Make your own Lego Brick Party Bags

Are your children Lego fans?

Are you looking for an original but cheap party bag?

Well check out these little bad boys!


They were cheap to make and didn’t take long at all.

You will need:

-A variety of mixed coloured paper bags

-The same colour card/foam

-Glue/sticky foam dots


I bought the paper bags from Ebay costing me £1.93 for each pack, the blue came in a pack of 12 and the assorted bags came in a pack of 10.

Matching up the coloured card to the paper bags, I cut out circles of different sizes and then stuck them into place on the paper bags to look like a lego brick. I used coloured foam on some of them and used a glue foam dot which gave it a 3D look.


Once finished I filled them up some lego goodies

A Lego Necklace

A personalised lego sticker

Some sweets

A personalised Lego Chocolate bar

A mini lego man soap

Most of the above were bought from EBay at competitive prices, the lego necklace was made at home.

I bought some cotton necklace cords in assorted colours and then I glued a small lego piece onto the necklace, be careful when using the extra strong glue!

20140710-221329.jpgThe Children loved these little necklaces

Why not give them a go yourself 🙂