A Kitchen is What Makes a Home: New Kitchen Transformation

A Kitchen is the hub of the family. It is where we cook, eat, socialize and entertain. As a bust family of five we were looking to expand the old kitchen and replace it with something that fitted into our lifestyle, something that was more modern and sleek.

We had moved into our new home back in March 2017 and the Kitchen didn’t quite fit in with the decor of the rest of the house. Although it was a nice size, it was dated and there wasn’t enough cupboard space. We wanted to give the room a fresh new look, that no only was functional but also utilise the space that we had.

We found that the cupboards didn’t have much depth to them, so items took up lots of the shelf space. The Kitchen also had a peninsula that had an overhang, to be used as a breakfast bar, where the cupboard doors were-which didn’t make sense! So if you wanted to use the cupboards you had to get down low to see what was in them and also no-one could sit there if you wanted to use the cupboard.

We visited Kitchen showrooms and scoured the internet looking for ideas as to what particular style we wanted, the colour and how big we wanted the kitchen to be.

With something in mind the next thing we needed to do was book in with a kitchen designer to plan it all for us. The designer visited us at home, took measurements and advised us on where to place the units. He listened to our requirements. We had a lot in  ind but after listening to our ideas, the designer then helped us plan it so it would be more convenient to our use. Once the designer got a good idea of how we would use the new kitchen and what we required, the next was to consider the layout. We really wanted a kitchen with an island but it just wasn’t feasible, the room wasn’t big enough to fit it in. So we was advised to keep with the peninsula and just move it further into the dining area, which would then open up the working kitchen area.

The Old Kitchen

The Old kitchen was a U shaped kitchen with the sink on one wall, the oven on another and space for the fridge on the other. At the other side of the working kitchen was the peninsula, all by itself.

Before we had a design in mind we had chosen our cooker, I had wanted a range for a long time and as the eldest boy had an interest in cooking we wanted to buy a double oven. We found one that was sleek and big enough for our needs. It wasn’t a range but a similar design by Smeg. Once we had oven we then went on to order the fridge freezer, again we wanted a double one. The colour scheme seemed to be heading towards grey.

Once the designer had visited us at home we made an appointment to see them in the showroom where we would get to see the final design in 3D format.

To make the best use of the available space, we thought of the following:

  • How much storage do we need?
  • What exactly will we be using your kitchen space for?
  • How much time will we be spending in there?
  • What type of storage cupboards will we need?
  • What type of oven will we be using?

We wanted to accentuate the feeling of space in the kitchen so we chose a light-reflecting surface and colour that would give a fresh and airy feel. It would also give the kitchen an ultramodern look.

We chose the Sofia Range in Pewter. An iconic, minimalist design that offers supreme versatility and features the sleek lines of integrated handles in a high gloss, lacquered finish. As for the work surface we went for a dark oak as thought that it would emphasize the colour of the cupboards and walls. It also gives the kitchen a warm glow.

We wanted a peninsula that would double up as a breakfast bar, to achieve this the worktop would overhang the unit which would create a seating area. We decided to move the oven over to where the peninsula would be, so this would be the cooking zone, giving this area an L shape.

The colour scheme we settled on was Pewter cupboards, red wall tiles and dark oak worktop.

So, first thing we had to do was get the old kitchen ripped out and prepare the room ready for the new kitchen to be fitted. We had a date set for delivery of the new kitchen. It was to be delivered at the beginning of July, hoping it would be all built and installed ready for the summer holidays. There were lots of boxes, that we stored in our dining area ready for when we was ready to rip out the old kitchen

Once the boxes were being emptied we quickly realised that we had missing items: the larder panels were missing, the worktop was the wrong colour, the drawer unit was missing, the peninsula back board and worktop were missing too. Our hopes of having it fitted before our summer holiday was quickly fading. The company we ordered it from couldn’t deliver the missing items for another 2 weeks. This put out our builder and extended the length of the job. We had no kitchen to cook in, no oven and the place was a mess! In total we had waited 3 weeks for items that had been missed off of our original order with the showroom. If you are ever buying a kitchen, I would advice you to check all reference codes on the delivery note against what was ordered and what the boxes say.

The New Kitchen

We chose to tile the floor and as the rest of downstairs has wooden floor, I really wanted to carry on with the effect and found a tile that had a wood effect in grey. We also placed down some under floor heating (Hubby is an electrician, by trade, so he fitted it himself)


And I wanted the grout to be the same on the wall as on the floor, so chose a dark grey. I think it worked well and really contrasted against the red tiles on the wall.

Once the floor was down and the cupboards were all in, all that was left to do was tile the wall. The previous kitchen had tiles from floor to ceiling but we decided against this and only tiled in between the top and bottom units and above the oven

The New Kitchen

To finish off the look we added in some chrome USB plug sockets


 We cut down our cost by doing the electric, the rewiring and plumbing by ourselves.
I am really happy with the finished look. I now have a Kitchen that suits the family, somewhere we can entertain and just spend time in.
My favourite part is the peninsula, as when I am cooking the boys sit at the other side and I can help them with their homework. It is now a room in the house that everyone enjoys. The youngest loves the under floor heating and lays on it in the morning to warm himself up.
I think that it all come together really well and love the colour combination of the red and grey, they are both classic and sophisticated.
What do you think?