Our Big Night In

Hey! PSST!

Come a little closer i have something to say!

Did you know that staying in is the new going out! Yes, you heard right! That’s what i said, there is no need to spend a fortune on a night out with the family anymore as staying in is the new craze.

We was recently challenged by Moneysupermarket to get creative and have the ultimate night in! ‘Big Night In’ is all about having a great night in without blowing the bank. We was given £50 to spend on whatever we wanted as long as it was indoors at home. Now, we spend most of our nights indoors but on the odd occasion we do have the odd night out, I personally prefer to stay in as i get to be with the family and we can all enjoy ourselves together.

Last week was my birthday and we spent two nights in a row out celebrating with the family going to restaurants so when it was Saturday night and after a hard day working in the garden i decided to treat us all with a home made chinese meal along with a bit of family entertainment. Our house is upside down at the moment with a living room full of boxes which are full of wood for the playarea that we are building for the children in the garden, so our big night in was slightly squashed in the living room but it didn’t stop us from enjoying each others company and having fun. Going out can cost so much money, especially for us a family of five, the price of food and drink in restaurants don’t come cheap and don’t forget the time it takes for us to get ready prior to going out. The boys pretty much behave themselves when eating out but Oliver gets a bit restless and doesn’t like to sit still for longer than 10 minutes and spends the whole time trying to climb out of his high chair, this behaviour can be very stressful so staying in ensures that Oliver is comfortable in his own surroundings which means we all can enjoy ourselves.

What was on the menu:

  • Chicken Satay – £5.50 – made 10
  • Crispy Pancake Duck with Hoisin sauce – £13.00 – made 20 pancakes
  • Strawberries and Cream – £3.00
  • Cream Soda made from the Soda Stream (for the children) – £3.00
  • White Chardonnay Wine (for the adults) – £6.99



20130715-223026.jpg 20130715-223034.jpg

Making Chinese food is so easy and quick and not forgetting very tasty, the boys love to make their own pancake rolls putting in the ingredients themselves. We recently got a new gadget for the kitchen, a sodastream, Jak likes to make his own fizzy drinks and he decided he wanted to try cream soda for our special night.


  • Treasure Map game (made up by the boys)
  • Zoo Am I Game – £3.00
  • Call The Midwife Christmas Special DVD – £8.99


The Zoo Am I game is brilliant and we had loads of laughs trying to guess what was on our heads and it is a great game for the children to play on their own without adult supervision. Whilst cooking the dinner, Joseph set up a treasure hunt game where he left clues laying around the house for me and his brother to follow and find the treasure chest which he had filled with Moshi Monster Moshlings. After we had eaten our dinner we all sat down with a bowl full of popcorn and watched Call The Midwife Christmas Special DVD (which Jak appears in)

I’m not sure our night in could have been any better, we had fun, we had good food, we was in good company, we was relaxed and we made new good memories.

How would you spend £50 on a night in?