Recycle your Moshlings into a Moshi Monster picture frame

Do you have lots of little moshlings scattered all over your bedroom floor?

Do you have lots of doubles of moshlings?

Why not make a  moshling picture frame with them!

DSC_0145 (1)

My son has lots of moshlings and normally keeps them in a little treasure box, but he found that he has lots of doubles from buying the blind bags and wanted to do something with the doubles so that he could keep them. His school gave him a recycling project for the Easter Holidays and he wanted to so something a little different. He decided on doing a Moshling picture frame.

You will need:

  • A picture frame with a wide frame
  • A tube of no-nails
  • A gaulk gun
  • Moslings




  • Decide which moshlings to use on the picture frame
  • Insert the no-nails tube into the gaulk gun
  • Squeeze the lever until the glue comes out of the gun
  • Cover the wide frame completely with the glue
  • Place your moshlings in place, wherever you want them – My boy really enjoyed this part as he really thought about where he wanted to place the moshlings
  • Once covered, place to one side to allow the glue to set
  • You can add a little glitter to the glue
  • Once dry you could spray the whole frame one colour and add a little gold glitter dust. My boy wanted his to show the colours of the moshlings.

You now have a colourful moshling frame to place on the side board

My boy filled his frame with a picture of cherry bomb that he drew himself

Very happy with his creation
Very happy with his creation

These frames are ideal things to make with any odd toys laying around the house, we made one last year with lego

Hope you enjoyed this crafty post 🙂


Moshi Monsters Marine Force

Moshi Monsters splash down at SEA LIFE centres across the UK this year to encourage youngsters to get involved with marine conservation.
SEA LIFE will see the introduction of the Moshi Marine Force to inspire youngsters to help protect our shores. As well as the Moshi Marine Force activity, visitors to SEA LIFE will be in with the chance to collect new Moshling, Lubber the Whimsical Whale, who will be available in-game at for Force members.
As part of the Moshi Marine Force, kids visiting SEA LIFE will be able to submerge themselves in an interactive, fin-tastic quiz trails to become a fully-fledged Buster Conservation Hero, modelled on Buster Bumblechops; the Monster whose job it is to look after Moshlings in-game. There will also be six Moshlings hidden in tanks around SEA LIFE centres, swimming with clown fish, crustaceans and coral for children to find – once found, a special Lubber the Whale will be unlocked in-game and kids will get a Conservation Hero Certificate.

Special Character Appearances throughout the week (at London)

  • Meet Monstro City’s number one Moshling conservationist, Buster Bumblechops.
  • Say ‘hi’ to Katsuma, the clawsome king of the karate chop!
  • Snuggle up to super-cute Poppet for a furry photo opportunity!


On Sunday 16th March we was invited along to the London Sealife Aquarium by Moshi Monsters to do a bit of exploring and to sign up to the Moshi Marine Force

The boys were excited as we have never been to the Sealife Centre and extre excited to be able to meet some of the characters again and becoming a Buster’s conservation hero. As we arrived at the Aquarium we was given an activity book which had a quiz trail inside, we was to find the missing marine moshlings figures hiding in the tanks, write down where we found them and then at the end of the visit we would be able given a secret code in order to unlock a virtual Lubber in the online moshimonsters game. The activity book also has marine jokes and facts inside, something for the children to read on the way home maybe 🙂

It wasn’t after walking around the Aquarium that we spotted our first Moshling hiding in a tank, the boys were really excited and it was nice to see Joseph reading all about the marine animal that was inside the tank. Joseph was showing interest in the information, something he doesn’t normally do, he was enjoying learning about what he was reading. I love how something that he is interested in is helping him with his reading.



Not only did the boys get to find the hidden moshlings but they also spent time looking in all of the tanks at the different marine animals that the Sealife centre had to show

The Penguins were Joseph’s favourite
Jak liked watching the sharks swim past us
Jak even swam with the sharks 🙂
Oliver met Lubber himself and wouldn’t let him go!

I asked Joseph if he had enjoyed himself and he said “Some people might think that a Sealife centre is boring, but I don’t! I found it very interesting. I had a great time and really enjoyed myself”

“The activity will take place throughout the year at all UK SEA LIFE centres starting at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium on Sunday 16th March and ending at the Brighton SEA LIFE Centre on Sunday 9th November. Participating kids can nose dive into the world of Moshi Monsters where they will be able to meet Buster, Poppet and Katsuma and also bring in their Moshlings to swap with other collectors.

Sarah Taylor, Head of Conservation at SEA LIFE, said about the activity; “We’re really excited about the creation of the Moshi Marine Force. It’s a great chance to get kids involved with all the fantastic conservation work we do and to reach out to them through the medium of Moshi Monsters.”

Commenting on the partnership, CEO and founder of Mind Candy, Michael Acton Smith said: “SEA LIFE is a great fit for us. We already have the Fishies and Sploshies Moshling sets, so it’s great that we can add Salties and Lubber the Whimsical Whale to the collection! We know how important it is to protect the environment, so we hope the Moshi Marine Force will help!”

SEA LIFE has a rich history in marine conservation, from rescuing and rehabilitating dolphins and turtles found along the UK coast, to leading research and campaigning against whaling. The Moshi Marine Force and SEA LIFE’s partnership with the global kids brand, aims to inspire the younger generation to get involved with marine conservation.”

SEA LIFE activity throughout 2014:

London 16th March – 23rd March

Great Yarmouth 29th March – 5th May

Weymouth 29th March – 5th May

Gweek 29th March – 5th May

Bray 17th May – 8th June

Scarborough 17th May – 8th June

Oban 17th May – 8th June

Loch Lomond 28th June – 17th August

Birmingham 28th July – 31st August

Manchester 19th July – 31st August

Blackpool 27th September – 9th November

Hunstanton 18th October – 9th November

Brighton 11th October – 9th November

Head on down to your nearest Sealife centre and become Buster’s Conservation Hero


 We was invited along to the event for the purpose of this review as part of being a Moshi Embassador


Moshling Series 9 Countdown No.1 Hunt For Furnando

Series 9 Web Banner


Do you love Moshlings? Get ready for the chance of a lifetime!

The day is finally here! Launch Day!

Every day for the past 17 days, we have revealed  a brand new character from the new moshling series 9, which today will be available in the shops.

Today is the last day of the countdown






Bio: Gaze into a Mystic Moggy’s eyes and you might start woofing or oinking because these mysterious Moshlings are talented sorcerers. They can even levitate when they meow, cough up magic furballs and make pilchards vanish (‘cos they sneak them under their top hats). Gee whiskers!
Ultra Rare
In fact Furnando is that rare that they have hidden him in the moshlings blind bags, the lucky people that find him may become a moshling themselves!
Find Furnando for a chance to enter our goopendous prize draw. Our ludicrously lucky winner will work with the Moshi artists to create a Moshling version of themself!

Your Moshling will be cast as a unique collectable figurine, complete with its own special display case and giant-sized collector card!

I know, right? It’s the most clawsome competition prize EVER


Series 9 Countdown:

We have been given this information to share with our followers as part of the moshi monster ambassador programme



Moshling Series 9 Countdown No.2 Quincy

One more day to go and all 17 of the moshlings from series 9 would have been revealed, every single one that we have shared on the blog over the past two weeks will be available in stores from February 14th.








Name and Species: Quincy the Fraidy FuzzyFace

Personality: Anxious, jumpy, callow.

Mini Bio: Fraidy FuzzyFaces are always being frazzled by lightning, squished by falling pianos and attacked by swarms of sillipedes. Or so they say! It’s hard to be sure because these jittery Moshlings rarely leave the house. And when they do they insist on wearing protective gloves, rubber boots and hardhats. Look out, danger ahead!

Habitat: Fraidy FuzzyFaces live on Eek Street but you might see a few dashing along Ooh La Lane with their hands on their heads.

Likes: Staying in and reading The Daily Fail.

Dislikes: Going out and toffee apples

Rank: 152

Rarity: Rare


What the boys think: Quincy looks like he is a worker from a building site or a mine, because he is wearing gloves and a hard hat. It sounds like he doesn’t have much luck with venturing outdoors, Joseph would like to look after them and keep them safe. Jak says that Quincy looks like he is in a prance, as he has big pupils, it’s probably where he keeps getting frazzled by lightning.


Countdown so far:

Series 9 is looking like a very interesting series full of funny and funky characters! Stay tuned every day until 14th February when all of the moshlings series 9 characters will be revealed, with a special little surprise at the end.

We have been provided with the series 9 characters for the purpose of this countdown



Moshling Series 9 Countdown No.3 Mumbo

I can’t believe we have nearly come to the end of the Moshling series 9 countdown, we have all enjoyed revealing the new characters. The boys have loved adding them to their already big collection of moshlings, they have in particular liked reading the mini bios on them.

Today’s Moshling is the maddest of them all!




Name and Species: Mumbo the Punky Monkey

Personality: Anarchic, boisterous, nuts.

Mini Bio: Never mind the beeswax, Punky Monkeys use custard to keep their crazy hairdos upright. But that’s no surprise because these unruly Moshlings will do almost anything to stand out from the crowd, from scribbling naughty words on walls and swinging through the trees yelling tuneless protest songs to burping up banana skins.

Habitat: You might see a Punky Monkey pogo-ing along Main Street, but these rebellious rockers originally come from Nyaargh Nyaargh Nook.

Likes: Safety pins and churned butter.

Dislikes: Hippies and the system.

What the boys think: He is really cool! They love his mohican and the fact that he has his ears pierced, a real punk!



Rank: 156

Rarity: Uncommon


Countdown so far:

Series 9 is looking like a very interesting series full of funny and funky characters! Stay tuned every day until 14th February when all of the moshlings series 9 characters will be revealed, with a special little surprise at the end.

We have been provided with the series 9 characters for the purpose of this countdown