Monkeying Around #Countrykids

Over the past few weeks the two eldest boys have been getting more and more interested in the Monkey Bars, you know those apparatus usually found in the park where you have to use your upper arm strength to swing from bar to bar using your hands.

Dad has built the boys there very own monkey bars in the garden for them to practice on, during the summer months they use to do the monkey bar challenge where they would see who could get from one end to the other over the top of the pool and if they dropped they would make a big splash into the swimming pool. I think most of the time they would deliberately drop just so they could fall into the water 🙂

Last weekend while visiting nanny we found a park that the boys had all to themselves and guess what? yes there was some monkey bars to play on


Just hanging around
Just hanging around


i can still pose even when im hanging
i can still pose even when im hanging


Joseph is really good at the monkey bars and manages to get from one end to the other effortlessly, he lets his legs hang and uses his arms to carry him. Jak swings his legs from side to side so he struggles by using up too much energy.



Jak found another way to enjoy the monkey bars and that was to hang upside down on them by hooking his legs over the bars.


It’s got to a point now that when we visit the park Joseph goes off in search of some monkey bars and if their isn’t any he gets upset.

Here is a short clip of Joseph on the bars

I’m linking up with Coombemill’s linky called Countrykids, which is all about getting outdoors and enjoying the open space. Go check out her lovely blog all about the fun on the farm and while your there read some other great blog posts 🙂

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