Strawberry Laces Edible Nest

Fancy a change to making chocolate egg nest, Why not try these strawberry laces, marshmallow cakes?


Whilst roaming around the Tots100 website I noticed a competition, run by Centreparcs, that the boys would love to enter, it was a challenge to make your own edible easter egg nests, i called my eldest over and asked him if he wanted to make some, he didn’t have to reply as he was already searching through the cupboards for the ingredients

There are many different ways to create these tasty little treats so we headed on over to the Centre Parcs website to take a look at some of the eggspert suggestions on offer from CentreParcs Chief Creative Chef, Lynn Dixon. We found one that inspired us, which is:

Not a fan of chocolate? Twist multi-coloured liquorice laces together to create an edible nest, softening them in the microwave for 20 seconds to make them easier to mould

You will need:

Strawberry Laces

White/Milk Chocolate

Mini Marshamllows

Coloured Icing to mould

Cupcake Cases

A microwave


First we plaited three laces together, tying a knot at the end to secure the knot in place. I had to show Jak how to plait, after a few twist and turns he soon got the hang of it



Once we used up the packet (minus the odd lace that fell into the mouths of the younger boys), we lined them around a silicone cupcake case and then placed the into the microwave to melt just slightly, We found that 20 seconds was just about long enough. We left them to one side to cool and mould together.



Then we melted some white chocolate to place at the bottom of the nest and then adding the mini marshmallows on top.



Next Jak got to making the little chicks to put on top of the marshmallows, he used yellow, black and red icing to mould the shapes.



Once done, add them on to the nest, we added some little worms on one of the nests, just so that the little chick had something to eat



Remove them from the cupcake cases and they should have turned hard again and are now ready to eat.

We made three Edible Nests from one small packet of strawberry laces and you will only need a handful of marshmallows.

This is my entry to the Center Parcs and Tots 100 April challenge. If I’m chosen, I would like to visit Elvedon Forest’.