000m. The boys have been walking around doing the mobot¬†to everyone. We wasn’t one of the lucky ones to get tickets which wasn’t due to not trying so we took to joining everyone else and joined the crowds on the streets of London and Hyde Park to watch the Mens Triathlon. Jak¬†and Joseph were ecstatic as they watched the Brownlee brothers Alistair and Jonathon cross the finishing line to¬†the rapturous¬†screams of the crowds. Jak¬†has always been a fan of running, swimming and cycling as it is something that his dad does every day, he enjoys going out for a run with his Dad a round the block where we live. Although the boys dad enters triathlon races i¬†do believe that with thanks to the success of the Brownlee brothers they have inspired Jak¬†to ask me to get him into a triathlon club. He has spent hours trawling¬†the internet trying to find a local club that he could join or even an event he could enter¬† but much to his disappointment¬†he hasn’t found one just yet. So until he can find one in the meantime he has come up with his very own idea of setting up a triathlon by himself at home, Jak¬†is lucky to have a 24ft¬†swimming pool in his garden so he has been swimming around the pool and practising his laps. He wants to invite his friends around the house so they can all enter and join in on the fun. he has decided on them doing 4 laps of the pool followed by one lap of the block on his bicycle and one lap running. He has even talked about getting the transition right and talked about making sure that they all have their bicycles ready outside the house along with their trainers and socks set out ready for them to put them on.

In Jak’s¬†school report his teacher wrote that there is nothing that Jak¬†can not achieve if he sets his mind to it and i¬†believe this too, Jak¬†is very strong minded, loyal and passionate young boy and if he starts something he always likes to see it through. I have myself looked into finding an event for him to enter and also tried to find a club but there isn’t one locally but i¬†will not give up as it is something that i¬†believe he will enjoy doing and will definitely take pleasure in participating in. Jak¬†has also been to the local library and taken out books to read on techniques of running and sports psychology and talked about it for days. While watching the last day of the olympics i¬†was explaining to the boys that they was very lucky to have been part of such an amazing event and that they probably would never get to see an olympic event in person ever again unless they travel to other countries to watch them and Jak¬†replied that i¬†was wrong and that he would be in the games himself as an athlete and i¬†would get to watch him in person compete in races, this brought a tear to my eyes as i saw the hunger in his face. The weekend just gone saw the boys Dad enter his second Triathlon and they were just as excited to cheer him on as they was Team GB. They was over the moon when the saw Daddy come into view nearing the finish line, full of proudness they jumped all over him, Jak now wants to be alongside his Dad and take part too.

Here is Jak practising his own Triathlon in our garden and here is to Jak and his future.


First the swim


Next up the cycle ride


Finishing his run

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Olympic Mens Triathlon at Hyde Park

For the past year i have tried and tried to buy tickets to the Olympics, we live not far away from the Olympic Park and seeing as the Olympics is being held practically on our doorstep I thought it would be an amazing experience for us a family to watch. I managed to buy daddy some boxing tickets for Daddy as a birthday present and i made the mistake of not purchasing the boys tickets too, I thought that i would be able to buy more tickets for them but when i tried again I wasn’t allowed any more under my name. In the past two weeks much to my disappointment i have failed to buy tickets to the olympics so I took to London yesterday so the boys could experience some olympic fever in Hyde Park. We went to watch the mens triathlon and what a day it was! The boys got to see so much and really enjoyed themselves, we found a spot just near the serpentine where we saw the swimming and then walked just a short distance to S Carriage Drive where the triathletes were going to be cycling down. Jak and Joseph stood on top of a rubbish bin where they got a great view of the triathletes as they passed us. The boys waved their olympic foam hands that they made from some yellow moon craft packs, they cheered until they got sore throats and they jumped up and down when they caught a glimpse of Team GB go by. Once the triathletes had passed us cycling on their last lap we made our way to the huge live screen to watch the triathletes transition from their cycles to the last leg of the race into the running stage. The boys then wanted to see if they could watch some of the running so we found a great spot on a hill just near the serpentine where we got a fabulous view of the main stand where the triathletes would finish, AND what a view it was, we saw Alistair Brownlee grab a union jack from someone near the stand and run towards the finish line waving it where he walked over the line to win Gold.

Waving their Hands

Alistair Brownlee looking back at the pack

We all had a glorious day and can’t believe we got to see an olympic ev

The hyge live screen

ent, we had magnificent views all day, the sun made an appearance too. We made the most of being in London too, we visited the serpentine gallery, the boys had a splash in the Diana’s memorial fountain and to finish our day off we walked to Covent Garden for something to eat passing some iconic places on the way like Buckingham Palace, Downing Street and The Horse Guards.

What an amazing day we all had, the atmosphere was electric and we even got to see many of the athletes up close including Alistair and Jonathon Brownlee who went on to win Gold and Bronze Olympic medals. We are now looking forward to watching the Paralympic athletics in the Olympic park, which i have managed to get tickets for us for YIPPEE!

Thank you for reading my post:-)


Trendy Toddler Tuesday TeamGB

I missed posting out my trendy toddler last week due to being on holiday, but we’re back now tired, exhausted and in the need for another week away to recoup after this one. I have many gorgeous pictures of the boys in some super stylish clobber but for this week I wanted to share with you all Oliver’s official TeamGB romper suit that I bought from Asda. It is slightly in the huge side for him and I did buy him a 6-9 month old but I think Oliver is small for his age, so although it bagged and gathered at the feet it didn’t effect him from running around in it and getting up to mischief. He did have a few miner slip ups on the dance floor but like chumba wumba said he gets knocked but he gets up again nothing is going to keep him down.
Now that Oliver walks every where I found it a struggle to get a decent photograph of him as he just doesn’t stand still so I apologise for the blurriness of the picture.


He wore this suit for the olympics opening night in the club house on the holiday site that we staying at, this was the only night that we stayed out beyond 10 o clock lol.
He loved walking around and getting all the cuddles from the girls and the aaaaws from the ladies he just looked at everyone and beamed his cutest smile.
I love it when Oliver is wearing White, although he is fair skinned and re
Ally blonde the colour suits him and really shows off his gorgeous bright big blue eyes, also I like as he is my last baby I like to put him in romper suits as they make him still look like a little baby and not too grown up. I think he is very cute and very Olympic stylish.

The sleepsuit cost me £8