Dear So and So letters

My Dear so and so letters this week are not only to other people who I have met but to objects and life in general

Dear Green Park Underground Station

On Sunday, whilst I was travelling through from your station, I took my toddler of 3 years to the toilet. He said that he didn’t want to go, but as a Parent I know that he wouldn’t be able to hold himself on the train and end up wetting himself, so I though it would be best that he went before we boarded the train. I was relieved to see the toilet sign and rushed him quickly in the direction of the toilets. I was utterly disgusted to see this…….


50p for a wee! Seriously! I’ve heard of going to spend a penny but 50 of them! AND of course I only had £1 and the machine doesn’t give change so it cost me double just for my little 3-year-old to go to the toilet. How can you even think of charging that much for someone to use the toilet?

From a not very happy PISSed off Mummy

Dear Son,

I was so proud of you on Sunday when I saw you on the big screen, running in the Westminster Mile. Ok, you didn’t beat last years time and You were a little upset about the time that you got, but just remember that your family are very proud of you and just your sheer determination and courage to run in such a big race is enough to make us very proud of you


You managed to finish with a time of 6:10 and came 22nd out of 43 boys. I look at you and still see the tiny, fragile little baby boy who was handed to me in the hospital bed at a few seconds old. I find it hard to believe that twelve years have passed, and that I nearly have a teenager boy. You make us proud in everything that you do.

Love Mummy

Dear Ironing Pile,

You sit there in the Corner of the kitchen, Mr high and mighty. You feel a little hard done by as no-one has given you any attention for days. The family walk by you, ignoring the look that you are giving out. I’m sick to death of you, the way that you just wait there staring at me, wanting my attention. Well let me tell you, I have a lot more important things in my busy life to deal with than giving you a few hours of my day. How am I going to find the time to fit you in. I’m a busy person you know!

From a worn out Mum

Dear Underground worker at Goodge Street,

Thank you so much for your help!

Whilst walking along the platform after getting off of the Northern Line train, a big gush of wind came along and blew my youngest son’s hat off of his head. I wasn’t quick enough to grab it as I was holding both my sons hands, all we could do was watch it fly onto the tracks. It landed in between the rails. We went up to the ticket office, where we bumped into you on our way through the turnstile. I thought that it would be a good idea to tell you about the hat, not thinking that we had a chance to get it back, but to warn you incase it caused any trouble with the track. You took down my number nad said that you would ring me if they managed to get it back at the end of the day.

I didn’t expect to receive a call an hour later from you telling me that you had managed to pick the hat up with a grabber stick and that it was waiting for me at the station. We picked it up on our way home, all the staff were waiting there to hand it back to my little man.

You really did make a little boy very happy, he thought that he had lost it forever.

Thank you

From a very thankful Mum

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Dear So and So…..

Dear so and so are letters to strangers, things you want to say to someone but never got round to.

Dear lady on the underground train,

Thank you so much for offering my children and I your seat, you must have seen how stressed and exhausted I looked. Travelling on the tube with young children is taxing enough, but travelling with 3 children plus luggage isn’t easy. I saw the compassion in your eyes. I really did appreciate it, but I declined and I hope that you understand why! We was only staying on the train for two stops and I would have had arguments from the two youngest of who would have sat in the seat. Plus we had two small suitcases to move and it was busy. The offer of your seat was kind and enough to make me smile for a moment, I looked at  my boys and saw the delight in their eyes. They was excited in travelling on the train. As we stood up on the moving train, for the next two stops, we played eye spy and had fun. I forgot about being tired, your offer gave me a boost of energy.

Thank you

A very grateful mum


Dear Parkdean Holiday Park,

We recently stayed at one of your parks down on the south coast, Hayling Island. Such a lovely place. We was very happy with our caravan, it was clean and very comfy. You don’t know how much relief it is to arrive at 8:00 pm in the evening and to find that the beds are all made up ready for the children to rest their weary heads. As soon as we pulled up infront of the reception in the taxi, we was greeted by your security staff who were very polite and friendly. The children and I were helped with our luggage and directed into the main building where we was to pick up the keys to the caravan. The security man behind the reception desk was very helpful and chatted away to the boys, who were running around with excitement at seeing the arcade and rides. We never had a problem with any of your staff over the two days that we stayed with you, we found them to be polite and accommodating. The caravan was lovely and very comfortable. I would like to say Thank you for a wonderful restful weekend, the boys absolutely loved staying there an I am sure we will be back again soon. We even had tears on the way home, because they didn’t want to leave.

Thank you again

A very happy holidayer


Dear Man on the Funland Ride,

It’s not easy having children who are small for their age, especially when it comes to riding on the funfair/theme park rides. The boys had spent most of their tokens up on the rides and was having a ball going on all the rides. There was one particular ride that the two youngest wanted to go on, a roller coaster. It was 3 tokens per person but we only had 6 left, that would have been ok if Oliver hadn’t been just under 0.9 metres he could have gone on with his older brother, but he was under the measurement line. As I was just about to explain to him, you called us over and said I could go on with him without paying. You must have seen his animated face and how excited he was. You made his day. He screamed with delight when the roller coaster went fast round the bend.

Thank you for making a little boy very happy

A happy customer.


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If you could say something to a stranger, what would it be?



A London Harry Potter Tour #NewThings

The boys and I have been invited along with a selection of other bloggers to become New Things Ambassadors, a project run by Boundless. Over the next coming month we have been asked to help inspire other families in trying something new.

Read all about the NewThings project here This week the challenge is to visit a New Place.

This week we visited London. Ok, it’s not a new city for us to visit as we are up there at least once a month but it was the fact that we visited lots of new places in London that we have never been to before. London has a vast amount of hidden treasures that we may pass every day and not know they are there.

The boys and myself are huge Harry Potter fans, like many we have read the books and watched the films, we even have a few Harry potter toys lying around the house but we have never been to the Harry Potter studio tours, as It is slightly too expensive for us to go to as a family. So we took to the internet and found a perfect website to help us out with our OWN tour of London, visiting many of the locations that Harry Potter movies were filmed.

First up we caught the underground train to Leicester Square, we exited onto Charing Cross Road.

This is where the opening scene of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was filmed when the Death Eaters swoop down over Trafalgar Square, heading down Charing Cross Road leading a trail of destruction behind.

leicester square station

Next we made our way along Cranbourne Street, taking a right at the end onto St Martin’s Lane. Go left onto New Row and a little along the road we saw Hardy’s Original Sweet Shop

hardy sweet shop

Just like Honeyduke’s sweets shop in Harry Potter, Once inside this shop you are instantly surrounded by shelves that are stacked to the brim of all types of sweets. We bought a bag made up of Harry Potter themed sweets, costing £10 – not bad considering one of the packs cost 3.99 on its own! Inside is a long jelly basilisk, a chocolate wizard, a pack of liquorice wands, a pack of sherbet lemon sweets, a chocolate frog, a packet of popping candy and very famous every flavour beans.

will it be dirt, vomit or even booger flavour?
will it be dirt, vomit or even booger flavour?

Once stocked with some Harry Potter themed goodies, we headed on over to the other side of the road where we went right into Bedfordbury. Just along on the right hand side there is a passageway tucked away called Goodwins Court. This wasn’t in the Film but it has a magical feel to it with the lamps above the doorways. We must have passed this alleyway many times before but had no idea what was down it, until now!

So Pretty!

At the end of Goodwins Court, cross over St Martins lane, veering left and head down Cecil Court. The court has such a magical, mysterious feel to it, not used in the HP Films but believed that Cecil Court was the influence of Diagon Alley. With curious antique and book shops, there is plenty to look at, most of the shops even have Harry Potter items on display for sale.

book store

Magic Money
Magic Money


Next we headed on over to Leicester Square, where we walked towards Shaftesbury Avenue. This is where Ron, Hermione and Harry apparate to in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and nearly get run over by a number 19 bus.

Number 19 bus
Number 19 bus

As you walk along Shaftesbury Avenue you are taking the exact route that Harry, Hermione and Ron took in the film when discussing the Theatres. A little along the road you will see an arcade with large globe lights over head


The same route that the young wizards took as they discuss about missing Harry’s birthday.

From here we made our way towards Nelson Column at Trafalgar Square, this is where the Death Eaters launch an attack on London from the air in the opening sequences of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. 



Looking at Trafalgar Square in a different way and trying to remember clips of the film, made it feel quite real for us.

Next we headed on over to The Entrance of Ministry Of Magic which is actually on Great Scotland Yard and on the corner of Scotland Place.

DSC_0049 DSC_0050

In the Order of the Phoenix, Harry and Mr Weasley enter through the ‘visitors entrance’ which was in a red telephone box located to the left of the brown door. The telephone box was a prop that was lowered down onto set and removed once the filming had finished, there are many telephone boxes scattered around London we found some great ones on Parliament Street to have a photo taken in.

On the other corner of Scotland Place, it was used in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part one , where the young wizards drink the polyjuice potion to get into the Ministry of Magic.

If you head along towards Horse Guards Parade towards Horse Guards Avenue, standing with your back towards the Spencer Comptons statue, you will notice that this is where the Staff entrance into the Ministry of Magic was. The entrance was in fact a ‘gentleman’s Toilet’ and was only a prop that was placed in the middle of the road.


About to enter the Ministry of Magic
About to enter the Ministry of Magic


On the next part of the tour we headed to the Train Station to catch a train to Temple. Exiting the station we walked up the steps to the left and turned right. At the end of the road turn left into Milford Lane and walk up the steep flight of steps ahead along to Essex Street. At the top of the street you will find that you are on the Strand, turn left and ahead on the right hand side you will see Austraila House: Gringotts Bank. Look inside and see the magnificent crystal chandelier and the glorious marble floor. the boys said it really was Gringotts Bank!

We made our way back to Temple Station where we caught the underground train to Monument, here we headed up Fish Street Hill, crossing over Eastcheap and turning left along Gracechurch Street. Keep on walking along over Fenchurch Street and turning right into Bull’s Head Passage.

Here we found a blue optician doorway which was used in the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as the entrance into The leaky cauldron.

leaky couldronKeeping ahead and walking into the Victorian Leadenhall Market, this was used in the films for the exterior shots of Diagon Alley.


On the last part of our NewPlaces tour was to head to Kings Cross Station, where we was going to see if we could enter through Platform 9 3/4 to catch the Hogwarts Express to Hogwarts. We caught the Northern Line train from Bank to Kings Cross and headed to KIngs Cross St.Pancras. There was no way we could have missed where the Platform was as there was a queue of people waiting to photograph the famous Platform 9 3/4 sign. There is even a luggage cart placed against the wall, where you can pose for photo.

jak kingscross

joseph kingscross

oliver kingscross


Kings Cross station was in every Harry Potter Film as it was the location where young wizards caught the Hogwarts Express from to journey to Hogwarts.

We had a fabulous day in London visiting places that we never knew were there, London really is the City with hidden treasures. We saw London with open eyes and noticed how beautiful buildings were and how magical and mysterious the City really is. We had fun as a family and I enjoyed being with the children in such a wonderful City. If you’re looking for ideas on days out then why not take a look at  Boundless Things to do

We found all of the locations with the help of downloading the guide from

We would like you to join in and share your experiences with us too, they don’t have to be the same as our challenge, they could be trying new clothes on, visiting a new country or playing a new sport for the first time, join in with the linky or just use the hashtag #NewThings

 photo 85eefdee-cb24-4faa-8a1c-963677a6ae9d.jpg



The boys and I have been invited along with a selection of other bloggers to become New Things Ambassadors, a project run by Boundless. Over the next coming month we have been asked to help inspire other families in trying something new.

Why ‘New Things’? UK psychologist Dr. David Holmes came up with a scientific formula to booking the perfect holiday which stated that the best holiday memories are created when you try something new. Whether it’s introducing your family to a new recipe, visiting an attraction you’ve never seen before or just playing a new game, a unique activity leaves a stronger impression in your memory and helps you and your family remember the fun times you had together.

Each week from 25th August for one month, we will be set some challenges/topic that we will focus on a new experience. Our challenge is to encourage others to join in and try something new, using our imagination and creativity.

Over the course of a month, we will be sharing with you about our new experiences, how we enjoyed it and what we thought of it:

Week one (25th 31st August)  – visit a new place

Week two (1st – 7th September) – play a new game

Week three (8th – 14th September) – try a new food

Week four (15th – 21st September) – experience a new culture

We would like you to join in and share your experiences with us too, they don’t have to be the same as our challenge, they could be trying new clothes on, visiting a new country or playing a new sport for the first time



Linky will be open frome friday and will close on Monday, each week for the next month. Hopefully the linky will be a success and it will be continued after the months is up.

Join in using the hashtag #NewThings

Thank you 🙂


Trendy Hatley Toddler

Oliver has a gorgeous little all in one that i recently bought from EBay for him after reading Medicated Followers blog post about her purchases for her little boy.

The playsuit is from the designer Hatley and it cost me a remarkable 0.99p. It is in perfect condition and I am sure Oliver will get a lot of wear from it. It is bright red with blue cuffs and on the neck and with the logo of a cow on the front which says ‘Udderly Adorable’ underneath it.

The all in one has press studs on the inside of the leg which is ideal for easy access to his nappy.

It fits him perfectly and he is all cuddly in it. The material is nice and soft which is perfect for my little boy who is always on the go, he has lots of movement in it an dits isn’t restrictable at all.


What do you thing of my little trendy bargain 🙂

Badge for TTT, Badge