I’m going Potty

For the past few months we have been potty training Oliver, he is now 2 and a half years old and will be starting Nursery in September so he needs to be out of nappies by then. Oliver knows how to use a potty and has done since he was a year old but has become too dependant on wearing a nappy.

When he isn’t wearing a nappy or any underpants then he is perfect at using the potty but when he is wearing something then he will not ask to use the potty, he has become lazy and will just use the nappy. My other two children were dry by the time they were 2, maybe it’s because I am now in full time work and am not at home during the week days to get him into some sort of routine, but whatever the reason we now need to buckle down and get him used to asking for the potty when he is wearing his clothes.

He has a potty at his childminders house and whenever we are indoors we take off his clothes so he doesn’t need to take down his pants and he doesn’t even have to ask for a toilet as he can just go off upstairs to where his potty is kept and use it. He has become very good with using it this way but I now need to get him wearing underpants and to asking when he wants to go.

What we have done so far:

  • Bought two potties, one for upstairs and one for down stairs
  • Praise him for whenever he uses the potty
  • Given him stickers
  • Encourage him to go first thing in the morning and whenever he has a drink
  • Bought Dry Like Me pads to line his underpants (absorbent gusset shaped liners)
  • Let him chose his underwear (he particularly likes Thomas the Tank engine ones)
  • Cut down on his Milk so he’s not drinking so much of an evening and first thing in the morning
  • Bought him a special bag that he can carry on his back which we put his nappies into so he carries them himself
  • Take a spare set of clothes with us everywhere for those little accidents
  • Use Mio Bambino reusable training nappies for indoors and on short journeys
  • Use pull up pants when on long journeys
  • A potty at the childminders for him to use
  • Encourage him to get himself undressed, so that he can get used to pulling down his trousers and pants

These are all things that i have done with other two children, but with Oliver it seems that the process of potty training is going on a bit longer! I introduced a potty to Oliver at a young age and he has always been interested in using it, but sometimes he screams to be able to wear a nappy.

As I sit and write this, Oliver has just stopped playing on his tablet and ran over to his potty saying “I need my potty!” He does this independently quite often, more and more each day, but it’s getting him to take off his pants to do this when he is wearing his clothes.

Any ideas on how to progress in his potty training would be appreciative, thank you.

Hopefully my next potty training post would be a completely dry post šŸ™‚