Nourish Skin Range Review


Nourish Skin Range is a natural skin care collection for 24 hour skin protection. Nourish uses organic plants that have been scientifically tested to nourish your skin, they avoid the use of unfriendly chemicals in order to nature and nurture your skin. Skin is our first protection barrier and as we age it begins to lose its efficiency as it changes and loses its elasticity over time. Everyday exposure to the environmental can cause damage to our skin by inflammation. So the team over at Nourish have designed a natural, anti-ageing skin care range that is perfect for core skin care needs (Nature) but also helps to optimise your skin around the life you lead (Nurture). The two factors that influence the way our skin looks are our skin type and our lifestyles.

Nourish advises us to choose a daily routine based on our skin type ( Nature) and then by using additional products from the other ranges we can supplement it to fit into our personal lifestyle influences ( Nurture)

Nourish Protect – Orange and Mandarin – Ideal for Dry skin – High in antioxidants, vitamin C will restore the skin and protect it

Nourish Relax – Lavender- Ideal for Sensitive skin – Helps soften the upper layers of the skin and lessons the effects of ageing. Its calming and soothing perfect for when your feeling stressed

Nourish Balance -Apple- Ideal for Oily or Combination skin – A blend of apple extracts, vitamins and minerals that helps restore and balance the skin tone.

Nourish Radiance -Rose- Mature skin – The rose fragrance, Foxberry and Tonka beans increase the luminescence and brightness to your skin helping it to appear healthy and revitalised.

In each range you can choose from a Cleanser, Toner, Intense Face Gel and Face moisturizer.

I have been testing out the Intense Face Gel from the Balance range which is designed for oily or combination skin. The bottle has a pump action which with just one pump i found to be enough for one application. I found it to be light and refreshing with its apple scent and felt nice and soft on my skin, once applied i could feel my skin tightening (in a good way). After using this gel i have seen a visible effect it has hydrated my skin leaving it healthy and balanced. With all the cold weather we have been having my skin was becoming dry and flaky *not nice* and felt undernourished and was making me look withdrawn and very unhealthy, my skin now feels smooth and looks evenly toned. I no longer have dry skin patches and my skin feels like it has a new release of life, it looks more radiant and alive. I like applying my gel after an evening shower as it helps me feel revitalised and fresh and on the plus side its organic too so it cares for my skin naturally. Al in all a great product for a good value.

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