FREDS Swimwear and Look & Light Review with The Thinking Baby

Every year our  24ft swimming pool goes up in May and stays up until September, the boys love it. We host swimming pool parties for their birthdays and they have lots of friends over to join them for some swimming fun. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or if the sun is shining the boys will be in the water swimming around every day. They can spend hours playing with each other making up games and swimming up and down, sometimes they are in their before 8 o’clock in the morning and the other day i had to drag them out of the pool at 9 o’clock at night. It’s not hard to see how much my boys love to swim, so when offered to send the boys some swimming related products to review I wasn’t going to turn them down, I knew that they would definitely put them to the test.

The Thinking Baby was founded on the notion that families are best served with products of exceptional quality that enhance the experience of parenting making it more interesting, easier and more enjoyable they regularly seek out new and interesting inventory that they feel will be beneficial to your child and to you. Many of the companies that are represented on The Thinking baby website utilise environmentally-sound products and procedures and support the global community through various methods.

They stock products that come under 3 categories Play and Learn, Soothe and Comfort and Swim and Active.

For Oliver i received the Swimtrainer Classic, see here for separate review, I was very impressed with this swimming buoyancy even Daddy commented on how well it works and Oliver can enjoy being with his brothers in the water without feeling too restricted so he can join in with chasing the ball and splashing around. Along with the swimtrainer there was a pair of FREDS Swim Academy Aqua Beach shoes and a pair of FREDS Swim Academy Neoprene Swim Trunks for Joseph.

Joseph instantly fell in love with the shoes and says how comfortable they are, he first wore them to the beach on our holiday to Cornwall. He climbed over the rocks with them on and said he couldn’t feel the ragged edges of the rocks under his feet. The shoes are perfect for protecting little feet as the soles are made from silicone which offers ideal protection along a  stony shore, on hot sand and in the sea. The Aqua shoes are made from water permeable textile and are quite flexible through the elasticity of the fabric, they are soft making them easy for children to get on and off. The shoes come in two different colours, pink and blue and in sizes 22-28. Joseph’s was a size 27 and he is normally a UK 8, the fit was quite snug but left no marks on his skin and he never complained on how tight they were. The blue shoes shoes have little stars and palm tree designs on and the pink ones have flowers on them. I really like the look of the shoes and think they are very trendy, I am always on the look out for unusual quirky items of clothing for the boys and i think these are perfect, they are definitely a pair of shoes that i would buy if seen in the shops or online. Joseph has worn them none stop since they arrived, he’s wore them to the beach, to the shops, to the park, danced away at the disco and even on a day trip to London, they have been covered in sand, soaked through by water and caked in mud and yet he still prefers to wear them over his trainers.

Joseph wearing his Aqua Shoes In Hyde Park

The shoes cost a brilliant and well worth £9.99 for more information see here

Along with the shoes we received a pair of FREDS Neoprene Trunks which are designed to enable toddlers and babies to enjoy bathing fun for longer with unrestricted freedom of movement. The Trunks are made from 2.5mm of Neoprene which store body heat in when inside the water and as they are coated with Lycra inside and out they give the optimal fit and comfort. They come in the colour red so are unisex and a range of sizes to suit the child’s height. The waist has a elasticated belt with a clip fastener that can be adjusted to suit your child’s fit, ideal for my Joseph has he has a tiny waistline.

Joseph found these trunks to be comfortable when in the water but he does find them hard to get off when they are wet but that could be due to the fact that they are slightly too small for him. They are quick drying which is perfect if you are at the beach for the day. Joseph first tested them out by jumping into the pool with them on and they must have been comfortable as he spent a good couple of hours swimming around in them. They are soft and lightweight and very stretchy. I love the little FREDS frog on the front and the design of them. The Trunks are reasonably priced at £19.99 and can be found here


And lastly now to the LOOK & LIGHT Nappy change Mirror and Night Light.

The idea of this unique product is that nappy changes can be done with a gentle night light to ensure your baby doesn’t wake from their sleepy state. The beam from the light is a gentle one and not bright enough to wake the baby or anyone else in the room but it gives just enough light for you to see what you are doing. It comes with a heavy base to stop it from falling over and an adjustable leg which can be manoeuvred around so that you can aim the light in the right direction. When your baby no longer wakes in the night for a nappy change it can also be used as a night light for them as it lets of a gentle glow. Not only can it be used at night but on the reverse side there is a mirror which the baby can look at themself in throughout the day. Oliver enjoyed pointing at himself in the reflection and kept pointing at it, he can just about see his reflection in it when he is standing up. The mirror can be moved and positioned just about anywhere, the base of the leg manoeuvres around and the mirror/light moves backwards and forwards and rotates 360 degrees.

Oliver looking at himself

 The Look & Light Night can be used on the baby from newborn not just for a nappy change but also perfect for those midnight feeds when you dont want to wake the whole house up with turning on the lights and even when your eyes are feeling a bit sore from the lack of sleep you have been receiving the gentle glow and lack of white brightness can help. Oliver is 12 months old and he has been looking at his own reflection and smiling at himself in the mirror, It doesn’t have to be for the young members of the family either as Joseph who is 5 has used the mirror to look into when he is brushing his teeth and Jak has been using the light for some late night reading. As the Look & Light is cordless it easy to move from one room to the other and set up anywhere, it is battery operated and takes 2 AA’s.

The light and mirror will grow with your child and will be used for years to come, it is priced at £39.99 and can be found here. It would make a brilliant gift to any new parent.

I was sent these items for review purposes only and have received no payment for my review.