Tim Burton’s Dumbo Soars Onto The Big Screen

Tim Burton’s Live-action remake of the 1941 Disney classic Dumbo hits the big screens 29th March 2019. Dumbo – the film where differences are celebrated and dreams take flight.

Dumbo, the baby elephant, with the cute puppy dog eyes and enormous ears that help him soar above the crowds of the circus; flying around in circles to the amazement of all who watches him from below.


The film begins with introducing siblings Milly (Nico Parker) and Joe Farrier (Finley Hobbins) who are both awaiting the arrival of their father Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) back from the War. As a train pulls into the station, they both race towards it to see their Dad, beyond all of the steam and smog, standing there at the end of the platform. As they run up to him all smiles, they quickly notice that he is missing an arm. Slightly shocked and apprehensive they greet him with a hug. After their reunion, Holt discovers that his children had lost their Mum to the Influenza whilst he was away.

Holt, eager to get back into his position as a daring horse rider, is told by Medici that his position is no longer available. Max was forced to sell the horses to make money but he did invest in a pregnant elephant.

Max Medici buys Mrs Jumbo with the hope that the new baby elephant will bring more visitors and money to the struggling circus.

Holt is given the role to tend to the elephants. But, this one elephant does not want to be moved. And, when she is moved she goes mad. But why? Because she had given birth to her darling little baby; Baby Jumbo.

Max is delighted to hear the news that the circus has a new edition, and with money in his eyes, he rushes over to meet it. Only this baby elephant isn’t the cute attraction Medici had in mind. Instead, baby Jumbo has two big surprises to show off.

“What is that? A face only a Mother could love”-Max Medici

Circus owner Max Medici (Danny DeVito) enlists former star Holt Farrier and his children Milly and Joe to care for the newborn elephant whose oversized ears make him a laughingstock in an already misfit circus.

Holt is ordered to fix the problem ready for the next circus performance.

It’s just by accident that Baby Jumbo is named Dumbo, confusion hits the the big top and Mrs Jumbo goes mad, causing mayhem and disaster.
Tragedy strikes and a circus member who regularly mistreats animals goes after Dumbo, causing Mrs. Jumbo to go after the guy and she is immediately labeled dangerous and is removed from the circus.

The farrier children feel a connection to Dumbo, as they too no longer have a Mum. Milly and Joe befriend Baby Jumbo and begin to play with him. Whilst playing with a feather they realise just how special this baby elephant is.

“Fly Dumbo, Fly!”- Milly Farrier

As Medici small time travelling circus is struggling, he joins in with the wealthy entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere (Michael Keaton), who wants the flying elephant to draw crowds at his Dreamland park, along with his partner, the beautiful trapeze artist Colette (Eva Green). Vandevere just wants to exploit Dumbo for money.

Drama unfolds as characters band together to save Dumbo.

The film is about embracing differences and hope; Medici wants fame and fortune, Holt wants to form a relationship with his children and Dumbo just wants to reunited with his Mum again

It’s about family learning to accept each other. Throughout the movie we learn that it’s better to run things on a small scale than to gun for the big time – huge corporate businesses taking over. Which is quite ironic seeing as this is a disney movie.

The film is almost 2 hours long so don’t expect it be the same story as the original, there are added extra layers to it. Now everyone loves original movies and it’s hard to do a remake that pleases everyone. Burton does well with the remake of the film, he retells the story well but also adds more characters and plots. Which I personally like. I watched the film with my 11 year old son, who also thought that it was enjoyable. At times he cried and at times he laughed.

A simple story of not only a child searching for it’s mum, but also of acceptance, courage and achievement. We should all accept our differences and embrace them.

The final message ends on a happy note that animals should not be kept in captivity.

Dumbo is available to watch in the cinema from March 29th

We were gifted with tickets to watch the movie for the purpose of this review.


The Most Love-a-Bull Animation: Ferdinand Review

Blue Sky Studios and director Carlos Sadanha (Rio, Ice Age) brings you FERDINAND.


A charming tale of a giant – lover not a fighter – bull with a big heart. After being mistaken for a dangerous beast, he is captured and torn from his home. Determined to return to his family, he rallies together a misfit team for the ultimate adventure and proves you can’t judge a bull by its cover.

Inspired by the beloved book “The Story of Ferdinand,” FERDINAND (Voice of John Cena) is a heartwarming family comedy adventure with an all-star cast that includes John Cena, Kate McKinnon, David Tennant, Sally Philips, Gina Rodriguez, Anthony Anderson and many more.

We was sent the DVD to coincide with the Digital Download, Blu-ray and DVD release on 16th April.

The boys were really excited to watch this new animation. I must say it was the quietest my boys had been all Easter holidays. From the moment the film started to the end, I didn’t hear a peep from them-apart from giggles.

“My brother and I watched ‘Ferdinand’ and we thought it was hilarious, but also upsetting at times. Ferdinand is a great film and I would recommend it to all ages, young and old. Our favourite bits were the ‘Last Battle’ and ‘The bull in a China Shop’ because they were both funny and dramatic. My favourite character was ‘Paco’ who makes a great comedy duo with Ferdinand, his ‘brother’.”

Ferdinand really is a love-a-bull rogue who inspires the world by just being himself. He is unlike his stable mates whose ultimate goal is to face a matador in an arena, Ferdinand just wants to smell flowers. He has an unlikely bond with a young girl (Nina)

The movie is delightful with cute animation. A story of love and friendship that makes a great family movie.


  • Ferdinand’s Guide to Healthy Living with John Cena
  • A Goat’s Guide to Life
  • Ferdinand’s Team Supreme
  • Spain Through Ferdinand’s Eyes
  • Confessions of a Bull-loving Horse
  • Creating the Land of Ferdinand
  • Anatomy of a Scene: The Bull Run
  • Learn to Dance with Ferdinand
  • Ferdinand’s Do-It-Yourself Flower Garden
  • Creating a Remarka-Bull Song
  • “Home” Music Video
  • Art of Ferdinand Gallery

Get set for a belly full of laughs!

FERDINAND charges onto Digital Download on 10th April and on 4K Ultra HD™, Blu-ray™ and DVD on 16th April

We was sent a copy of the DVD for the purpose of this review



Introducing the ant size animation: Minuscule

If you go down to the woods this spring, you’re sure of a tiny surprise as the mini-beasts go antennae-to-antennae for the spoils of a picnic.

Lionsgate Films is proud to announce the release of MINUSCULE, an animated family adventure that follows a battle between tiny beasts for the spoils of an abandoned picnic, arriving in cinemasMay 27th, 2016.


In a peaceful little clearing, the remains of a picnic hastily abandoned spark a standoff between two tribes of ants. A bold and brave young ladybird finds himself caught in the middle of the battle but, having befriended Mandible, one of the black ants determined to protect their haul of sugar cubes, sides are picked. With the safety of the black ants’ nest at risk, our plucky ladybird helps take on the aggressive red ants, led by the evil Butor, and must use all his ingenuity and resolve to win the day.

A fantastic tale taking place at ground level, MINUSCULE is the perfect half term treat for all the family. Based on the popular Cbeebies TV show, MINUSCULE blends stunning CGI animation with live action backdrops to really transport little ones to the undergrowth where they’ll embark on a huge adventure with this half term’s tiniest heroes.







A Christmas Star DVD Giveaway #win

A Christmas Star

The feel-good family film of the year, spreading a truly special Christmas message…


This Christmas, prepare to believe in miracles as Belfast-based children’s charity Cinemagic and Signature Entertainment present A Christmas Star, released in UK cinemas nationwide from 13th November, 2015 and on DVD, Blu-Ray, EST and VOD from 23rd November, 2015.

Staring film and TV’s elite, A Christmas Star tells the heartwarming story of Noel, a spirited young who embarks on a magical journey to save her friends and family. Newcomer Erin Galway-Kendrick and a host of actors including Pierce Brosnan (James Bond), Suranne Jones (TV’s Scott & Bailey, Doctor Foster), Robert James-Collier (TV’s Downton Abbey, Coronation Street), Bronagh Waugh (Hollyoaks, The Fall), and Richard Clements (A Belfast Story). The film is narrated by Liam Neeson (Taken, A Walk Among The Tombstones) and features a cameo from Kylie Minogue and guest appearance from Dermot O’Leary.

Born in dramatic circumstances under the Christmas Star, Noel believes she has the gift to perform strange miracles. When conniving developer McKerrod threatens her peaceful life she teams up with a misfit gang of local kids to save the village from demolition.  However, one by one her friends lose faith in Noelle’s abilities and she is left to fight McKerrod on her own. The town’s future hinges on a final showdown in Belfast’s historic Stormont building as Noelle implores politicians, her friends and the watching world to believe in the true meaning of Christmas…love.

‘The innovative film production gave budding young actors the chance to star alongside movie legends. Over 40 trainee crew aged 18 – 25 were mentored by industry professionals who trained them in all aspects of filmmaking including director Richard Elson (M.I. High, Steffi), award-winning film composer Patrick Doyle (Brave, Rise of the Planet of the Apes), music supervisor Maggie Rodford, (The King’s Speech, Anna Karenina), casting director Ros Hubbard, (The Commitments, Dracula Untold), camera operator, Ian Fox, (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spider-Man), producer Iain Smith, (Children of Men, Mad Max: Fury Road) and production manager, Terry Bamber (The Man from U.N.C.L.E, Skyfall), who all took a break from their own shooting schedules to mentor the trainees.’

Cinemagic patron and Oscar-winning writer, Julian Fellowes, said: “I am proud to be associated with the fantastic work that Cinemagic has been delivering for twenty five years. We are told on every side that it’s time to lower barriers and cross frontiers and this is exactly what Cinemagic is doing.” He added: “Young people, from every type of background and culture, are being encouraged to explore the world of film for themselves, first hand. We want them to break through the glass ceilings and walls that surround them, and see for themselves what it’s really like. Whether or not they continue to live or work in the Arts, there can surely be no better preparation for seeking and finding the right life.”

Cinemagic Chief Executive, Joan Burney Keatings, MBE said: “Our Christmas feature film has brought young people from different cultural backgrounds together, and representatives from the worlds of film, television and music collaborated to celebrate creativity and highlights the importance of developing young people’s skills and offering them unique film and television related opportunities. We are enormously proud and excited to bring this to cinemas nationwide for all the family to enjoy this Christmas.”

I’m giving away a copy of the DVD to one lucky winner. Enter below. Ends 12/12/15 midnight. Uk entries only please.

A christmas star dvd giveaway


Paper Planes Movie Review


Paper planes is a heart warming film about a young Australian boy who lives with his dad, who is struggling with life after the loss of his wife. Twelve year old Dylan is curious about flight, he spends his days watching an owl on his way to school. When a trainee teacher visits his school and tells them all about the world paper plane championships in Japan, Dylan soon discovers that he has a natural talent for creating paper planes. Throughout the adventure Dylan meets the junior Japanese champion, Kimi, and they develop a close bond, helping and challenging each other to build the next best paper plane.

Trailer:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=keiMOd3dm-U

We was recently invited along to an event in London where we got to watch the film, before entering the cinema there were lots of fun things put on for the children to try like paper plane making master classes, paper plane racing and face-painting.

IMG_20151018_175353The whole room was decorated with paper plane banners that must have taken a long time making! There were people around helping and guiding the children into making planes. When we was called into the cinema to watch the screening, we was reminded to bring along our paper plane as well. Once seated in the cinema we all launched our plane down towards the front of the cinema, to see whose travelled the furthest.

As the lights went down, we settled into our seats ready to watch the film.

The boys enjoyed the film, I could hear lots of laughter from them and their eyes were glued to the big screen the whole time. It’s a great family feel good film to watch. Dylan’s determination to achieve his goal, even without the support that he desires from his Father is inspirational for children. It’s a heart warming film that will leave a smile on your face. Dylan is strong-willed and shows his Dad that even through bad times, every cloud has a silver lining.

Never give up, always strive to be the best at what you can be!

The film was released in the cinemas 23rd October 2015

We was invited along to  the screening of the film for the purpose of this review.