I Am Me

Who Am I?

I am not just mum of three boys and i am more than that I am Me!

But who is me?

Name: Angela Wright

Status: Common Law Partner, No marriage involved but we have been with each other for an eternity!

Age: 34  21 years old

I am best friends with my Mummy, I lack confidence, not good on beach holidays, i always sleep in my pyjamas winter and summer, i don’t own any sexy underwear, I hate to look at myself in the mirror, i buy dresses but never wear them, i have never had my nails done, I live in a house that is too small for the family but selling up and moving somewhere bigger would cost us too much

I Dislike: The size of my bottom, my horrible stumpy legs, really hot curries i just don’t understand how anyone can eat anything that you can not taste, I dislike pushy people and show offs (just described the OH oops, music that i can only describe as boom boom, people who don’t say there please and thank yous, Gin and shots really dont like me! Golf, driving the car even though i have passed my test, being away from my children, flared trousers they don’t do much with my figure, losing the battery life on my mobile phone when i am out and about, people who do not pick up their dogs mess from the pavement and parks, feeling full, my looks, running, going to the gym.

I Love: My three boys, my family, lillies, the smell of lavender, reading Martina Cole books (when i get the time) crosswords, walking, the countryside, caravan holidays reminds me of when i was young and my grandad, summer time, fresh air, crisp sandwiches, watching CSI, fruit, Chicken tikka masala, leggings, friendship,  bargain shopping, my job, drawing and putting together lego creations for the boys, exploring

I Am Sometimes: Depressed, sad, Happy, quiet, inventive, inquisitive, ok at map reading, creative, independent, A thinker, proud, well organised, funny, a family person, stubborn, argumentative, negative, loving and caring

I am always the photographer and not the subject of the picture so was hard finding a picture of me



Sorry to my sisters who also appear in the picture, i couldn’t find one just of me!