Personalised Display Frame for Mini Lego Characters

We have tons of mini Lego figure characters all over the house. There isn’t a day that goes by where I am going round the house picking up the damn little blighter’s from the floor in the bid to save my precious little tootsies from stepping on them during the night.

My middle boy absolutely loves Lego and has been recently collecting the Harry Potter versions. He doesn’t have the full set yet as he is desperately wasting his money trying his best to get just two of them; Tina Goldstein and Percival Graves.

We are rapidly running out of sides to display his Lego sets and characters on. A few years ago I did make a hanging storage  for his Lego mini figures but that is now full. Cabinets and shelves in his room are full to the brim too. So, for Christmas I made him a special little gift, A Lego mini-figure frame.

It was easy to make and didn’t take long at all. I took a look online before making one and saw that companies were charging a small fortune for the frames. I had all of the craft things in my cupboard, all i needed to do was put it all together.

To make the storage frame you will need:

  • A box frame deep enough to fit in the characters. The size depends on how many figures you want to put on show. I used a 7″x 7″
  • Strong glue or a glue gun
  • Ruler and a pencil
  • Plain paper for the background
  • Mini Lego display bases
  • Lettered wooden tiles


Cut a piece of paper down to fit on the back of the frame. You can decorate this any way that you please. I did a simple picture of Hogwarts.

Make marks where you want the bases for the figures to be and measure out equal distances between them.

Once all the marks are on the background, stick it down into the frame


Using strong glue or a glue gun, stick down the mini figure base plates. I used two for each one, just to ensure that it was securely stuck to the background

All you have to do now is personalise it with a name using the wooden tiles. The tiles I used had a self adhesive dot on the back so it was easy to stick on the frame.


The frame is now ready to place the mini figures in

It really is such a cute way to display your favourite Lego Mini Figures and makes a brilliant gift to a huge Lego fan. I loved how it turned out and am already thinking about doing something similar on a larger scale for him.



What I have in my handbag! What’s in yours?

My life before I had my beautiful boys was simple, as long as my bills were paid I had nothing to worry about, I never rushed anywhere and was never late for anything and I didn’t have any reason to he stressed.
I could just leave the house in a second as long as I had my phone, keys and purse in my handbag I was ready to go.
NOW I have my boys I feel like my handbag is more like a suitcase, it is mahusive and is jam packed with children’s toys and general ‘mummy’ things.


1. Baby Wipes
2. Stones of all sizes and shapes
3. Miniature Lego figures (some without heads)
4. Cars-all kinds
5. Empty kinder egg cases
6. Plasters/antiseptic wipes
7. Sticky half eaten sweets
8. Arnica Stick
9. Blue Peter badge and membership card
10. One child’s sock

When was the last time you went through your handbag?

What goodies or shocks do you have in there?