My Cat Pip App Review for ipad

If your child loves doing puzzles they are going to love this new app (available for download on the ipad only) The app features a massive 24 puzzles!

My Cat Pip is a charming new app based on the little black card character cat created by Karen Bendy and published by Over the Moon Ltd. My Cat Pip is the story of a mischievous and adventurous little black cat and his friends.

Game Features:

  • 24 different themed jigsaws
  • 3 different levels to suit abilities and age on each jigsaw
  • 1400 object to be found within the puzzles
  • Fun scenes including the park, farm, space and circus
  • 24 sticker backgrounds to be used for picture making
  • 240 stickers to be unlocked
  • Creates good hand to eye co-ordination


When you download the app the first thing you do is to choose a fun character to go set up your profile, four profiles can be made up each with a different name and character. Once your profile is created then you can start playing the game. Each puzzle has 3 different difficulty levels easy, normal and hard, each level changes the number and size of the jigsaw pieces and the number of hidden items you need to find. On the easy level, which is the one that my 2 year old played on, there is 9 pieces to the puzzle and once the puzzle is completed you need to find 2 hidden objects with in the puzzle, once found you are rewarded with a sticker that you can place onto a scene to make a picture. Once you have finished with sticking your chosen stickers down on to the scene you can take a photo of it which will be saved to your camera roll ready to be shared with friends.

The more puzzles you complete, the more scenes you can unlock and the more stickers you can collect. Each puzzle has a time limit on it, the harder the level the shorter the time.


The puzzles can be put together by a simple touch and drag motion with the finger. The game is colourful with lots of fun characters and can be played by all ages, even the hardest of puzzles can be enjoyed by older children/adults. My youngest loves fitting the puzzles together but can sometimes get quite upset when the time runs out on him as it is quite short, even i had trouble finishing puzzles within the time limit. Children love to be rewarded with stickers and this is Oliver’s favourite part of the game as he likes to make funny pictures with the characters.

My Cat Pip can help develop problem solving skills, children have to figure out how to fit the shape and picture together.

The app cost £1.99 and is currently only available on the ipad to download

We was provided with the app for the purpose of this review, opinions and words are my own