What really grinds my gears!

I’ve been tagged by the lovely Claire from mummyofmanytalents to participate in her new meme.
All I have to do is share with you all things that grind my gears, what really winds me up, so it shouldn’t be hard as I’m quite happy to have a little moan every now and then 😉

People who push in front of queues. Just yesterday I was waiting at the bus stop when a bus came along and as there was already two buggies on it, I decided to wait for the next bus as Oliver was asleep and I didn’t want to wake him by collapsing the stroller. It was a couple of minutes when the next bus pulls up, I stand up and look at the middle of the bus to see if it is clear of buggies while doing this a lady walks along with her buggy and hops on the bus and as there was already a buggy on, it left me and Oliver waiting for another bus. I’m sure the lady knew I wanted to get on but she obviously didn’t want to wait!

People who do not pick up after their dogs. I am sick to death of shouting out “watch out for the poop” to my boys as we walk along the streets, I really don’t want them treading in it or even worse wheeling the buggy in it. 100 nappy sacks cost less than a pound in the supermarkets and they are ideal for picking up dog poop, people shouldn’t become owners if they can’t pick up their pets poop!

When you wait for 20 minutes for a bus and your running late and THEN 2 come along together!

Carrier bags that are so thin that they break and snap as you are carrying your shopping, leaving your food splattered all over the floor.

Plastic packaging that you just can not get into without cutting it with a pair of scissors. Most of these packaging a are for toys that young children buy and my boys, like most children, can not wait until they get home to open up their toy but unfortunately these packages mean that they HAVE to wait. And most of the time the plastic is really tough and really hard to cut and pull apart.

Drivers who like to drive up the arse of other drivers, do they not know how dangerous it can be if the driver in front has to brake sharply. Not only is it dangerous but also can be interrogating in a bullying nature towards the driver in front.

Why my boys can not sleep in on weekends and holidays past 8 o’clock in the morning. No matter what time they go to sleep they are always early risers!

Packets of crisps that only have a handful of full crisp in them, I pay for food, substance not thin air!

People who lie about not liking Facebook or Twitter but who are secretly on it themselves. What’s the point, if you don’t like something don’t s**g it off then a few hours later log in to your account and start reading other people’s status’s.

Yoghurt pot lids! It really gets on my wick when you pull it back and the yoghurt splurts everywhere. My boys are always coming home from school with yoghurt splattered all over them because they have pulled at the lid and its come off too quickly.

People that do not use their manners

People that walk through a door only to let go of it as you push your buggy through and it crashes close on your baby

People that offer to help carry the stroller down the stairs but only when you are two away from the bottom

Missing socks in the drying machine

The fact that I can never find a hairbrush in my house, it is never where I left it last and that is in my bedroom by the mirror

Miss sold PPI Claims messages on my home phone, text messages on my mobile phone and email messages. Jut leave me alone please!

That my doctors phone number isn’t a normal one its a local rate line so it costs me to call from my mobile

Whenever I call for a doctors appointment when I’m ill I get told that there is noire spaces to see the doctor on that day but I can see one next week. I’m ill now not next week!!!

Clothes that say they are a size 8 but are clearly not as when I try them on they are huge on me. Why can’t all clothing companies stick to one measurement?

People that jump red lights, either they be motorcyclists, cars or cyclists. The red is there for the safety of a pedestrian not for you to sneak through it

My overtired boys when they are running riot and I can’t calm them down.

Drivers that feel the need to drive near to the kerb just because there is a huge puddle next to it do they splash who ever is walking by it.

White van drivers!!!!

Snails! They are all over my garden ruining my strawberries and they get everywhere, even inside!

Shop assistants that come over straight away and ask you if you need any help, I’ve only just walked through the door and would like some time to have a look around first.

I have to agree with mummyofmanytalents on the fact of ageing, I’m really not happy that I am 34!!!! I don’t want to get old 🙁

When I pick up a pen and it doesn’t work arrrgghh!

So what really grinds your gears? What better way to get it all out your system then to write it all down and share it. For this reason Claire thought it would be fun to tag a few others to see if we can get this forming into a little meme.
So, I tag this lovely lot and ask them what really grinds their gears?




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Hope you enjoy 🙂