My favourite way to enjoy a sunny day outside

By Jak Wright, age 11

The Mad Blogs Awards are searching for the first ever Kid Blog of the Year, in collaboration with Vita Coco Kids, naturally fruit-flavoured coconut water. I haven’t written on my Mum’s blog for a while now but I am always giving her input on the posts that she writes and most of the posts are about my brothers and me. My last post was Why Bogies are good for us and i have written about bullying and making friends before too.

I would really like to be named the UK’s The First Kid Blog of the year with the Mad Blog Awards so here is my entry into the competition

My favorite way to enjoy a sunny day outside is…

Well, I have many exciting activities to enjoy when I’m outside on a hot, sunny Sunday in the August holidays. First of all I would cannonball into our large luxurious pool and have a swim. Of course I’d have to get out sometime but I would stay in there for 3 hours at least.



When I DO get out I would spend time with my family in London at St Katherine’s dock near the Thames. I love the way the sunshine glitters off the rippling water that crashes against the gleaming white yachts creating white, bubbly foam. I love to watch the boats come in and out of the Docks and hot summer days the sun rays beam down on the chrome railings and glisten on the water. St katherines Dock really is a hidden gem within the city and even more special when your with your family and you can enjoy the surroundings with them.

IMG_8526 IMG_8527 IMG_8528


Watching a yacht come through the barrier into the dock


When I have an excellent school report my parents would buy me any ice cream of my choice. Of course, I choose the biggest, tastiest ice cream available. I’ve tried them all: The Knicker-Bocker Glory, The Banana Boat, The Triple Chocolate Sundae and The 7 Scoop Rainbow Flavour cone with extra extra sprinkles.

There’s nothing like sitting in a hidden gem in London whilst eating a refreshing ice cream and watching the majestic boats glide gracefully along side us, on a boiling, cloudless day. It’s always nice to walk along the River Thames, the views of the Tower Bridge and the shard are so clear on a bright sunny day.





A place like this is always best shared with family



St Katherines Dock is my favorite place to enjoy a sunny day outside, whats yours?

This is my entry into the Kids Mad Blog Award, hope you like it?