The funny things they say! It’s for sale and glitter

We visited a farm whilst on holiday in Cornwall last week, the farm had a lovely restaurant attached to it serving up their fresh food, a farm shop, pick your own fruit and a few little farm animals to look at. Our table was booked for 7 o’clock so we had a little walk around the fields, looking at the animals and generally enjoying the evening sun. We got to the field that had the lambs and sheep in, we was all looking at the animals and i was showing Oliver the little lambs when one of them came over to the fence, Joseph got all excited and shouted “Look It’s for sale!” I looked down at the little lamb and saw that it had a tag on its ear, bless Joseph he thought it had a sale tag attached to it.

I had taken the boys out for a little walk to the local shops as they wanted to do some baking at home and we needed some ingredients. On our way back home Jak started to kick a sweet pot that was on the floor, I told him off for kicking it and Joseph piped up and said ” yeah Jak stop kicking the glitter” Jak said i am not kicking glitter Joseph I was kicking a sweet pot. Joseph was adamant and replied “No Jak its glitter” he turned to me “Isn’t it Mum, I’m right aren’t I, It’s glitter” I told him that it wasn’t a glitter pot and that Jak was right it was an old sweet pot. And then the penny dropped I knew what Joseph was trying to say, he was meant to say litter not glitter!

What have you little ones been saying or doing this week that has made you laugh?

Thank you for reading my post 🙂