Moshling Series 9 Countdown No.10 Swizzle

We are just over half way through the new series 9 Moshling countdown, and what a collection it is! We have had some bubbly characters so far, the boys have loved being part of the countdown and have quickly added the new characters daily to their forever growing collection of moshis.





Name and Species: Swizzle the Swaggering Swine

Personality: Affected, preposterous, boastful.

Mini Bio: Maybe it’s their terrible eyesight but Swaggering Swines simply can’t walk in a straight line. They usually swagger along the street in a preposterous fashion, before stopping to ‘tag’ walls with graffiti using their rubbery, ink-soaked snouts. And don’t be fooled by the blingy necklaces – they’re just great big pineapple rings!

Habitat: Head to Ker-Ching Canyon and you’re sure to see a few of these trotter-tapping characters snorting along to the latest tunes.

Likes: Pineapple rings and loud snorting.

Dislikes: Flashy Foxes and lampposts.


Rank: 150

Rarity: Rare



What the boys think: Swizzle has definitely got the swagger look with those glasses and gold looking necklace (even though it’s only a pineapple ring) Swizzle is Mr Cool!


Countdown so far:

Series 9 is looking like a very interesting series full of funny and funky characters! Stay tuned every day until 14th February when all of the moshlings series 9 characters will be revealed, with a special little surprise at the end.

We have been provided with the series 9 characters for the purpose of this countdown