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I Love shopping, especially if it’s for one of the boys.

Last week I bought some clothes for Oliver from Next, as soon as i saw them hanging on the clothes hangers I knew that I must buy them for him. The boys have a more fashionable selection of clothes hanging in their wardrobe than I do in mine.

They have the nautical feel to them and I absolutely adore the print on the shirt



The shirt is blue and white striped with a print of sunsets, camper vans and palm trees, reminds me a lot of our summer holidays in Cornwall.

The trousers are blue and white striped cotton, with an elasticated waist which makes them very cool and comfortable to wear



Apologies for the terrible photo’s, they were taken on the phone.

The outfit has that summer feel to it and just makes me want to smile.

Oliver also has a gorgeous tweed blazer from Next that we bought last year from the heritage range


Whenever Oliver wears this jacket he reminds me of a young man. The blazer is quilted on the inside and has a fake silk handkerchief in the pocket as decoration



He wears it as a smart jacket and I must admit he certainly looks the gentleman in it!



Trendy Heritage Toddler

It’s been a while since i published a trendy toddler post, I love sharing with you all what my little ones have been wearing. I have fallen behind in these post simply because of starting work and being given extra hours at work and running the family home that i just do not find the time to share with you all the pictures of what the little ones have been rocking. Today i received an email from Alex who blogs at Medicatedfollower, who hosts the trendy toddler link up every Tuesday reminding me of linking up a post today and as we are on the school holidays I have managed to find some time to post something out.

Just before christmas I bought some clothes from the Heritage Range as presents for the boys, I love this range with its tweed checks and chunky knit cardigans in mustard and brown colours they give the look of country style living.

20130219-123843.jpgThe trousers are soft tweed with elasticated knitted ankle cuffs and adjustable elasticated waistline with little pleats at the front waist near the belt hoops. The tweed colour is country green, blue, mustard and red. They are really comfortable and gorgeous looking and i believe make my handsome little chap a little trend setter.


20130219-123634.jpgAlong with the trousers i bought a knitted chunky cardigan in mustard colour with brown chunky buttons, the neckline is a cowl collar and he looks all snug and warm in it.

20130219-123758.jpgBoth items were bought from Next and i am quite upset to find when i returned after christmas to buy some more items in the range that are no longer stocking it and have changed their stock to spring clothes so I am hoping come autumn this year they will be bringing out the same again.

This post is linked to Medicatedfollowers Trendy Tuesday link up, if you would like to join up she is also hosting a competition this week for winning an Easybelt for your child.

Please support Medicated follower in her Trendy Tuseday linky as she hasn’t been receiving many link ups and I for one do not want this link to end, If you have a trend setting little one whatever the age please share with us what they have been wearing wether it be a short little post with a few pictures or a more detailed one.

Badge for TTT, Badge


Boys All In One Fun with Next!

With Christmas almost on top of us i have been doing a bit of browsing on line for a few little gift ideas for my boys. I love the idea of them snuggling up together in some lovely warm onesies on a cold winters day. They look all cuddly and comfortable. I always like to buy the boys pyjamas and clothes as gifts for christmas presents as i know they will definitely get some use out of them.

Next have a gorgeous selection of clothes and i would like to share with you a few that i have put onto the boys christmas list.

This Polar Bear All in One would look absolutely adorable on my little Oliver, it comes in sizes from 9-12 months to 5-6 years and costs £17-£19.


The next one is for Joseph, this Blue Star All in one is perfect for him as he is my little star! I love the bright blue colour and Joseph really likes to wear hoods at the moment too. It comes in sizes ranging from 9 months to 6 years and costs £11-£13.

And lastly this Angry Birds All in One suits my Jak to a tee. He loves the idea of wearing onesies but he gets too hot in them and can only last half hour before jumping out of it saying he cant stand no more. As this item isn’t fluffy like the others he should last longer in it. It comes in sizes ranging from 3-16 years old and costs £21-£26.

What do you think of my selection? Do your children like to wear onesies?

Thank you for reading 🙂



Olivers wardrobe wishlist / Trendy Toddler

Whilst out shopping in Next the other day for a new winter coat for Oliver I found some gorgeous clothes that i would love to add to Oliver’s wardrobe. Inspired by Lovefrommummys post about Riley’s wardrobe I decided to do a wish list for me Oliver

I love the Hertage style that they have in store at the moment, with all the tweeds and thick knit jumpers with the little elbow pads on them, i gushed at the little waistcoats and couldnt resist starting off his new wardrobe with a little blazer, it is just the cutest item of clothing i have seen EVER! lol
I can’t wait to see little Oliver wearing it!

Heritage check blazer

Check out the other clothes that I am hoping to fill Oliver’s wardrobe with…


Top Left: Blue Fisherman Sweater £11, I love the brown patches on the elbow
Top Right: Signature Heritage Cuff Chinos £13
Bottom Left: All Over Embroidered Trousers £15, these just ooze a designer look to them
Bottom Right: Brown Cord Flat Cap £6, well there has to be a hat in with his new wardrobe and this one is really cute


Top Left: Cut About Heritage Waistcoat And Shirt Set £21, every boy needs a smart waistcoat 😉
Top Right: Signature Heritage Trousers and Braces £13, I absolutely adore these and love to see my boys on braces especially with their flat caps
Bottom Left: Heritage Toggle Coat £30, this coat is really thick and would keep your little ones warm in the winter, I like the two tone colours
Bottom Right: Cable Crew Sweater £11, I really like the thick knit jumpers on my boys they make them all snug and they look so cosy

Oliver is going to look like he’s stepped out of a salon the country

You could find all of the clothes in this post at under the boys section and Heritage
The prices are for a 9-12 month old but they do the same items for older children up to the age of 5 and they would cost you a couple of pound more.

What do you think of my choices?

This is not a sponsored post, all words are my own and I chose the clothes because I really do like them and believe them to be of good quality

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Trendy Toddler Audition Style/Blazer and Trilby

I received a call last week from my son’s Modelling agency, they had got Joseph an audition for a commercial up London. I was told that he was to dress in his own unique style, so once I picked him up from school off we went up to his bedroom to sift through his wardrobe in search for an outfit that he wanted to wear, remembering that he had to be comfortable in what he was going to be wearing.

When my older boys attend auditions they have to enter the room on their own, this happens because they want to see if the children can be comfortable around other adults, children and cameras without having the support of their parents around, also children tend to take direction easier from strangers when their parent isn’t next to them. Auditions can be anything from a 5 minute chat with your child, to a much longer session where the child may be asked to read from a script or to go through some of the motions that will be required from them on the potential shoot. Making sure that Joseph was dressed comforatbly was important, i didnt want him to be fidgeting in the wrong fitting clothes or to get too hot as being infront of a camera and the lighting they use can get quite hot also i had no idea how long he would be in the casting room with the directors. I like Joseph to look smart and trendy not only in his clothes but with his hair too, as he has long wavy hair hair and unfortunately two cowslicks and crowns his hair has a mind of its own. I have to constantly keep brushing it and use lots of detangler.

Joseph chose to wear

  • Green Cotton Jeans which are a slimline leg and they have an adjustable waist, which is very important for him as he has a tiny waist. We Bought from H&M for £5.99
  • Grey Cotton Blazer with blue piping on the edges, two front little pockets, one button and a vent pleat opening on the back. This blazer is soft and doesn’t restrict any movement, the sleeves have polyester lining, which keeps him extra warm, whats great with this blazer is it can be worn under a coat in the cold weather or on its own. From H&M
  • Orange Fluroscent Polo Shirt, very bright and very bold, Just what Joseph is! Bought from Next for £10.00
  • Grey and Black Herringbone look Trilby Hat with a black satin trim. Joseph loves wearing hats and this one is his favourite at the moment Bought from H&M for £4.99

Black Velcro Canvas Shoes From Tesco for £5.00. These are great for Joseph to put on his self as at the moment he can not tie up his own shoe laces.

So what do you think of Joseph’s Style?

Do your children have their own style, do they like to choose their own clothes?

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Thank you for reading my post 🙂