Organix Finger Foods Review

Oliver isn’t picky with what he eats and is happy enough to open his mouth to any type of food! As he spends Monday to Friday daytimes with a childminder, I like to pack him a variety of finger food in his pack lunch so he can have a choice of what he wants to eat.

We was recently sent some Finger Foods by Organix to try, a multi pack of Vanilla Multigrain Hearts and a pack of Organic Banana Rice Cakes.

Organix foods are prepared with care to give our babies natural tastes and flavours. Ingredients are used that are grown organically without artificial pesticides and with the No Junk promise they can guarantee that their food is safe, pure and nutritious. Organix products have no added salt, no added sugar and no colouring and with their simple wholesome ingredients they make a perfect choice for baby to eat.

Finger food are ideal for your babys development , as they encourage self feeding and are the perfect size for your child to hold in their little hands.

The Vanilla Multigrain Hearts contains wholegrain rice, wholegrain wheat, maize, oats and vanilla extract, they have a melt in the mouth texture and as they are small in size (about the size of a pea) they help your little one learn the pincer grip, picking up small objects using their thumb and forefinger. The size of the pack is 8g and is perfect for babies from 10 months old.


20130518-080408.jpgI like the size of the little hearts and the fact that they melt in the mouth is good for their safety, giving you the piece of mind that they will not choke on them. Oliver liked the little hearts, they were ideal for snack time. I tried them myself and found them to be a bit dry and not to my taste buds but they do melt on the tongue and i’m sure for little ones taste buds they are ideal.

The Organic Banana Rice Cakes promote self feeding aswell, they are made from puffed rice making it firm to hold but gentle enough for babys gums. These are made from wholegrain rice and coated in banana and apple juice, the wholegrains contains more minerals, vitamins and fibre than processed grains, they take longer to digest leaving your baby more satisfied and full. The size is a 50g bag so will last a while and the rice cakes them self are small and soft. They are recommended from 7 months old.


These are really tasty and again make ideal snack during the day. They are ideal to pack away in your bag for a day out and even my eldest enjoyed eating them.

We was sent some packets for review purposes only