A Letter To My 14yr Old Son

Dear Son

When I found out that I was pregnant with you, it was quite a shock! I doubted myself and my ability to look after you. Even though I was 24, I thought that I was still to young to have children. I didn’t want to fail you as a parent and was worried that I wouldn’t be able to take on the responsibility if looking after a young baby.

As soon as I began to feel you move around inside of my tummy my love for you began to grow, you was mine – all mine.

The day you was born, my life changed.

The moment you came into this world you brought an ache into my heart that I had never experienced before, a love that was so strong it brought to tears to my eyes and a pain in my chest. You taught me the meaning of unconditional love.

You was a mummy’s boy and I was your biggest supporter. With every milestone that you reached; crawling, first steps, first word, first pee on the potty, I reveled in euphoria.

You was such a clever little boy. At 2 years old you showed an interest in cars and used to point out to me all the makes of them as they passed by. I had no idea where you had learned it from as I didn’t drive and had no understanding of them myself. I remember sitting on a bus one day; you was looking out of the window and was pointing out the cars as they passed us, saying their names and getting quite excited. The other passengers were laughing and encouraging you by asking you what the next car was. You knew them all!

You have, to this day, a presence about you that leaves people in awe. Such confidence in yourself, no matter what it is you try you will always put everything into it.

I sometimes wish that you were still that little intrigued boy. I often miss him, thinking about what you were like as a small boy. The way you used to line up your cars in colours, sizes and models. How we could never pass by a Bob the Builder ride that was outside the supermarket because you would shout to have a go on it. When you used to come in to my room at night and sneak into my side of the bed for a cuddle. And, you was always full of energy, running around I circles in the living room because you wouldn’t give in to your tiredness.

You was such a caring, thoughtful young boy – Still are!

You filled my days with such pure delight

Over the past 14 years I have watched you grow from a young boy into a young man. You are still caring and thoughtful. You have learnt so much but there is so much more for you to learn now as an adult. Life is a continuous journey and I am so glad that I am a part of yours. You have hopes and dreams and aspirations. Their will be challenges but I have confidence in you that you will overcome them, you will make mistakes, as everyone does, but remember, that is how we learn. You will have times of contentment and times of sadness, life has its ups and downs. You are a strong boy who will overcome them all.

This past year has been a tough one for us all, you have shown such maturity and your attitude towards my illness has been a positive one. If anyone could be optimistic about their mum having cancer its you! You tell everyone that my illness has taught you how to grow up, how to fend for yourself and how to be positive.

You have taught yourself to cook and to look after your siblings. Your attitude towards it all has been a positive one. Giving me support and showing me that you are much more to me than just my son. You are my friend.

You are an incredible, unique boy and I want you to know what an amazing young man you have turned out to be.

There were days when I was in hospital, when I woke, to find you sitting by my bedside holding on to my hand and stroking my head. You are such a caring boy. Full of love and compassion.

You have such a bright future ahead of you and I trust that you will accomplish anything you set out to do. You have a drive to succeed. You are your own person, have your own interests, thought and opinions and are not afraid of showing who you are to others. You are clever and very knowledgeable. I have no doubt in my mind that you will succeed.

Follow your heart, hopes and dreams and become the man whom I know you will turn out to be. Be yourself and accomplish great things.

I am who I am because of you. I love you dearly

Your forever loving Mum




There is only one person who has influenced me enough to aspire like them and that is my Mum, she is an amazing woman who has taught me what is right and wrong in life, guided me on the right path and gave me the gift of love.

My mum is strong and holds her family together, she ignores her own needs to put others first, she is not greedy, nor selfish and is always there for me for whenever I need her. She doesn’t live close to me so we speak on the phone everyday and just to hear her voice makes me smile. When ever I am feeling down and am in need of some kind but right words my mum will always be there to listen. Her voice heats up my heart, calms and comforts me. Her words are wise and give reason, her advise is always required. Sometimes words do not need to pass our lips in order to enjoy each others company as we have the same mind to understand each other, we talk in silence, nodding and smiling at each other.

She is the most caring person I know who will do anything for anyone, she is beautiful inside and out and full of so much love to give. She may be small but her hugs are huge, full of affection and warmth. My mum is an incredible woman who is completely dedicated to her family.

My mum once told me that love is like elastic, it just grows and stretches to fit everyone in, I never thought I could feel such an immense love that I had for my mum for anyone else until I had my boys and then I understood on how love was like elastic.

My mum just isn’t my mum she is my best friend, we have shared secrets and our clothes with each other, laughed and cried together, spent precious time together, enjoyed each others company and holidayed together.

My mum has taught me compassion, to respect others, how not to be selfish, to accomplish, to be forgiving, dedication, inspiration and how to appreciate.

My mum has taught me everything i know, She has been my teacher, my nurse, my counsellor, my friend, my chef, my rescuer, my cleaner, my babysitter and much more but above all she IS MY MUM! She has brought joy to my life, taught me how to play and have fun, she is my sunshine on a dull day.

If i can be half as good as my mum is to me than i know i have achieved something good in my life.

Love you Mum x


Real Mum Confessions with Cussons&Me #RealMumConfession

Confession Time

Cussons MumAndMe are currently
running a campaign to discover ‘Real Mum Confessions’. As a Mum there are often little handy cheats or clever ways of doing something so that we can get some more time to ourselves or a way of getting our children to do something they wouldn’t normally do, MumAndMe are calling these a #RealMumConfession.

For example:

Telling your kids the ice cream van only makes a noise when it has run out of lollies (this is a favourite of mine, only now the children are getting older and start to ask questions like “why are there people walking away with ice creams then?”)

Pretending broccoli is mini trees, in order to get the children to eat veggies. We also say that Cauliflowers are clouds, eggs are sunshine and sweet corn turns you into a giant.

Saying that the smoke alarm is Santa’s special camera and when it flashes, it’s him watching to see if you’ve been good or bad. (Now this is a good one, I like it!)

Cussons Mumandme are calling parents to join in and share their #RealMumConfession on their Twitter feed (@Mumandme_UK) to help mums feel better about these little cheats and shortcuts that we all use. They are also really good and interesting to read and can give us all some new ideas. They will be picking one confession at random to win a luxury spa day for two at The Sanctuary Spa in London, plus three runners up will win a selection of our products.

The competition is running until Friday 2 November.
Take a look at BBC’s Sarah Cox video here of her talking about the shortcuts she does in parenthood.

I told my eldest boy when he was younger that blackcurrant juice was coke cola to keep him away from drinking fizzy drinks, it wasn’t until he started to attend friends parties at the age of 6 that he started questioning why the drink that he got from the party was fizzy and tasted different to the one I have given him at home.

Another one of my cheats are to store a secret stash of chocolate in my bedside cabinet and high up in the kitchen cupboard behind the pasta so I can have a nibble when they are asleep and I do not need to share (Badmummy)

– The competition is open to UK residents aged 18 or over
– The main prize is a Time For Two Gift Voucher at The Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden
– The cost of travel or any accommodation is not included in the prize
– Three runners up will receive a range of products each
– Winners will be picked at random
– No cash alternative will be given
– The prize is non-transferable
– Cussons Mum & Me has the right to withdraw the competition at any time
– The competition is live from Wednesday 10th October until 5pm on Friday 26th October 2012
– Winners will be announced within seven days of the competition closing

Good Luck 🙂