Monster High Ghouls Rule DVD Review

I’m not very good with what’s hot or not in the land of young children as i do not sit down ad watch their Tv Shows with them, so when i received an email asking us to review a Monster High DVD I thought the boys would love it as I was quite sure that this was one of the shows that they watched on TV, AH! How wrong was I? I mentioned it to Jak and he had no idea what i was going on about, I told him that i thought it was the one with all the monsters and aliens in it lol! OH DEAR! I really must start watching what they are watching because when it arrived and I showed it to the boys, They looked at me with that ‘your kidding us’ look on their faces and said ‘THATS GIRLIES!’ Urrgh! said Joseph. Ok, so i got it wrong but hey a review is a review and Jak said he would watch it and give his honest opinion on it BUT he wasn’t going to try the nail varnish on as that is where he draws the line lol.

We took the DVD away with us on our holiday to the Isle of Wight and as it was pouring down with rain and Halloween (BONUS) i sat them down infront of the television and that is where they stayed glued to it until it finished! When it was over they said “Can we watch it again?” So i do believe that it was a big hit with my boys.

Jak has done a video of his review, i apologise about the focus at some points as i am still getting used to my camera


So to sum up the boys review of the DVD
1. It’s not just for girls!
2. They really enjoyed it!
3. Ace graphics and brilliant storyline
4. Definately recommend it to their friends
And 5. No they will not wear the nail varnish 🙂

Hope you like our review, Thank you for reading and watching. Thank you to Tots100 Film Club for sending us our very first DVD to review