Being a Mum to 3 boys

Being a working mum to 3 boys is hard going, there just isn’t enough time in the day to fit everything in. Now the days are getting lighter we might be able to fit more in, like visits to the park or after school shopping.

Their are 5 common questions that people in the public like to ask me when they see me on my own with my children

Things I hear being a mum to 3 boys

  • “3 boys! Are they all yours?”

Well yes, they are! I don’t normally go supermarket shopping just for the fun of it with extra children.

  • “I bet they keep you busy!”

Wouldn’t you be busy with three boys under the age of 13! Yes they keep me on my toes and yes they are very active and like to be outdoors but I have cuddles on tap and they adore their Mummy

  • “Are you going to try for a girl? Followed by Did you want a girl?”

Really!! How could I possibly try for a girl, I could keep getting pregnant just in case they baby ends up being a girl. We don’t get to choose what sex our baby will be. I can just imagine the conversation before sex “Darling could you please impregnate me with a baby girl/boy” “Sure Honey, Just lay down and It in a few minutes you will have a baby girl in side of you” Oh dear! Or their being a gender machine in the hospital that you can use on your first appointment, where you can choose the sex.

Did I ever want a girl. I can’t say that I have ever yearned to hold a baby girl, I was just happy that my babies were healthy and thriving when they were born. I guess, I sometimes look at little girl outfits and ¬†go a bit broody, I mean who wouldn’t! Pretty girls dresses are adorable

  • “Anymore?”

I have 3 children already and I’m sure I look like I’ve not had a decent nights sleep in years. Having three boys has aged me massively, but I wouldn’t change it. I’m happy with 3 and NO I really don’t want to have anymore

  • “You look tired! Wait until they get older!”

Why would I have less sleep when they are older compared to now. I can’t see me worrying anymore over them as I do now to what i would do if they were 5 years older. If one falls ill then I am up all night long with them and sods law the others fall ill within days after. I take them to clubs, I watch them in competitions, I support them in school and I take them to their auditions and shoots. In fact I’m looking forward to them growing up and them being able to make me a cup of coffee and a slice of toast. Rest assured I will have plenty more restless nights but they are worth it for the cuddles I receive in return. Each age line on my face can tell an exciting story of what it is like to be a parent to 3 boys

I am pretty sure that I could add to the list but these are questions i come across weekly when I’m out and about with my three boys

Do you have any you could add?